There is a thoughtful ringtone running gag in the movie. It jumps at you suddenly and you think it is one of those set pieces incorporated by separate comedy tracks using scores from old movies to create the comic mismatch effect. But it is not. It is the ringtone playing and provides for some original laughs.

The movie works because of that original writing and real characters. Where do directors like Sasikumar and the new guy – Pandiaraj, find these actors? Vega is the only known face and all the performances are first rate. Vega and the guy who plays her love interest have some of the best lines and their romance is built up wonderfully.

For a film titled Pasanga, the performances of the kids is mandatory. The kids do it beautifully and their antics are lovable for the most part. Dandilsa and I had this small discussion on how kids are irritating in many movies. Even in few moments in Anjali. Thankfully, not the case here. They are all quite natural. Everything from the ragging, Kamal Haasan spoofs, Vijay Kant spoofs, the manipulative nature, the competetive spirit – works.


What I personally liked in the concept is the fact that nobody is evil. Especially, the initially predictable school teacher character who is also Jeeva’s father. There is no nepotism or any other issue that would have driven the movie on a different tangent. This also proves to be the downside for the movie where things are mostly feel good, that the director has no clue how to wrap it up. Thats the reason you get an awful last hour introducing melodrama that was thankfully avoided until then. And not to mention the incongrous emotional ending for a movie that had realism written all over it. In Pandiaraj’s defense, he probably wanted to give a nod to Anjali.

Do yourself two favors this week. Watch Pasanga. And vote!


21 thoughts on “Pasanga

  1. You voted?

    And I will try to watch this movie though the name Pandiaraj is very discouraging :P

    Adi: Aiyoo, you’ll watch only if they have “wannabe” cool names? :p I would say something but I’ll control! :P


  2. This is the third rave review I am reading for this movie. Waiting for it to find its way online.Unfortunately, nobody cares to upload nice under-rated movies like this!

    Adi: The lesser known movies always have this problem. Gulaal(hindi) took 5 days to appear online. It didn’t even release in Chennai!


  3. now this is when i miss being in madras the most. there are sooo many movies i want to watch and can’t cos i’m sitting in nonsense bombay.

    i want to watch anada thandavam, this movie and sarvam when it releases. baaaahhhh!

    Adi: Fame Adlabs etc don’t show selected Tamil movies? Try Aurora in Matunga? Hey, don’t call Bombay nonsense! Its banned on this blog. :P


  4. Neat review.
    I keep hearing about the film. One friend went to the extent of saying its way better than Taare Zameen Par.

    Yet to release in B’lore I guess.

    Adi: Yeah I think the film was not publicized widely. I would agree on better than TZP bit.


  5. Pffft! Review something that I can watch as well. :P

    I’m voting tomorrow! Yayeee. But you aren’t a registered voter, are you? *smirks*

    Adi: Lol, voting first time, no kiddo?! :p


  6. When I first saw the title Pasanga, I thought it was some Caribbean festival or a Hawaiian Luau or something. Then my tamil-brain kicked in.

    Of course I was initially pronouncing it “Puh-sang-ah”. Oh, how Canadian I am.

    Adi: You CBCD :p


  7. When I first saw the title Pasanga, I thought it was some Caribbean festival or a Hawaiian Luau or something. Then my tamil-brain kicked in.

    Of course I was initially pronouncing it “Puh-sang-ah”. Oh, how Canadian I am.


  8. hi adi,
    unna nambi i took my family to this movie. slighta feel aiten. amean, mann vasanai n all was there, but the movie, apart from having kids as protagonists, also treated us (the viewers) as kids. too much thathuvam. this is, in my opinion, a movie that is to be watched online only. and if you are married, a movie that is best avoided simply for the amount of mutual embarrassment it causes.

    Adi: I don’t think the thathuvams were in your face. Anyway, to each his own!


  9. I voted! but yet to watch this movie!

    Since this movie is from Subramaniyapuram director, i think i can expect something different!

    Director in his interview to the hindu, said he wanted to make a movie which is targeted towards kids.

    hope to watch it before new releases


  10. I wanted to see this movie.. but then something about the made me wonder if it’ll be one of those ‘trying-too-hard’ it really nice?Then I shall watch..!


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