One thought on “Gully Boy

  1. “There is a digression that Murad indulges in with Sky overnight, painting graffiti and committing vandalism as a form of dissent”

    I felt Akhtar put herself in a corner with this sequence. For me, the movie went down a notch because of this sequence and a lot of things after this felt uncooked. Safina and Murad’s reunion also felt unsatisfying because of this. I get that she wanted a conflict in Safina-Murad relationship, but not the conflict and resolution didn’t feel satisfying.

    Also agree about Vijay Raaz. The immediate comparison comes to mind is Insia’s father in Secret Superstar, but in that case he was mostly outsider to the story and his caricature like character was understandable. Here, Vijay Raaz is ingrained in the movie and yet misses nuances.


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