Teraa Surroor


Himesh Reshammiya sure keeps up with the trends. If not, he wouldn’t have turned towards the flavor of the season world over – Donald Trump – for some inspiration for his hairpiece in his latest, Teraa Surroor. Teraa has two ‘a’s and Surroor has an extra r. Reshammiya wants us to say it the way he sings it. Or sings anything for that matter. His songs may latch on to your brain and claw their way through but he remains a forgettable singer. As an actor, he is worse. He has one look mapped out and that comes across like a famous sportsman trying very hard to act in a commercial photo shoot that is paying him millions. But Reshammiya cannot even frown. Maybe that is why Teraa Surroor does everything in voice over. It is Reshammiya’s Raghu taking us over the whole excuse of a plot and isn’t that the most awful way to film anything? After a point it is like watching (not even playing!) a first person shooter game and the titular character stops every now and then to give a plot or a narrative. The difference is, with Teraa Surroor, you don’t have a gun to go mad with or even just shoot yourself. But if you insist, drink every time there is bad acting on screen. Drink twice when you spot Monica Dogra’s dubbing gaffes. Teraa Surroor is only 106 minutes but you’d be floored by about 50.

 (An edited version of this was published in The New Indian Express)


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