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Remembering the Campus

H has requested relief for the shift Fri 01/30/2009 12:00A – 5:00P. If you would like to sign up for this shift, please go to…

Its part of my b-day! please take.

Oh no! Belated wishes, H! I am sorry but I won’t be available. How are things?

Would someone like to answer Dr. S’s phones from 1:15pm-3:45pm on Feb.4?  If you are interested, let me know ASAP.


I really have to ask this. All the time that I was there, I never knew who Dr. S is, where he sits, which is his office and which phone is his. My hand was never the first to go up when this question was asked. And that’s precisely because I had no idea who the person is.


2nd Floor Women’s Bathroom will be unavailable for about a week.  Renovations are underway to create a lactation station.  For those of you who are not baby inclined, it will accommodate breast feeding/ breast pumping.

Hehehehehe! I am sorry but though it is a genuinely useful information but reading about a bathroom in a building thousands of miles away with so much attention to detail is damn funny.

Hello Everyone,

Since we missed the previously scheduled All Staff Meeting due to the snow, we have rescheduled for the Sunday, 8 Feb 09 @ 6:30pm.  Please mark your calendars and check for conflicts now.

WHAT? It snowed there? For all those years I was put up there, it did not even pull flake to the ground. And it snowed so much that a meeting got cancelled? Hmph.

Hey!Any one want to go to the ball

Dancing from 8pm to 12am.  Semi-formal attire. $10 for single and $15 for a couple. A XYZ charity event to benefit UNICEF. Let know me if you are thinking about it, ‘cuz then maybe we could grab a bite to eat before we go.


Oh, I would have loved to go with you, T! But sadly, wrong place, wrong time. My twitter friends would like to take note of the fact that XYZ is the office where the PYT used to work. Oh, what chance that would have been!


If anyone is interested in playing tennis Sunday around 4pm let me know. It’s supposed to be in the high 70s so the weather will be too awesome to miss. If you need a ride or a racket let me know also.

Please bring something to drink so you dont pass out. Granted there will be certified people there who can assist you if you do but lets try to avoid the possibility of someone putting their mouth on you to do CPR
unless you really like that person and then it becomes a different story.

Well A, I know quite a few people who work at the gym and am sitting here pairing up you guys to know who can possibly give CPR to one of you. And you have to hear this out. I came up with some interesting matches!

So Ms. J, as you might have already realized, I am still on the Centre mailing list. It’s been three months since i graduated and a week since I shifted to India. It is quite funny to read these mails now. So, kindly oblige!


21 thoughts on “Remembering the Campus

  1. autoforward to gmail, set up a filter, apply to a label and then auto archive. 15months after graduating I still get mails!

    welcome to the club!

    Adi: Thanks! And still mails after 15 months? They really love you! :p


  2. Hehehe..I also get such mails from orgs I have long forgotten!

    Haha @ the women’s bathroom mail! And about snow, haven’t u seen enough?

    Good to see you updating your blog more often than before :)

    Adi: Ty! :D Yes, I have seen enough snow. I don’t want more!


  3. It’s about time they revamped men’s restrooms too. For starters, we could do with a woman dressed in a bikini handing out soap and paper towels.

    Adi: Wow lol! That should be fun. I have a feeling the woman would actually end up enjoying it!


  4. Those mails are here to stay. A subtle reminder that you once belonged to their esteemed institution.

    @v : I wonder what to infer from the fact that they haven’t thought about revamping the men’s room! Either it’s well kept – which is a remote possibility or that it doesn’t matter anyways

    Adi: Hmmm!


  5. @L,

    Well, I’ve seen men’s rooms that look like a war zone so that’s reason enough to revamp. A woman handing out paper towels fixes everything.

    Why do they have a couch in women’s restrooms? And they talk about productivity at work. A man has to stand doing his job while the woman can even take a nap after she’s done.


    You bet they will. Trust me, they are curious.


  6. @v : I should have known better. Some comment like that was bound to have come up. Anyways I would suggest you use your time to google the reason why a couch is placed in a women’s restroom. Although the reason is quite logical (behind both your “discoveries”), I am guessing someone like you needs to research on it.

    @adi : we need to talk ….

    Adi: ohohoho!! Both of you, this must not grow! What with V and girls always finding my blog to start flame wars and holy wars. Hehe, dude, remember WT? :p


  7. So this isn’t the first time that V has started on a flame war ??!! Interesting!

    Although I am tempted to continue to with this “holy war”; I shall for a change resist temptation for your (Adi) sake. You owe me big time. :p

    Adi: Ah, resist temptation? I have no qualms, go ahead! :p


  8. @L,

    My question was rhetoric. Besides, I have more informative things to look for on Google.

    And yes, I have an established track record of pissing women off. You’re probably next on my list.

    Adi, yeah, I remember the thing with WT. But L seems to be a lot more mature so I’m all up for a battle. :D

    Adi: You really want to get your hands dirty don’t you? Why would I stop!


  9. Adi, how is it that you have always have such an “enlightening” company ?

    I guess you are living up to several expectations.

    Adi: Err, thanks! :p


    1. Sorry ??!! Typical ? – You did manage to grab my attention with that. Although I must say Mr.V – your idea of “having the last word” isn’t working quite well.


      1. Well, look what the cat dragged in. Who said anything about having the last word? I know I was right, that got under your skin.

        By the way, my schedule is wide open for a tour of the women’s restroom. I could return the favor as well.


  10. It is fun to read old emails. I do archive some very old emails in pst! You must read it few years down the line. It would be really funny!!


  11. @V : The classic male “get-back” line.

    Although the offer of your company through a guided tour is quite tempting; I would have to take a rain check on it.

    @Adi : Its time you came up with a new post. I am sure you have a lot to write about given your time in India after two years.


  12. @L: The classic female “I-know-I-lost-but-I’m-too-ashamed-to-admit-it” line.

    Anyway, as a proponent of good education, I’ll leave my invite open for any day.


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