Akshay Kumar and a dog. The dog is called Entertainment. Entertainment is clever. Entertainment is loyal. Entertainment understands humanity better than humans themselves. You may torture entertainment and try to kill it but it will always return stronger than ever. You can read into this but rest of the movie doesn’t exactly lend itself to such altruistic activities. Everything is just lazy filmmaking.

There is Tamannah waltzing around doing pretty much the same thing she does in Tamil films. There is Mithun Chakraborty being terrible. There is Prakash Raj giving Mithun tough competition in that department. Sonu Sood is so  bad that he’s good. And worst of all there is Krishna Abhishek as Akhil’s (Akshay Kumar) friend dropping film references and actor names mid-sentence to floor you. To death. Is there anyone in this film who’s decent? Of course – Entertainment. But only the makers believe that.

Sajid-Farhad the directors are the writers behind an illustrious list of films. Golmaal 3, Ready, Singham, Housefull 2, Chennai Express, Bol Bachchan. Clearly a more talented writer-director with couple of flops against his or her name has reasons to be envious of this superhit money-spinning list. That explains these bunch of actors signing up for Entertainment. A film that has nothing going for it. It doesn’t have a plot but that’s fine because who needs a plot. It’s not funny but that’s a big problem because this is supposed to be a comedy. It doesn’t have one breakout life saving character because, hey, everyone here is competing to give the worst performance of their lives. Even the dog lacks any charm or wit. It just struts around or jumps around and gives close up shots. What can be said of a movie where even the dog is uninterested?

 (An edited version of this was first published in The New Indian Express)

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