Grown Ups 2


(First published in The New Indian Express)

Adam Sandler’s high point was probably Judd Apatow’s Funny People. That was of course more Apatow than Sandler but there was a sincerity in both his character and his performance that nicely synced to give a truly funny yet affecting film. It also had a great cast in Seth Rogen, Eric Bana and Leslie Mann. But in Grown Ups 2 Sandler’s fallen so far, there seems to be no redemption in sight. The rest of the cast is nothing to boast about either with a bunch of also-rans in Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade.

This Dennis Dugan directed sequel makes the first film from 2010 look like a work of art. Everything is lazy here. The characters don’t seem to have anything to do. The gags are unfunny. There is no investment whatsoever to build up a moment. The laugh worthy aspect of this film is that there is absolutely nothing good to say about it. It isn’t even in the so bad it is good category. We’re The Millers is The Godfather compared to this dud.

Urine jokes. Check. Scatology. Check. Bullying frat boys. Check. Racist jokes. Check. Homosexuality jokes. Check. Ample bosom jokes that’s not Salma Hayek’s. Check. See the problem? I am not one to have a problem with subject of jokes. I believe anything can be made to look funny or anything can be made fun of but where is the taste? Where is some hint of effort? Oh there is one good joke though. It involves Shaquille O’Neal and his free throw percentage. An oldie but a goodie. It helps that he can carry himself in front of a camera compared to most sportspersons who are often awkward.

It is a challenge to find anything redeeming about this feature. It’d make a great drinking game though if you could take a shot every time a so-called joke falls flat. But maybe not as it’ll probably sober you up by the end of it. I have two words that still baffle me about this film though. Steve. Buscemi. Why.


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