tevarThe hero’s might establishing song in Amit Ravindernath Sharma’s Tevar is titled Main Hoon Superman. And the lyrics go Main Hoon Superman, Salman ka fan. That clearly establishes what kind of film Tevar is and what kind of leading man we are dealing with here. Only it is all a bit anachronistic. Okkadu, the Mahesh Babu superhit of which Tevar is a not so faithful remake, came out in 2003. In 2003, Salman Khan did not have the mass hero image that he does today. It won’t happen till 2009 with Wanted, like Tevar, also a Boney Kapoor production. But more importantly also a remake from the ever giving stable of Mahesh Babu – this time Pokiri.

All that to say it is 2015 and Tevar is stillborn. The genre can still serve up some surprises when done with a bit of taste and inventiveness. That’s what Dabangg did. That’s where films like Singham Returns and Tevar fail. There is nothing wrong with putting a spin over the original script but in Tevar it just doesn’t work. These are not organic changes either. Sharma simply places similar situations in different locations with different set pieces. He also takes too much time establishing the characters while the original did a lot of show-not-tell. Okkadu hits the ground running and that’s something Tevar refuses to do making it a chore.

Then there is the problem of casting. Or whatever you call that abomination. Arjun Kapoor quips punch dialogues on channe, badam and farting but forever talks like he’s got a mouthful and a constipated look to go with it. It’s really tough to take him as the tough guy. Kabaddi star yes but destructive mass hero, no. Manoj Bajpai has everything for this role but the changes in the script do a great disservice to him. Sonakshi Sinha is tolerable and that’s mainly because we are used to seeing her in these roles so often that it’s not even offensive anymore. It’s just status quo.

Much of Tevar is informed by the wham-bham films of Telugu and Tamil but none of the occasional freshness is evident. While Okkadu did a lot of new things with its unique treatment and strong leads, Tevar is a product of a different time and place. Neither is it blessed by its cast of which Raj Babbar is the only one to bring any sort of sincerity. Bollywood has to think long and hard about remakes that are past their sell-by date or better yet, think about originals.


One thought on “Tevar

  1. This film seems to be one that is being universally panned. I’ve not seen it yet, not by choice, but this is simply a matter f availability. It is not showing anywhere near where I live which is Sarasota, FL.

    Not sure why you have labeled Arjun Kapoor an abomination. After all, this is only his 6th feature film and not all of them were abominable..

    I thought he was excellent in 2 States, and decent in Ishaquzaade. I didn’t care for Gunday, and Aurangzeb. The DVD for his 5th film, Finding Fanny is enroute to me now..

    I liked AK as a romantic lead in 2 States, although I’d venture to say that he was swept along in the wake of Alia Bhatt’s performance. But he seems to have left that path (rom-com) and headed over to the big moneymaker genre – the super invincible action hero. A path followed by the likes of Salman Khan, Alay Devgn, Akshay, Abhishek, and Hrithik, It is the market sector where the most tickets are sold.

    Other Indian superstars like Aamir and Saif have also ventured there, but in the main, have not stayed there.

    As for Sonakshi – she seems type cast and locked into the damsel in distress kind of roles. She needs to find a drama as good as Lootera. But then again – who else will take these kind of roles – not Deepika, not Priyanka, and certainly not Vidya Balan. I like Sonam but I don’t see her in this kind of role. So, as you correctly described it – this is the status quo for Sonakshi and she’s making the most of it – financially if not artistically.

    Thanks for your fine reviews.


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