Slumdog Millionaire – The Movie

A breathtaking celebration of romance, determination, destiny, and believe it or not, wit.

Jamal Malik is all intelligence and wit. The consistency of that character from being a mischievous kid in the slums of Bombay to the guide and pilferer at the Taj Mahal and till when he is on the hot seat in Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, is so beautifully showcased that you are caught spellbound everytime he is on screen.

The movie employs non-linear narration, showing Jamal’s growth in the slums to his entry into the game show and at the same time showing you his progress in the show, question by question. The game show is brilliantly woven into the narrative, never taking precedence over the more important aspect of the movie – Jamal’s journey to his answers. You wait for his confrontation with the answers, subtle or explicit, as much as you do for the next question.


Danny Boyle has captured Bombay the way Mira Nair did in Salaam Bombay. The raw and constant Bombay of slums, real estate, petty crimes and gangsters. You don’t see the cliched Marine Drive or the Gateway of India. This is the Bombay that doesn’t change much. And one of the many real ones. The brilliant scene where it is first shown, with the kid Jamal and his friends being chased by the cops, to the tune of ‘O Saya’ in the background has to be seen to be believed. Especially the parts that M.I.A sings.

Like every pundit has already pointed out, it deserves an Oscar nomination. At least. It already has four major Golden Globe nominations. Go watch it, and preferably, on the big screen.


If someone noticed, is the hill behind Jamal, when he is standing on a wall and asking for Latika, Gilbert Hill.?That is right behind my school!

Update: On which track plays when in the movie. If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t read the following for they could contain SPOILERS. If it bothers you, that is:

O Saya, as mentioned before, plays when the kids are caught playing cricket on the runway. It is one of those high points in the movie and is brilliantly shot.

Riots disappears before you could notice during the anti Muslim riots when Jamal’s mother is killed.

Mausam runs in the background at two or three places. First, when the kids escape from Mamman and gang and catch the train. And also when Latika is taken away from the CST station.

Paper planes comes along with a superb shot of India on trains. The lyrics suit the mood and feel of the scenes very well.

Ringa Ringa starts when Jamal comes in search of Latika at the brothels.

Gangsta Blues comes when Salim goes to find Javed and confesses to have killed Mamman.

Latika’s theme and Dreams on Fire are played more than once whenever Latika makes an appearance.

Millionaire features when the whole country is waiting for the episode where Jamal is only one question away from winning the game. Aaj Ki Raat comes a little before that. I am not sure when Liquid Dance is played.

Jai Ho, one of the best numbers, comes during the end credits and is awesomely picturized!


16 thoughts on “Slumdog Millionaire – The Movie

  1. Good that its on theaters in the US , i’d look forward to watch it on big screen, but i’m sure the excitement would last only till the oscars so have to settle for something from the scenes ….
    after all its nominated in all that it was expected :)

    Adi: Yep!


  2. I watched it last night, except for the gross scenes it was a good movie. The kid Jamal was super!!! La?
    And Cha you should have said it before I could have tried to notice,.. your school! :–))

    Adi: Hehe, it is on the other side. You couldn’t have seen it :)


  3. Dood! The book’s better. The movie is not half as good as the book. And i never thought I’d say this!

    Adi:That’s the case with every adapted screenplay. But not having read the book, I loved the movie. And you did too! Reading is an altogether different fun and I don’t think any movie version has done justice to it’s original.


  4. ooo, I am still trying to convince the husband to take me for the movie :(

    @anantha: Book is better eh?

    Adi: Go go!! Throw tantrums and ask him to take you :P


  5. I can’t wait for it to come here! Or has it come to India already but hasn’t yet released in my hicktown? Have you read the book that it’s based on?

    PS: On a completely unrelated note, I love your new background. :)

    Adi: I don’t think it’s come to India. Mostly they’ll wait for Oscar nominations and try to cash in on the hype. This is the old background nutcase. Yaad nahin hai?


  6. Now, I remember the term! I meant that I love your new *template*. I’d gone temporarily dumb and had forgotten the word… before “background”, I was about to say “format”. :p

    Adi: Temporarily? Really? :p


  7. Aiyooo I want to watch this movie!!

    P.S: You have to stop these snowflakes falling on the screen effect..I keep counting them and its driving me mad!!

    Adi: Lol, counting them? Worstu!


  8. oho. with so many rave reviews out i’m wondering if i should hold on till the movie releases on big screen :P

    Adi: Actually you shouldn’t. Most probably they’ll wait till Oscars are announced and try to cash in on the hype. I wouldn’t wait! :P


  9. Purana background, yes, but snowflakes toh naye hain! Or did I really miss them the last time? I love following them till they fall till the end of the screen. :D

    PS: Yes, temporary only! Always making fun! Bleddy naansense! x-(

    Adi: :) Snow only till Jan 4th


  10. on the must see list. maybe this week.pineapple express had the paper planes track too no?

    And doode,where’s the bit about *Mathangi* Maya Arulpragasam..?:P


  11. Hey
    Just came across your blog and saw that you have mentioned Gilbert Hill is right behind your school. If you don’t mind me asking, which school are you from

    Adi: I went to Rajhans Vidyalaya!


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