And The Award Goes To…


This blog has been bestowed with the “Brilliant Weblog” award. The veracity of this decision is probably questionable, what with being awarded with six other blogs, but we at Gradwolf, don’t want controversies. Also, it comes from the stable of Maxdavinci, who normally roasts movies, people and blogs. Never mind.

Here comes the difficult part. Max asks you to pull up some of the old posts based on a few particular keywords.

Family: Surprisingly, I don’t have any. I’ve written a lot about cities, movies and friends but none solely dedicated to family. Well, the post that comes closes to that, is probably a Memory Meme that listed some small instances in my life, from a long time ago. A nice tag, courtesy Ram.

Friends: I’ve written a handful of posts on friends. Sample this about PJs with and by friends. Or this one chronicling tiny conversations exchanged between me and my friends. There are many more.

Yourself: Oh, narcissistic, are we? Here is the one on quirks. And this one on how the screen name of Aditya is to die for! There was also a post on fashion and dress sense and their growth with me.

Your Love: There aren’t many posts in this category but we all know that I have no qualms in appreciating the beauty of the opposite sex. So here is a list of crushes over the years. And these two on how to see “lakshanam” in Eastern European women.

Anything I like: Shameless publicity like buddy said. One of the repetitive themes this blog indugles in, is nostalgia. I know know, all senti stuff to laugh at. Here are a couple of them that I personally like. The one on Bombay. This one combining a few passions – writing, books and movies. This is what I do when am bored. And to have a few laughs, read what I overheard.

I had long given up on tagging people whenever I do tags. This is going to be an exception. Some of them probably don’t have the habit of doing tags, but anyway:

Meera: For all the slices of her life she shares, this is to Meera. Wonderful blog, amazing rants and super funny writing.

Salma: The best blog ever. I am probably saying this for the Nth time.

Confounded-Lady: So that she starts writing again. And chronicle the days with her aathukar in Uncle Sam’s land. For she is awesomely funny!

Nirmal: Nirmal is my senior from college and his blog is one of the most frank and open minded ones I’ve ever read. And Nirmal has a heart of gold. Really!

Arun Sundar: I don’t think he is going to do it. But brilliant blog nonetheless! Who can write one minute reviews. Some may not make sense but who really can?!


16 thoughts on “And The Award Goes To…

  1. Ahahahaha! Congrats, Adi Padi! I’m so moved by your success. Your mehnat and lagan has finally laao rang. You’ve done your whole readership proud. *wipes khushi ke aansoo with hanky and walks away with a proud smile*

    Adi: Tum? Khushi ke aansoo? Mere Liye? Thoo :P


  2. Nandri hai. Unlike myself, I’d like to take this tag up for you. But my blog has not much I hv written about family, friends, my love (huh?) and myself. So, shall I pass?

    Adi: I think you have your share of short stories instead, don’t you?


  3. Hey Adi,
    Thanks a lot for tagging :)
    Yeah i will complete this man!!

    After reading this blog i am considering to change my name to thanga nirmal kumar ;) :))

    Adi: Hahaha @ thanga nirmal kumar!


  4. ADIIIII!!OMG, hehe.. so sweet n congrats! Haven’t been on Blogosphere because work is eating me!can you believe I’m working on X’mas and New years as well? That’s how my life is going right now.. will save the rants for the blog! Cheers to u, our fellow bloggers and more blogs to come:)

    Seri..I better run.. and yes..Hope you had a Lovely Christmas!


  5. My God.. You are one hero only.. 1200 spam blocked comments..YEBBA..evalo fans..hehehhe..don’t be on spam comments if you become too famous ok..Too much I say!;)

    Adi: Idhulan onnake over ah illa?


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