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The Plan

Let’s make an agreement, shall we?

A) We’ll get an early start tomorrow morning and try to enjoy each others’ company here in this beautiful place.

B) We’ll stop feeling sorry for ourselves. It’s not very attractive.

C) We’ll make our plans for the future.

Can we agree to that?

Yes we can.


This is NOT original. I wrote this, first, for myself. And for some people. Just felt like writing it down somewhere.


Regular programming will resume. Shortly.


20 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. :)
    Looks like a puzzle :)
    ” to enjoy each others’ company here in this beautiful place.”
    I am not very curious about person but the place.

    Which place is that? May i know ??

    Adi: Oh, wherever you are!


  2. Hmmmm couldnt understand much.
    Roomie issues-a? Or is it you talking to the other Persons inside you? :–D

    Adi: Didn’t you check the related posts generated by WordPress? I was impressed! Whoever coded the algorithm, it just captured what this is all about! Anyway, you are right about the “other person inside me” :)


  3. Pacts are good, and considering I am lost on the context of the post, am going to stick to saying: I like the positive spirit threading thru.

    Good for you :)

    Adi: Hehe, yes, thank you!


  4. Not an original as in…u dint write it? And if u did, it is an original rite?

    But plans are good…stickin to it is the difficult part…

    Adi: I didn’t. It’s from The Darjeeling Limited.


  5. Rules A, B and C apply especially to me I think!!Pah, stop making lesser mortals like me feel guilty.:(

    Adi: Summa you tell me the same thing! Stop the sorry feeling and get a start! :p


  6. wow.. noticed the related posts only after u mentioned it.. dunno if the same links come up every time.. but this is just perfect..

    “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    Of Paperwork, Bulbs and Bad Movies
    Job-hunt vol.1
    Uh oh…
    And so it begins………………”

    anyways how about the regular programming resuming part?? have too little to keep me occupied these days..


  7. What? Has it come to this? (Not original either – stolen from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar :P) You’ve now resorted to pasting movie quotes and then scampering away?! Get back here and write something, you lazy wolf!
    I am going to follow the first rule, though. Me and my many selves have hardly spent any quality time together lately.


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