Thimiru Pudichavan

Full review:

In the beginning, Ganeshaa’s Thimiru Pudichavan surprises us. It starts with Murugavel (Vijay Antony), an honest constable, showering all his love and care on his school going younger brother, who would have none of it. He trains him in the morning, with an alarm not used to wake up but to complete laps around their neighborhood with the brother running ahead and Murugavel following him. He forces him to run on Deepavali too, a lonesome figure running the streets as firecrackers go off on either sides. We begin with the brother complaining, which is all he does. We would think Thimiru Pudichavan would turn into some sort of a sibling relationship story that’s more of a cloying father-son story. But, no. A few minutes later, we see them running on the streets again. Once again it is Murugavel who is following him. Or is he? No, he is chasing him. The film has jumped ahead by two years and it is not a training session between the brothers anymore. It is a police officer chasing a juvenile delinquent.

The surprise isn’t as satisfying as I make it sound because, soon, the surprise turns into shock and Thimiru Pudichavan transforms into some kind of mockumentary that has its politics misplaced.


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