And Still Dil Chahta Hai

When the lovely Meera Vijayann asks you to write for her site, how can you say no?!

Not like I responded immediately. I was going through a phase of terrible form, so was happy with leaving everything outside off for a while. I hope some semblance of form has returned with this one.

So I wrote for her site(right now a blog but it’s surely getting there). Sorry for the cheesy obvious title here. I am not using it for the actual post. It’s about a film I fell in love with the first time I watched, ten years ago. A film I discovered from a recent watch that it is still as fresh as it was in 2001. So here you go: Ten Years of Dil Chahta Hai.


6 thoughts on “And Still Dil Chahta Hai

  1. This is a heart-string tugger, Wolfie! That “from the head” writeup was good and all, but this “from the heart” summary is the real kicker. Hard not to slaver over such sensitively expressed sentiments.

    Adi: Thank you thank you. And long time no see!


  2. Liked most things about that movie, except Akshay Khanna. Btw, Chota Bhel loves that title song and still calls all convertibles as “dooba dooba cars” (after that line in the song “Masti Mein Rahe Dooba Dooba Hameshaa Samaa”)


  3. I know its a tad late to comment. But real helpful & awesome Review. Im doing a case study on Farhan Akhtar (Fav Mainstream Young Dir).
    Have you noticed the similarities in his characters (DCH, Lakshya, Rock On-production)- Rich, Aimless, Bratty & Cool. Not to mention his Goa-trip thingy.


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