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Ghajini and Slumdog Millionaire

Max is probably going to flame me. We agreed, once upon a time, that the music of Ghajini is very mediocre. I am going to go back on that statement. Ghajini is the most infectious soundtrack of Rahman ever and it grows on you like no other album of his. It’s not the best ever like Rediff said, but it is very good!

The best songs are Behka, Kaise Mujhe and Aye Bachchu. Behka has those excellent shifts in tempos and Karthik is awesome in this very experimental number. The saxaphone interludes are impressive. Kaise Mujhe is a wonderful melody with Benny Dayal and Shreya Goshal competing for compliments. I am not sure who is better. One of my friends told me, Benny Dayal has a day job and sings for a hobby. We were discussing how that is like the coolest thing ever. To have a desk job like everyone but at the same time also get to say you sing for Rahman! Aye Bachu is brilliantly sung by Suzanne. This one and Kaise Mujhe just grow on you.

Jaane Tu and Jodha Akbar are still the best albums of the year. But Ghajini is awesome compared to the mediocre Yuvraaj(only brilliant in parts).

Slumdog Millionaire, also by Rahman, has some interesting numbers. O Saya by Rahman and M.I.A, is probably the pick of the album. Gangsta Blues, Jai Ho, Drams on Fire and Mausam are all totally different from each other. Paper Planes by M.I.A is a complete nautanki number! And Rahman won the L.A Critics award for the best soundtrack. He is also nominated for a Golden Globe! Brilliant.

I also think, Mathangi ‘Maya’ Arulpragasam is the coolest name anyone could have. Not just because I like the name Mathangi. And that is something, a friend of mine would know.


22 thoughts on “Ghajini and Slumdog Millionaire

  1. Dude how can u even call yuvvraaj mediocre ??? Listen to the songs again… and again !! Esp tu muskura and tu meri dost hain…

    Adi: Only those two!!


  2. Whoa – new layout? I haven’t listened anything newer than Jaane tu, will check Rahman’s newest work soon. BTW, what’s with the MIA obsession?

    Adi: Just like that. The slumdog songs are nice. I don’t know anything much about her!


  3. Ghajini….is…..O….K. I’m still not impressed after having heard it so many times. My only faves are ‘Guzarish’ and ‘Behka’, which are excellent. And Yuvraaj is just….blah! ARR could do better! I haven’t heard Slumdog Millionaire. And who is that who sings for a hobby? Benny Dayal? Man…he dabbles in music with Rehman? I mean, ‘REHMAN’?? Damn!! I wish I got a break like that! :-/ For this life, that would mean salvation! Pure Bliss!

    And Mathangi, is a beautiful name indeed! But Arulpragasam is….well…..very…..Tamil! I mean, it’s good, but suits those with a strong Karunanidhian taste!

    Adi: Lol, I liked Kaise Mujhe more than Guzarish!


  4. I still like only Kaise Mujhe from Ghajini. Guzarish sounds like a song that any current composer in Bollwood could come up with and Behka is beginning to grow on me.

    I am really enjoying the music of Yuvvraaj now, especially Tu Muskara, Zindagi and Manmohini. And Ada doesn’t sound too bad these days too. Maybe this is just a Rahman fan boy talking.

    Adi: We are all fanboys! Yuvraaj I liked only Tu Muskara and Tu Hi Mere dost hai.


  5. lol@ the last sentence..Thats waht caought my eye..innum konja naalu la kalyanam da..u havevery littel time:).. i think our friend will know what we mean..

    Adi: Lol, my sources say nothing like that happening in the near future!


  6. Hmmm…I dont see why you havent mentioned Guzarish as being one of the good songs in Ghajini. I wudnt blame you if you first hated ghajini and then liked it..these days most of the songs have such an effect…you hear it so many times that you actually end up liking it.
    Still have to hear slumdog millionaire!
    About yuvraaj, yeah i wasn’t too great!

    Adi: Guzarish and Lattoo I thought are songs that any composed could have made. Donno why!


  7. I agree with you on Ghajini..Behka and Kaise Mujhe are mindblowing! But Yuvvraaj was better IMHO!! Manmohini Morey and Tu Hi Mera Dost are stellar compositions! And the Srinivas magic in Zindagi. Ofcourse, O Saya is my current obsession!

    Adi: Yuvraaj was better ah? Hmmm, I didn’t like that much.


  8. Ghajini is still OK for me, though considering its ARR, I can’t say anything yet. He’s slow while growing on me :p

    Nice@MIA. Had no idea.
    On a completely diff note, how come everyone of you have this nice snowflakes falling and I don’t? :\

    Adi: Lol, there is some setting in your appearance extras page. Check it out


  9. I am not gonna bother to flame u also. you listened to it again and again only after that 5-star review.

    I’ve had enough of this repeated hearing shit. I shut you in a room with no water and 24 bottles of Dr.pepper for a week. You’ll get used to it and rave that Dr.pepper is the best beverage ever made!

    After 2 hearings if something doesn’t sound good then it ain’t good. The CD in my car had scratches and plyed only the lattoo song, if I say i’m liking it now. Does that make is a good song?

    There are good albums and great albums. If great composers make good albums even that seems mediocre.

    last line, do you see yourself listening to this album 5yrs frm now?

    Adi: I would. Rediff I don’t agree with. But thanks to some of my friends opinions, I gave it a second chance. But if you shut me with a couple of Anu Malik, Himes compositions, I don’t think I’ll fall in love with them. Wrong analogy, sorry!


  10. Just a clarification for all those insisting that ARR “discovered” M.I.A – Her breakout album was all the way back in 2005 – “Arular” with some exceptional tracks like Galang (which I heard in 2004 courtesy my cousin’s tentacles in Berkeley’s underground music scene) and Hombre’. One of the tracks even reworks the age old pAtti vada sutta thamizh story in the lyrics (quite hilarious btw).
    In her second album she samples a bit of kAttukkuyilE (thaLapathy) by Raaja in the song Bamboo Banga, so in all possibility she had already heard of and been influenced by ARR and wanted to work with him. Vastly different from being “discovered” by him.

    Adi: Lol, who said that? Some desi sites? I am not surprised. And that was spoken like a true Raja fanboy ;)


  11. @Adi: I was talking about some random conversation I overheard, where all and sundry were talking about ARR “finding” talent like MIA. I didnt want to interject like a pompous ass and point out that I had heard about her 4 years ago, so shut your trap.
    The Raaja reference was just to point out that thamizh film music is one of her influences and that she has acknowledged as much. Not denying I am a bit of a fanboy, but it was in the interest of providing perspective. Not to toot Raaja’s trumpet and certainly not to disparage ARR.

    Adi: Agreed! I forgot that someone here had mentioned the same thing. Are you talking about his interview on SAJA webcast last week?


  12. Ghajini is lovely! It’s something that you crinkle your nose at for the first time but soon start enjoying… something like acquired taste. :P But dude, Jodha Akbar? Uff…*shakes head sadly*.


  13. Hallo A.R.Rahman………………….All the fans in Switzerland ….whait…for Concert in zürich…….and for Release entran….Rajini Songs…………………………

    Kandiah Vinoth is a bog fan of Rahman…………………….


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