Raja Kaiya Vecha…

Not until someone played this song during dinner and remarked about the second stanza, that I realized the double entendre behind it. It is not really double entendre, and could very well be the intended meaning. But I had never concentrated much on this part of the song. It goes something like this:

kanni ponna nenachu, car ah thodanum

katinavan veral dhan, mela padanum

kandavan ellan edutha, ketu poidum

akku akka azhagu vittu poidum

therinjavan dhan, porthidanum

theramai ellam, avan kaatidanum

Or edathil uruvagi, ver edathil velai pogum

Car-galai pol penn innamum, kondavanai poi serum

Vegam undaaga, Car-um penn pola, degam soodagume!

Point out if there are any mistakes. After several tries, I am not able to come up with a graceful translation. But if anyone really needs it, I’ll put it up. I have a new respect for this song. First it was for Ilayaraaja’s music, then for Kamal’s dance steps and now for the lyrics(Vaali??). A superb marriage of women and cars, two of the biggest passions, any man could have? Haan? :p


34 thoughts on “Raja Kaiya Vecha…

  1. Now that you’ve found out the “real” double entendre, you can never accept the lame translation. ever :P

    kamal’s cool eh? :)

    Adi: Totally cool! No, the translation makes sense but not as good in writing!


  2. Pochu da.. Next time I hear this song.. I will end up concentrating only on the lyrics and hidden meanings. Onnaala mudinja oru chinna kaaryam… pannitae.. po po..

    Adi: Hahaha, nalladhu dhane!


  3. adengoppa! ivlo research a! Idhukke ivlo na next you should start listening to kilma director SJ Surya’s songs. You can start with sakkara inikidhu sakkara from new. orey the matter only!

    Adi: Lol, SJ Suryah is in your face, so not that much fun!


  4. :–)) I guess lot of tamil songs have lot of such lyrics. We just never listen too carefully. These guys are talented :–D

    Adi: Hehe, yes, I know!


  5. True Story in SVCE Bus No. 24

    Senior,trying to rag me, asks me to learn said song in the above post. I learn and sing. I says “blah blah..Perisu endralum sirisu endralum…blah blah”. He says “undhu perisaa sirisaa”. I replies why do you care how big my junk is? Then full violence happened.

    So you and that senior guy = EPIC FAIL!

    Adi: Machi, you are becoming a troll da! :P


  6. My immediate junior, once in one of bus journeys was talking about this song.
    “Vegam undaaga, Car-um penn pola, degam soodagume!”
    he mentioned this and said eppidi double meaningnu!

    True man, not many know that or would have followed it that closely to figure it out because the visualisation was very neat!

    One of another worst double meaning song is the one sung by nityashree ..cant imagine she sang that song! even a leading newspaper took a dig at taht song when the movie was released!!

    SJ has no indirect meaning in his movies…directa u can understand…

    Adi: Yep, SJ is too direct. Which song by Nithyashree?


  7. OMGGGGG i remember this movie!!haha.. Also the lyrics.. aiyo, the minute I read the title it started playing in my head ‘Raja Kaiya vecha..athu wronga ponathilla..’haha..:P

    Adi: :)


  8. Oh God, it’s high time I started learning Tamil. After all, Tam Bloggers are perhaps the only ones who I read… and I guess knowing the language would come handy. Alright, Wolfie, you’re my teacher. I’ll see you online for the first lesson in some hours’ time. Muahahahaha.

    Adi: I should be the one doing Muhahahaha! :P


  9. Yes, I realised it a few years ago when I heard it. That was when i was like “Oh this must be Vaali ;)”

    Anyways I like the song, and with some people you know you can expect these, like Kamal and Valli, atleast he doesnt make it as crass as SJ Surya.

    The Nithyashree song is “Markandeya” from New


  10. Send the translation please. I did not understand. All I remember is the first line – Raja Kaiya vechaan…blah blah and so, its your moral responsibility to ensure I do not ask embarassing questions and sleep tonite.


  11. A sure fire way to get a comment from me =) . Very regressive lyrics, but conforms to audience accepted norms. Poets have long had to resort to submerging sexual connotation. There are books that interpret the 5 kinds of lands mentioned in the tholkAppiyam (mullai, kurinji, neithal, pAlai, marutham) as a euphemism for…
    BTW the lines are therinjavan thAn, OttidaNum.
    The way I see two of the lines in the stanza above is different:

    Or edathil uruvagi, ver edathil velai pogum
    Car-galai pol penn innamum, kondavanai poi serum

    Vaali is almost sighing at the sanctioned commoditizing of women that is inherent in the institution of marriage. illEnA ethukku vilai pOgum-nu ezhuthaNum? And as you mention there is no double entendre’ at all. As someone once said and I paraphrase – nAnga ellAm ‘ketta’ meaning-la thAn saar ezhuthurOm. Athukku yEn thevai illAma nalla meaning irukkurathA solrInga?


  12. Landed on your blog from a google Search for this song lyrics. I was enjoying this song a minute back and what an anology which i havent noted all these days ! …

    Second: The comments section here is seriously the next best thing after your blog

    third: i looked around in your blog and i am surprised to find you have written most of what i enjoyed off late like the naked rant of steve (watch the one related to the “cushion” – thts my fav)


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