Hello World

I am NOT a phone person.

I just cannot talk hours into the phone like many of my friends, or anyone for that matter, do. Most of the time I’ll draw a total blank on what to say next. Or rather what to talk about next. The habit or lack of it, has probably cost me potential friends, relationships.

There were times in school when some of my friends would remark to the other, ” Yaar call kiya kar! Yeh(pointing to me) toh kabhi call nahin karta hai!” I would go colon pipe. I never realized the joy, if any, of talking on the phone. Neither did I consider it to be a relationship building tool. To me it was totally boring and useless thing to do. In the past year, I have accumulated thousands of roll over minutes.

There are of course, exceptions. There was only my best friend from school, with whom, I used to talk on phone and still continue to do so. The frequency has decreased after both of us joined grad school in the US but it hasn’t entirely stopped. In fact, the number of people I talk to on the phone, has increased. Like my partners in crime would tell you. Every conversation reminds me of the conference call scenes from Panchatantram.

Exceptions, of the so called unjustified kind, exist too. The chat with the best friend would rarely stretch into the second hour. But chats with that girl stretched even further. Understandably so, you’ probably say. Yes, I’d agree. But what is  considered to be unjustified here is, I tend to talk to  members of the opposite sex only on the phone. More often than not. No, the reasons are far from obvious. Let me explain.

In my defense, it is all thanks to the big bad world of instant messaging. During the first two years of my engineering back in India, it was the time of broadband revolution and it was pretty “cool” to remain online for at least 18 hours of the day. It continues to this day. A bunch of us(guys only), the ones that are still close, have a Google group running. It’s been active since the beginning of the third year of our college, and is active to this day. It is more or less active round the year. Everyday. We diss each other, congratulate each other, wish each other, talk sports, movies, coding, linux and anything under the sun. Sometimes(like during a cricket match) messages arrive at tens per second and we’d receive a mail from Google saying there is a crash and service is temporarily suspended.

And these are guys who’d be online for most part of the day. Like me. I never felt the need, even after coming to the US, to call up these guys and have a chat. I’d speak with them, albeit five or six lines of chat, about every week or two. There’d be a new thread wishing the birthday boy on the group. No calls. Suits me fine. The girls are not like that. I hardly see them online and if I do see them, it’d be at least a month apart. So if I do feel like talking to them, I pick up the phone. Quite frankly, I haven’t called the guys back in India that often. Hey, I see you online everyday. And I am not really a fan of phone calls!

I had to put this up somewhere. It’s not an alibi. It’s not even a disclaimer. But it was meant to be put up in writing. Just a thought. In other news, I hit myself for now only discovering this precious thing. I am absolutely clueless as to why I never stumbled upon it. Happy Holidays!


27 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. Trait of being a true friend: even if both of you are talking after 3 years, would take 3 minutes to cover up on the lost time, break the ice and get back on the same good’ol wavelength….

    and CHAT can never take place of a phone call…….

    Adi: I’d disagree. I just don’t get the joy behind a phone call!


  2. I am sure u have written this out of frustration that 3 of the 4 people u called never picked up..I am on your side..the only way out is perseverence..U know girls need importance..Then they will talk to u for hours:)

    Adi: Lol thoo! As if girls not picking up the phone is something new. But for the advice, thala! neenga solliteenga la. You must be right only!


  3. I’m an all-way communicator…i can sms non stop, i can talk on the phone for hours or in person…i can chat too (but my current pc standards keep me away from this as of now) but these days, i kinda prefer sms-ing to talking in person cuz when ur stumped out, u cud say brb n get away but over the phone it just may come out rude to be preoccuiped :D

    I alwayz felt guys were less talkers…and somehow itz better that way…i wud consider a guy who talks on the phone for hours (to another guy) to be leeettttleee weird :)

    Adi: Lol, you are an all-in-all whatdotheycallit? :P …Lol, actually yeah, guys don’t talk that much on the phone, I’d assume.


  4. And just when I thought of picking the phone and calling you!

    I’m a big one for voices, and perhaps an old machine like the phone worked like hell with friends and boyfriends.

    But sayings weet nothings into a mobile….I’d say you’re right to go ping ping.

    Merry X Mas

    Adi: Merry XMas maami! Call me? Lol! Try :)


  5. Dude lets face it. You call a girl up back in India cauze she is a girl. You dont, I presume, go around calling ‘good’ guy friends. I am sorry but that was a pathetic excuse/alibi whatever. I know your sort. And, I stay away from them cauze I am worried I will be rude and say something like this. Dil pe mat lena!

    Before somebody throws this at me. I want to state for the record any girl (exactly 2) I have called in India I liked them and they knew it.

    Adi: That’s exactly why I stated “the reasons are far from obvious”. I know your kind too that have such a narrow minded opinion about it. And the so called poriki calls his girls back in India eh? Who knew!


  6. I am totally a phone person. I talk at least once every week with almost all my friends. For me, emails and chat just don’t cut it. I feel they’re very impersonal. I have to listen to voices. I think that the cellphone is the best invention ever!!

    Adi: Lol, total opposite!


