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It was not supposed to be this way but we’ll take this anyway. For now, we are on a break, going around this wonderful city and meeting lots and lots of people! It’s good to be back after about 22 months.


12 thoughts on “Madras

  1. Dude, I loved a song from the Tamil movie May Madham back in the day before I heard Metallica. I think it was called “Margazi Poove”. I didn’t have money to buy the tape so I recorded it off the TV and played it. Sounded like crap but still loved it.


  2. You know what, after two and a half years in this country I’m beginning to miss even Madras! I miss MADRAS!! Of all places! :P :D Cha! I’m green with envy! :| Flame me, I don’t care! But Hyderabad is the best, that’s all!


  3. Enna ma Adi Shokka irrukiya..
    appala madrasla gujaals pannitu po!

    I tried my best to type in Chennai Tamizh but then :(

    happy stay in this beautiful chennai :)
    “Madras madiri varumma !!!”


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