Full review of AR Murugadoss’s Sarkar:

Real and reel merge in Sarkar, directed by A.R Murugadoss, initially plagiarized from Varun Rajendran’s story that is registered with the South Indian Film Writers Association and acknowledged in the opening credits in the form of an expansive, unwieldy letter signed by “A.R Murugadoss (Writer/Director)”. The real part is of course Vijay’s political ambitions and Tamil Nadu’s volatile political situation, and dramatic past couple of years. The reel parts are the ingredients of a Vijay film. Vijay is introduced as Sundar Ramasamy, CEO of GL with a self-styled moniker, “corporate criminal”. He is shown to be partying it up in Las Vegas and his modus operandi is entering countries, destroying their companies and then making a quick exit. We don’t know what all of this means. Is he buying out these smaller companies? Why is it so evil that he is banned from a few countries? At one point, someone suggests that the effects of his actions are being felt by a country even couple of years after his visit. There was some manufactured publicity measures announcing that Sundar of Sarkar is based on Sundar Pichai of Google. Google and GL. Get it? But I wonder what Mr. Pichai would make of that Las Vegas introduction and this Sundar’s reputation for destroying companies. Did Murugadoss confuse Amazon with Google?


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