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The Root of the Problem

There is a scene in Love Aaj Kal, where Jai (Saif Ali Khan) is discussing his problem with Veer Singh (Rishi Kapoor). Now the fact is, Imtiaz Ali can write kickass lines straight out of your daily life. Jai says, ” Zyada der dukh nahin rah sakta. Defective piece hoon main. Phat se teek ho jaaoonga!”

Now that exactly seems to be my problem. Or the bigger question – Is that a problem at all?


I have much more to write about this movie but cannot write anything that hasn’t already been written. It’s wonderful to say the least. Why don’t we get to see such realistic urban portrayal in Tamil cinema? Can someone who is not named Mani Ratnam/Gautam Menon make such a movie? Please.


19 thoughts on “The Root of the Problem

  1. Nice one! I think people who possess the quality of living life as it comes are the best :)

    Speaking of totally dhinchaak lines — this is my favorite from the movie:

    ” Mard mein bohot dard paida karta hain tumhaari smile”

    Adi: Haha that was a good one!


  2. I am surprised you ask this question, more because its one of those that comes back to haunt me often.

    Why do some things of the past simply dont stir any emotion! These are things that i once thought would devastate me. But now. nope, nothing, not a even a small peck of sadness.

    Wierd are the ways of life!

    as for Love Aaj Kal, will comment after I catch the movie :)

    Adi: Weird indeed. There is a dialog in Imtiaz Ali’s previous work, Jab We Met, which goes, “Actually na, aaj kal mujhe kisi bhi baat ka bura nahin lag raha hai!” I totally identify with it these days.


  3. It’s good eh? That is in fact a casual normal realistic line.

    Of course mani Ratnam introduced the crisp short to teh point lines, but I see your point. We need more “real” portrayals and the good side of real too!

    Adi: It’s good!


  4. Hmm.. I was like that too. Nothing seemed to affect me. Things have changed. But I don’t like that it has changed :|

    But ya, I still look at the past where I think its the end of my life ( you know how I am no? :D) and now think – wtf!

    Adi: Lol! Volatile we all are!


  5. Agree strongly. I am the chairman of the Narendra Shenoy Open Source Movie Project whose objective is to make a movie
    1. without karva chauth scene
    2. without gajar ka halwa from mother’s hands
    3. without soliloquies that make Hamlet sound like a Pat-and-Mike cross talk
    4. And most of all, where people talk like they do in everyday life.

    Like most opensource projects, this one too is a pipe dream. But someday, we shall make it happen! Till then, we have Imtiaz Ali, I suppose

    Adi: Hahaha finally Mrs. took you to a nice movie eh?!


  6. It is a decent movie with some unrealistic stuff.. I do not agree on (Warning : Spoiler Alert) the fact that some one will get married and realize its not love on thier honeymoon. Never heard a case of that.. If their portrayal was true, there would be very little single men. Unfortunately this culture is still not accepted in India and I think it never will..

    Adi: Dude, you have no idea! I’ve had friends of friends who’ve done that. The best thing about the movie was it was extremely realistic. Both todays and yesterday’s stories. Read Amrita’s write up, it’s there in the link in PS.


  7. You have to remember that the urban population is not the only audience. There are other demarcations of society, who can only be held as the reasons why Vijay/Dhanush are such success stories.
    Until that evolution happens, we will have to sit with subtitled Imtiaz Ali movies.

    Yet to see this one, will do soon :)

    Adi: Once those umpteen multiplexes that are “under construction” around Chennai become operational, I think we shall have an audience for such movies. At least then we should get to see more of those.


  8. Yennaku english translation venum. Avalou hindi puriyaadhu.

    Zyada der dukh nahin rah sakta. : Don’t be sad for a long time

    Defective piece hoon main: I am defective

    Phat se teek ho jaaoonga!”: It’ll be better soon?

    How close am I?

    Adi: Pretty close! :)


  9. I generally avoid romantic movies or any movie which has even a semblance of love/mush. I find them to be, well, rubbish.
    Perhaps the “defective piece…” shd be my line.

    Adi: Hahahaha, but then you can’t watch half of the movies that get made in India!?


  10. had pretty neat lines, this one. And i am a defective piece too, upside: happiness, downside: less drama in life.

    Adi: That that man, that that worry, like a wise blogger translated.


  11. So I ended up watching this movie after I read this entry in ur blog…and I must say I really did like it :)

    Very interesting, well thought out characters…and interesting movie.


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