This used to be one of those blogs from the..umm.. golden days of blogging. It has since mutated into a blog exclusively on films. I write film reviews for The New Indian Express and various other publications online. They are all aggregated here.

Contact: gradwolf AT gmail.com

25 thoughts on “About

    [this is in reference to your comment on bikerdude’s post]
    I have eaten in every eatery in Comm St. for the past 15 yrs but I’ve never ever even know that there is a MISAL PAV place! I want to die thinking of all the missed oppurtunity. Please put me outta my misery and tell me where it is, exact location to location. PLEASE!!! Holding my breath waiting for your reply.


  2. This is one of the best “about” sections I have ever read. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know exactly why.

    It made me smile. I guess that’s reason enough.

    Adi: Welcome! And thanks! When I wrote it, I thought it was pretty ordinary!


  3. Hi! My name is Madhumitha and I am writing to you on behalf of NalandaWay Foundation, an NGO that works for marginalized children in India. We will be launching an online campaign called “Kannama” next month to support the cause of the girl child. We would be very happy if you could be a part of the campaign and help us spread the word by blogging about it. Please contact me at madhumitha@nalandaway.org if you are interested and I will get back to you with all the details. Thank you!


  4. 1. You went to Clemson? (Ah! ;))
    2. You could have said the the world of the United Shrikrishna Aditya , no? (Random observation, I hope you don’t mind).

    Adi: Haha that order was never “correct” :) And no, I went to North Carolina State Univ. Not Clemson!


  5. Hi
    This is shradha from India, i like this blog. i cant understand it too deeply. but whatever it is it was nice

    i never know will i visit here again or nor but really want to say its cool


      1. @Aditya (Gradwolf): Actually we used to follow each other’s blogs years and years ago. I was looking for an old blogpost of mine when I found comments from people I once used to know closely only online. It’s good to see that you’re still blogging. :-)

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