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The Transition

It’s overwhelming. The fact that you are parting ways with almost everyone that you spent last 18 months with, could put you off track. It is different in the sense that, the people going away are not only the ones you went to college with or went to movies and dinners with. Not only that, but they are people you lived with. It’s probably more difficult because you are the last one to leave. And it is probably more difficult because it had all worked out so well. They are just another additon to the annals of good times.

So here’s to all the maanga sessions, treats, night outs, summer of 2008, and the state where red means go:

Happy New Year!


17 thoughts on “The Transition

  1. Happy New Year!!

    hope your new destination is more enjoyable!

    I agree it is very hard to replace anyone in our lives but the beauty of life is we always meet people who reminds of someone with whom one spent so much time in the past…thats strange but thats really true!!

    Adi: I know, true words!


  2. Saying goodbyes suck.. terribly! on a happier note, Happy puthandu Vazhthukal in namma Tamizh fashion:)

    Adi: Tamil puthandu nal vazhthukal! Don’t ask me to say it if I ever meet you!


  3. I totally understand what you mean by this post, since I just moved to a new place too…
    in any case, wish you a happy new year and hope you make more happy memories in the place that you’re now going to :)

    Adi: Welcome back to Yoosa!! And happy new year!


  4. Ur on a roll huh? Spate of ‘beautifully written posts’…orey think-worthy, widely acclaimed posts…keep it goin :)

    Happy New year! God Bless :)

    Adi: LOL spate of beautifully written posts ah? TYTY and happy new year!!


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