Th HP6 Reaction


The Potter crazy world is actually divided on Half Blood Prince, the book. A large section of it believes that it is one of the weakest links because A) Nothing much happens, very little action, B) Too many pages devoted to  snogging etc. C) Voldemort doesn’t make an appearance.

I loved the book! I remember reading it from 10pm to 6 am on the day of its release(am a slow reader) because I had promised to give it to someone even if I had not finished it by next morning. It was a masterful examination of Voldemort’s past and a brilliant set piece to the ultimate saga in the series. I mean, seriously, who could have thought!

It’s difficult to believe that Steve Kloves wrote the screenplay for five movies so far leaving out the Order of the Phoenix, which was clearly, the best of the lot. Until the Half Blood Prince came out that is. This is such a beautifully rewritten story that I was quite engrossed from start to finish. It was very well paced, and by that, I don’t mean it was fast. It was understandably slow but there was so much detail in every scene that nothing seemed unwarranted.

And for the first time, every actor – from the kids to the amazing Alan Rickman(Love Actually) – has done an excellent job. Often we associate what is known as wooden acting with fantasies and adaptations. But the performances are so first rate that they make you realize how literally the kids have grown up with the series. And so have we.

Pick the performances? Nothing to beat Alan Rickman as Snape, Jim Broadbent as Professor Slughorn and Micheal Gambon as Professor Dumbledore. Look out for Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy. And Luna Lovegood is superb casting albeit in an insignificant role. Watch out for that scene where Harry, very smugly retorts, “But I AM the chosen one!” Damn good!

Revisit the Half Blood Prince. You’ll be reminded of the magic in J.K. Rowling’s writing.


17 thoughts on “Th HP6 Reaction

  1. going going..the whole worlds raving and the words of a fellow pottermaniac cannot be ignored..

    PS: nice review wish you’d written a little more though

    Adi: Was in a hurry actually. So turned out short! :)


  2. I loved the book. Lost interest in the movie after HP and the prisoner of azkaban. Blah, it was. Very blah.

    Adi: Hahaha, interestingly, I think 3 and 5 are the only other good movies!


  3. I like reading them more than watching ’em. Hmm… I love Alan Rickman otherwise, and I did like his role in HP! And Snape is one of my fave characters in the book.

    I agree with Buddy about writing more :) I guess you’re in the groove and so, would love to read more Adi!

    Adi: Of course I think it’s like that for anyone who’s read the book.
    Reading them is always more fun. And thankoo!


  4. I loved the movie! :–)) The kids have grown up soo much! I remember being disappointed with the book, because it ended abruptly. But I loved the picturization, there was this one scene which was like riding a roller coaster, through the streets. I loved Hermoine ;–)
    May be I should write my own post. LOL

    Adi: I know. Semma whistling here for Hermione Granger. ;) It was like some Rajini movie! I was pleasantly surprised.


  5. I totally agree – the movie was awesome.. din’t realise the time at all… although a longer version would have been AWESOME

    Adi: :) Yep I wish they had included the Marvolo Gaunt memory.


  6. I haven’t watched it yet.. you know where I live.. the movies reels are on their way!
    But sure you have given a positive review and I hope it lives up to that…

    Adi: Lol, that town is so bad?!


  7. contrary to most of the reviews i heard/read, i liked the movie actually!. ’twas slow but was good..really.and it was HP! :P. luna lovegood was portrayed well. this was the year they were taking n.e.w.ts and o.w.l’s..i expected more of academic was fun reading them

    Adi: Yeah, a lot of stuff didn’t make it. I wonder why they cannot make a 3 hr movie like LOTR.


  8. Oh the book was beautiful. I also missed Voldemort, but I remember I literally sobbed when Dumbledore died. I could not fathom the fact that she actually killed him in this book! :( Actually.. still cant.

    Waiting to catch this movie, though I am not a Potter movie fan! Read reviews and heard its one of the best! The only other Potter movie I saw on the big screen in the 3rd one and it disappointed me the most!

    Adi: Hahaha, I read your review!