  7. I used to be a big time phone person, but these days I think its reduced big time..thats prob cuz i find heaven in the diff messengers!
    Great that you accumulated so many rollover minutes…maybe I should call you for tips? :)

    Adi: Yes yes, do call me for tips! But I really don’t think you’d be successful in accumulating those roll over minutes. ;)


  8. In the good ol’ days, when we were courting, the missus and I, I had the same problem – what to say for 2 hrs. I took to reciting Shakespeare, synopses of the editorials in the Economic Times and once, when all sense had deserted me, a review of the Critique of Pure Reason. I’m still paying for it. I agree. All men, atleast the subspecies known as engineers, are hopeless at “I love crimsom flowers, don’t you? NOt orange flowers. Pink, I don’t mind…” kind of conversations that women seem to demand… Gotta sign off now. Boss is peeping over my shoulder. Cheers

    Adi: Lol! Crimson flowers? Really, Mr. Shenoy? :P


  9. Are you telling me you are not going to call me and wish me for Christmas and New Years’? Is that why this was a ‘holiday wishes’ post? :D Is that why you put the fone down immediately after I said: I sent it?

    I used to a classic phone person when I was a teen. I’d drop my best friend home- she stayed 2 streets away from me, and then walk home, freshen up, call her, speak to her for an hour, then go to the library – 2 streets away from her house, and then meet her at her house, talk to her and come back home. And wait patiently for 10 mins for her call. :D

    But I do not differentiate between boys and girls! I’m very egalitarian. There was a time when I was doing theatre in college when I’d receive calls from random plumbers, carpenters and my dad’d keep telling my mom that I was going to be a contractor soon :P

    Ok, too much in one comment na? Let me call ya and tell you the whole story!

    Adi: Lol, that’s not why this is a holiday wishes post. But that’s probably why I put the phone down! Lol! You gotta take the initiative of building up conversation. Otherwise am just clueless! Lol @ contractor!


  10. Heyy… I am not a phone person at all either… I thought I must be the only weird one like this… but its nice to know that there are others too :P

    Btw, that HP prequel was awesome!!

    Adi: Hehe yep, the prequel was good fun but I am not sure what’s the point!


  11. I am totally a chat person esp when it comes to the opp sex. I can never talk to guys on the phone for more than 30mins max. now u know why i am single :P
    Anyway, thats why i chatted/emailed u when i had to post ur stuff. was too shy to give u a call:P:P
    Good post.i cud totally relate

    Adi: LOL! I know, I’ve never called you though we have our numbers.


  12. Are you taking about the time in 3rd year where SMS was free and calls were 10 paise a minute? Haha! I’m a victim of those phone times as well. Although after coming here, other than talking to Schmetterling for hours on end, I have a lot of roll over minutes too. sigh. And I AM a phone person!

    Adi: I am a victim, yes!! You are bang on. But I never was a phone person. The SMS and 10p calls were probably an add on bonus! I think most girls ARE phone persons!


  13. so its just not me :) u re the first guy…who seemed least interested to listen to my happening voice:) and find my stories boring!!! so i thought u seriously had some psychological issue :) then u never hesitated the chats! but bang comes the bye! if i say..ok gtg…and u ll IMMEDIATELY send the bye :) exactly why i dont chat with u thesedays :) so its a gd way to turn off ppl u dont wish to communicate with :) so take it as an asset :P

    Adi: You don’t chat with me these days ah? Really? You can do that? :P


  14. Hahaha, I used to be a phone person, ,long long ago, but now I am online more, so prefer emails and IM to phone.
    So you are not alone. :–D

    Adi: Glad to know that!


  15. You know what I take that back. I guess there are some guys out there who prefer the more gentle and softer company of women. So I guess if they did find a guy, who was like a girl, they would hang out with him too.

    Adi: Finally you understood yourself. Don’t say they machan, say ‘I’.


  16. Well, i used to talk to one close friend of mine for hours (even 2 or 3 ) we had so much common interests and i knew him from kindergarden days in school, same college. But once he left to US,we keep in touch in chat not the hours but 20 mins and we run out of topics these days!! :(. I guess it is the change one has to accept!!

    Its very true that some of our friends we see them online everyday we buzz them for more than once a day, and in such cases you dont need to call them often!

    If we think that only talking in phone builds relationship i am afraid that we will run of money in recharging mobile phones. Manasala irrunda podhum andhey pessi dan prove pannanum avasiyam ela!

    But you know so many at work place build relationships (over kadalai or watever on phone) for hours !!!

    Evangala enna panna mudiyum?


  17. Never was much of a phone guy in school or college. After graduating college and moving to a suburb some 20 mins away from the college, I used to call my best friends and talk to them for hours on end, pretty much everyday. The habit has since stuck.


  18. Well, this is one of the things that makes me feel i have become old. I used to speak on the phone a lot during my school days. But once my engineering days started, i spent much less time on the phone and a lot of my friends used to hate it. But somehow i have lost it and cant seem to spend more than 20 minutes on the phone!!!


  19. I remember talking to you for hours back in college though :P. In college I could do that for hours, call anyone and talk for hours about everything under the sun. I seem to want do that much less though nowadays. Any guesses?


  20. Haha.. my husband is the exact same species. When we were engaged, and I was in a working women’s hostel where on an average 25% of the hostelites was engaged, I was the only one to get phone calls once a month (that too after I called from the phone booth down the road asking him to call back), and my calls were so short, that I am sure some people wondered if all was fine between the two of us.


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