Va Quarter Cutting

A seemingly innocent veterinary doctor, a young man on the verge of migrating to another country(where drinking alcohol is banned, mind you!), a three time 12th std failure, a sub-inspector, a father-son thug/extortionist duo, a politician, a pyromaniac, a crooning hitchhiker, a bunch of prostitutes and few wannabe cool dudes. You have the perfect set of characters for a B-movie fun ride clocking one eventful night. Pushkar & Gayatri impress once again after Oram Po despite having a mild hangover  from their first film. Maybe that’s also a sly reference to that elusive Quarter cutting that pretty much forms the MacGuffin in this engaging script.

Va boasts of one of the most impressive opening credits in recent times. The film races ahead as soon as it starts and the first half is replete with a lot of pulp imagery, forming the backdrop of the key characters. There is even a reference to the Tamil pulp fiction image popularized by Blaft recently. The film is shot in vibrant colors amidst the blackness of night, slickly conveying the theme of the movie about how different and absolutely unrelated characters lock heads or come together in one packed night.

Shiva, who plays Sundarrajan aka Sura, is about to leave for Saudi. He is given a set of Donts by his Mallu travel agent with the most important one being never to touch alcohol. And as the theme of the film goes – about how your heart craves for things you are asked to stay away from – Sura and his to be brother-in-law Marthandan(SP Charan) go looking for a Quarter. With the impending elections, it turns out to be a dry day and Sura has only till morning 4 am, before his flight, to try and find that Quarter cutting. The film is immensely engaging till just before the interval. It sags a bit when John Vijay is introduced as Prince, his first rate performance notwithstanding. The film also works as a spoof taking up various popular subjects. It’s apparent the the writers are aware of the pulse of the Web 2.0 savvy audience of today and know what would create the instant connection. Vijay is spoofed almost throughout the film. There is even a throwaway dialog that goes, “Singam singam nu onna sollikute irukiye, asingama illa?” Your guess is as good as mine. There are references to the famous Nandamuri Balakrishna film scenes, TR and even Naan Kadavul!

The dialog and situation based comedy turns into action and slapstick in the latter half as Lekha Washington as Saro joins the pair of Shiva and SP Charan. It’s surely one of the more intelligently written scripts and the film holds it’s own for most of it’s 2 hr or so run time. What it suffers from is the Oram Po hangover. We already know that Pushkar & Gayatri are good at this classy crassness(!) but after a point it becomes slightly overdone. The pre-interval parts meander and leave you disinterested. The film isn’t a long one, but it’s tough not to feel that it could have been shorter. Craig’s wannabe characters are slightly forced. The same situations could have been written without them. Shiva fits perfectly for this role with his deadpan expressions making his sarcasm laden character work. The scene stealer is however SP Charan with his superbly understated role in the first half and a more pronounced one in the second. John Vijay is great as the son Prince but goes overboard and loud as the father, King. Lekha Washington gets a bulk portion of the funny moments in the second half.

G.V. Prakash comes up with a good overall score with Thediye by Andrea and the title track by G.V Prakash and Gana Ulaganathan standing out for their lyrics and picturization. I loved the way Thediye was choreographed and used in the film, and the extremely funny situation that Unnai Kan Theduthey appears in. But a major fuckall moment is when I heard Hans Zimmer’s superlative track from Sherlock Holmes(Guy Ritchie’s) used as background score for some scenes. WTF G.V Prakash? No Quarter cutting for you for the rest of your life!


17 thoughts on “Va Quarter Cutting

  1. U seem to have become quite the movie critic. Noticing things like vague references to other movies and even the Sherlock theme ! I thought something somewhere sounded familiar, but nowhere close to what you have detailed here. Good Job

    Adi: :) I was thinking hard about the piece and then Eureka happened during interval.


  2. didnt see the movie yet, but thediye is a vijay-antony-unakena-naan-unfaithful style ripoff from Lenka’s The Show.

    Also, remember polladhavan’s smack that bittu?

    Adi: Oh no, you are right. I had some respect for him for Veyil, Aayirathil Oruvan. Now I don’t know!


  3. @grad,
    lol @ GV Prakash.
    He will say he was inspired and has not lifted..never understood the difference bet both!!

    Heah,i hv seen some mixed reviews abt this movie so far…..should give it a try soon!!!

    I was expecting a desi version of hangover

    Adi: No no, not like Hangover en al. But good, nevertheless.


  4. I saw this movie yesterday. It was like India version of Harold and Kumar goes to white castle but not as quite as good. I saw the movie yesterday the crowd were booing the film like anything. Most of them were pissed off after the first half. I feel John vijay was too cheesy and loud! Thee kuchi character is waste! charan and Siva were awesome. Lekha was unbearable! I would say it is not as bad as it is made out to be. The film has its moment but falls flat at many places esp songs. I would give it a 2 star rating and advice people who like mokkai like me to watch it else you’ll regret.

    Adi: The premise was quite similar but it slightly made more sense here with it being dry day etc. And I really don’t get the “mokkai” ppl keep complaining about.


  5. That was a good review. I thought it was a secent movie and did you notice that the opening scenes reminded you of the opening scenes in Amelie, I mean they were structured. And as to GVP, in the opening scenes it is a complete lift from the soundtrack in Amelie.

    Adi: Oh didn’t notice that much!


  6. Awesome review. Can’t wait to watch this movie. LOL ‘Classy crassness’- that’s a great phrase to describe P&G’s genre. Keep up the good work, sir!

    Adi: Heh ty.


  7. i watched the first half online, coz it got a little boring, although some of the lines were damn funny. was completely bowled over by the opening credits sequence though, just like i was bowled over by oram po’s comic book inspired trailer! so kickass.

    oh, and did you notice the BGM that accompanied charan’s louwe flashback or whatever uncannily sounded like dil to bachcha hai ji?

    must give the second half a shot, hmm?

    Adi: Now that you say it, I think yes, it did! But yeah, give second half a shot. It gets better actually.


  8. I want to watch, it sounds konjam different. I’m so tired of all the tamil movies churned out these days – that whole village hangover. Let me watch this one!! :)


  9. I think the widespread opinion that the film is ‘mokkai’ is an act conformity than anything else. To have an opinion that complies with the popular opinion and to have that as a status message in Facebook or Twitter is considered fashionable and has been for a long time even before the advent of internet. I guess that is an occupational hazard in the entertainment industry and it comes with the territory.
    Even though you can point out boring portions in VA : Quarter Cutting, this movie is no way more mokkai than Boss Engira Baskaran.


  10. The soundtracks are completely lifted from Amelie, Snatch and Kill Bill. The card scene is vaguely familiar to what happens to Sting’s character in Lock Stock. The beginning of the movie, with many events happening simultaneously is also similar to Amelie’s beginning.

    Nevertheless a very funny movie.


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