Steve’s Naked Rant

Hawkeye’s recent post reminded me of Coupling(a UK TV series). I had seen this series back in my third or fourth year of college. It’s a brilliant TV series, in my opinion. The US TV series was a line by line adaptation and was stopped because it was too sexually explicit(dialogs) for American television. Can you believe that?

So I’ve been ODing on Coupling clips on Youtube. Here’s Steve’s naked rant. For one thing, you can’t help but notice Steve’s(Jack Davenport) thick accent. It sounds so good. He is the guy who played Commodore Norrington in the Pirates of the Carribean movies. And the rant itself, of course. May not be  a politically correct thing to say so, but what the heck. Like Steve himself says, not sure if it’s insulting or offensive. It sure is utterly hilarious, so enjoy ok? Ok.


14 thoughts on “Steve’s Naked Rant

  1. Dude! I had watched 4 seasons of Coupling thru my free netflix connection. Does youtube have the seasons that followed?

    PS: Jack Davenport also did Matt Damon’s love interest in Talented Mr. Ripley.

    Adi: There are only 4 seasons. Nothing followed!


  2. i hv never watched any western tv shows :( till date!!

    veetla ellarum radhika/devayani/kusbhu/latesta sonia agarwalla pakkum bodhu nan jeniffer Aniston pakka vida mattanga :(

    Adi: Haha, you should start downloading, then, only option!


  3. Heehee I watch coupling sometimes, Friends is a rip off from this na?
    I like Steve’s character :–P

    Adi: Hehe yeah Steve and Susan are most lovable. But Jeff is super!


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