Sure. Raavan/Raavanan is the most awaited movie this summer or arguably this whole year but there is one other movie that I am eagerly looking forward to. It’s Aisha, a desi take on Jane Austen’s wonderfully quirky and lovably spoiled  character Emma Woodhouse.

The first theatrical trailer is out and promises to be every inch fun(Mind you, this is total #GRCA material). Starring Sonam Kapoor in the titular role, Abhay Deol, Ira Dubey among others. I am not sure who is who from these rushes but surely Abhay Deol is playing George Knightley.

Sonam Kapoor with her sometimes nice, sometimes irritating fashionista image seems perfect to play the role of Aisha. And from what we see in the trailer, there is a lot of scope to make a mark as an actress and make this cult.

You need one more reason to look forward to this? How about Amit Trivedi’s music? Yes. Definitely the movie of the year (to wait for) for me!


8 thoughts on “Emma

  1. The trailor looks cute :)

    But Wolfie, other than for Sonam Kapoor do you need any other reason for watching/praising this movie?

    Adi: Haha probably not. But still I am not that excited about I Hate Luv Storys. In fact not excited at all. This one is different.


  2. Loved it,and Abhay Deol too… I feel its made out to be a chick flick,though!

    Adi: Romcom more like. The term chick flick has been abused a lot!


  3. Abhay Deol is the perfect one for Mr. Knightley. I heard that girl who comes in Lakme sunscreen ad is Harriet Smith. I hope they make her look less pretty than Sonam. I can’t wait to watch it this movie. Also, it’s nice to see a guy getting excited about a desi Austen adaptation. :P


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