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Vettaveli Thannil, Shruti Kakkar and P.G.O.A.T

Vettaveli Thannil, one of the end pieces of Sanjay Subramanyan’s concert at Brahma Gana Sabha on Dec 15th, had some captivating lyrics. I had never heard the song before(not like am some severe Carnatic enthusiast to have heard a million songs). But to me, it rose above the mesmerizing Sriranjini in the end – Kana Vendamo. Also loved the elaborate Mohanam piece with Kapali. Say what you want, Mohanam is after all, Mohanam. It’s Sanjay’s way of flirting with the intricacies of a raagam, like he did with this Mohanam and the RTP Marg Hindolam that puts him miles and miles ahead of other contemporary artists. Somehow, every concert of his ends up being a learning experience. Of course am saying this as a nOOb but am pretty sure even an ardent knowledgeable fan would agree. On a lighter note, decked up Page 3 type pseudo maamis at his concerts. Whatay groupies they make!


Finally caught up with Band Baaja Baarat and thoroughly enjoyed. Some inspired writing, well constructed moments and for a romcom, it actually keeps you interested till the very end. Not to mention the superlative lead performances, something that’s become so rare in Hindi mainstream cinema these days. Shruti Kakkar(Anushka Sharma) manages to bring in some light into the poor characterizations we’ve got to see of late. She takes the DTC to travel and doesn’t drive around in a Volkswagen Beetle. Also when she gets her first car, it’s a Maruti Swift(And Swift is the new Maruti 800 anyway). But for all that, she isn’t pictured as someone naive, but someone who after the initial awkwardness, can probe the man she slept with in a state of inebriation to realize and move on from the situation. And Anushka Sharma plays her with the right amounts of spunk, fluff and temerity. In a lot of ways, she is the hero of the film. Like in the final scene, she asks Bittoo(Ranveer Singh) if she has to teach him even matters of love. Surely, the line of the year has to be, “Shit bolti hai toh bhi lagta hai FM bhaj gaya“. This is also #GRCA Movie of the Year. I haven’t consulted with the President yet, but am sure he’d agree once he catches it.


At one of the concerts this month, I caught the P.G.O.A.T. Actually caught her putting thaalams as the concert progressed. She is Joelle van Dyne in all her glory. Of course, Joelle van Dyne is severely deformed but then don’t forget that there is a theory that her disfigurement is a ruse to cover her face all the time, as one look at her face makes men fall in love with her. But then I have another theory, but that’s not for public consumption. In fact, you’re not supposed to pay much attention to this paragraph. This is just a recording of sorts, of a could-be-significant event for future purposes. So never mind.



15 thoughts on “Vettaveli Thannil, Shruti Kakkar and P.G.O.A.T

  1. oh my romeo! I am sorry I forgot whatever else I read before the last bit. How could u keep her for the last part when all your heart asked was a full post dedication to her?! :)

    and you make me badly want to listen to a S.S concert LIVE!

    Adi: :) Like I always say, come to Chennai!


  2. I was blogtrotting and landed here. Was at the said Sanjay concert too. Lucky for you, unfortunately ambadhu roobai stage ticket vonly available when I landed and no gr8 looking baais to look at, besides Sanjay of course. And Band Baaja Baarat seems interesting – i am guessing the beetle dig is at sonam kapoor. naice. – peace out.

    Adi: Welcome! Oh I actually thought the stage seats are great for 50 bucks. Don’t you think so? And that was a dig generally. Even Break Ke Baad has Beetles around I guess. And I like Sonam :D


  3. This year me planning to catch one of the few TMK concerts since I’m coming to India at the end of the season, but Sanjay should not be given a miss, methinks. The quality of his music apart, he’s the God of snark. And I should totally patent the term ‘pseudomaami’ ;)

    Let’s hope PGOAT does not drive a Beetle :D

    Adi: Yep, TMK not performing right? Apparently he’s going around in bicycle attending concerts? I heard that story somewhere in BGS when some maami was loudly talking. Oh, PGOAT might just own a Beetle. Have to live with that!


  4. El Presidente approves of BBB. That entire interval block is golden. It isnt just the kiss (which is great by the way – any director who is willing to trust his actors, let the camera sit and watch as they go about ‘living’ , has balls. Maneesh Sharma will go places.) but the way Shruti discovers that Bittoo is not in love with her. Subtlety that could easily have been eschewed.

    GRCA states that its members, however jaded, will be willing to give romance another chance when sufficiently moved by an RC. BBB is the best 2010 had to offer bu that standard.

    Adi: Ah thought so! And yes, that kiss scene was fabulous though I had to make a significant effort to appreciate it amidst all the cat calls in the theater.


  5. Marga Hindolam RTP sounds awesome ! The ragam always reminds of me of a Kamal movie scene (Guru I think) where he sneaks into the heroine’s house as an EB repairman and hums Chalamelara to himself. (Totally random I know, but your post reminded me of that scene!) Hope you get to meet the PGOAT at other kutcheris ;)

    Adi: Haha yes, I would have seen that scene a million times. Memorable scene from that film.


  6. ‘could be significant event for future ‘purposes’ – interesting!! thats line just made the rest of the post fade away ! :) !! BBB was awesome indeed! I think Bittoo as a new comer has done a terrific job too!

    Adi: Heh!


  7. sanjay is sanjay, but i like partial to TMK. hes quirky

    ps: next time you spot pgoat putting thaalams, walk up to her and correct her thaalams. worth a try :P

    Adi: Really? Prefer Sanjay over TMK!


  8. Nicely written as usual. While I think Sanjay is great, methinks he is konjam too much “konashtai”. I still remember you being smitten by his “Thunbam Nergayil” last year.

    Like cowgirl above pointed out, I would love to attend a TMK concert. The man is awesome! If possible attend a Ranjini-Gayatri concert. They have a lot of variety in their concerts. Throughly enjoyable.

    As for the PGOAT, hopefully fate plays a good guy and makes you meet her again :)

    Adi: Oh yes. konashtai! He is the Hariharan of Carnatic you mean? ;) That I agree, but I just prefer him over TMK! I am not really sure why. And yes, RG are another favorite, so I attended their concert at Vani Mahal :) And thanks! :P


  9. Too little of the PGOAT, just about the juiciest part of the post! Must Must put details, and keep us posted about whatever’s happening at future kutcheris :D

    Adi: Hahaha, only some info can be put up here. Rest, paakalam :P


  10. I still haven’t attended a kutcheri since I came. I’m rooting for a Sikkil Gurucharan / Aruna Sairam performance. I’m making do with the Chennaiyil something program on Jaya TV for now.
    And on a completely different note, you guys take your Urban Dictionary too seriously eh ?

    Adi: Oh PGOAT is a reference to a character in one of my all time favorite books – Infinite Jest. The urban dictionary link was for the uninitiated :)


  11. ISTR James Orin Incandenza described Joelle as ‘averagely pretty’ or words to that effect, so perhaps she is talking (or veiling) up something that isn’t remarkable in the first place. The conceal is always more tempting than the reveal.


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