  9. Just watched the movie yesterday! I was quite happy with it. Lots of fun humour, it was a lot ‘lighter’ than the previous movies. I think the biggest complaint I heard was the lack of fighting and HP-like danger, which I don’t care too much for anyways. I agree with most your acting analysis… Dumbledore was okay, at some points I felt he sounded evil :P Was anyone else disappointed with Ginny though? She looks older and taller than all of them now!

    Adi: I liked the humor too. Hmm Ginny! She turned out better than what I thought when I first saw her in the second movie.


  10. I loved the movie too and am having a hard time explaining why to a lot of people who dint. I loved the detailing.. like even though they dint show Bill getting bitten by Fenrir and such, when the trio were spying on Draco, there was a wanted poster for Fenrir Greyback. If I dint read the book, I wouldn’t have known. The ending dint make me cry like the book though. But I guess one has to forgive because of the time contraint etc.

    Adi: Yeah that, and some little scenes and lines that made this movie special. They probably went for the less dark feel because the next two movies are going to be really action oriented.


  11. Not a big fan of HP series, but I’ve watched all the movies. I’m waiting for the right moment to go for this one! Nice review, although I’ve heard a flip-side review of the movie! I’ll trust you on this though.

    Adi: Err, right moment?


  12. I find I like these more and more as the kids grow up and the movies don’t try so hard to be so self consciously childish. I’m waiting for the next two – Bill Nighy is all we need!

    Adi: Exactly! Just like the books! But Bill Nighy is playing Scrimgeour. He’ll be off within the first hour!


  13. i give it a 5 out of 10.
    because as follows
    1. the start at the coffe shop. what was that? no durslys? you take out that and put in a scene? i dont understand.
    2. the burning of the burrow? and the fight? NOT IN THE BOOK! you take out SO MUCH and you add a scene?
    3. before the fight at the burrow harry and ginny almost kiss? what was with that?
    4. they really needed more of voldemorts memorys! now harry doesn’t know what the horcrux’s are! that was a HUGE flaw in the movie
    5. no qudditch? thats a big part as well.
    ron and hermione was WAY rushed! its not even really supposed to start till the 7th book.
    6. way to much comedy! its not in the book so why put it in the movie?!
    7. not enough publicity with harry and ginnys kiss. and in the room of requrerment? she’s not even supposed to be there! harry’s supposed to hind the book himself and in a hurry after his battle with draco.
    8. in the bathroom with snape no moaning murtle to scream MURDER! no detention not even any punishment for almost killing draco!
    9. the books called HALF-BLOOD PRINCE for a reason! needed to have more of that! no dumbledore freezing harry under the cloak he just said hide. and snape is not supposed to see him underneath the death eaters feet. draco’s not supposed to show the dark mark. the death eaters got up to the tower to easy.
    10. NO FIGHT! THE BIG ENDING! THEY JUST LEFT IT OUT! harry didn’t give his friends felix also.
    11. snape reveling himself as the half-blood prince should’ve been bigger.
    12. no furnerel?! they need to end it!

    overall there was way to many flaws and mistakes for it to be a good movie.
    by far the worst out of the series so far.
    really should’ve 2 parts like the 7th book.
    i was very disapointed.

    Adi: Ah, to each his own!


    1. Well Done Austin! you have hit the nail on the head! When I got out of the movie theater I was soooo disappointed with the fact that all the good stuff was missing, especially the BIG end fight, no uproar in the school, no frozen harry, and snape was wayyy too cool. He was supposed to even help harry read minds! And I was extremely disappointed by the fact that they did not show the funeral. It was a pathetic attempt at doing the book, very disappointing. Even though the characters have grown and their acting is good, the guy who did the script was really taking us for a ride. I am not very excited about the ending of the series if the same people are involved!


  14. I have never read this book, even one part!! Almost every one i know seems to be very crazy to watch this movie..but i hvnt yet…may be i hvnt read it so not that keen to watch….Some from work bunked half day to watch this movie…


  15. Now this is inspiring me to read the book…do u think I’ll succeed? :P
    Remember how hard you tried to make me read HP?!..But all in vain.. haha!!
    *sadistic pleasure*


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