The Trailer

Black out.

Four guys on Brooklyn Bridge. Discussing Ilaiyaraja, Rahman, the Beatles and Floyd. Start singing Velai Pookal. “Dei, I hope someone throws a few quarters. I am broke”.

Cut to bar.

Everyone high. “Who is the hottest of them all?”, shouts Vikram on top of his voice. “My desi girl, my desi girl”, answers Arjun.

Cut to girls on a couch.

“What did you call me?”, fumes Sanjana. Priya and Sumana laugh out loud.

Cut to a table in a cafe.

Nisha looks over from the book. Giggles. “You know, the book starts with – Who is John Galt?” More giggles. Sid gives back a look of fury, clasps his hands together and asks, “Who the fuck is Sanjana Patel?”

Cut to the most inebriated time of the night at someone’s home.

Arvind swallows a shot of tequila, licks the salt at the tip. With eyes closed, “I don’t know. Who is it?”

Cut. Priya throws the bra, “Fuck you man!”

Cut. The car shrieks to a halt. Arvind blasts, “Votha, Thevidiya.”

Cut. Sid smiles into the phone, “Hat behenchooth.”

Cut. “You can actually create data input to cause a buffer overrun and even crash the system at the other end”, explains Arjun. “We are doing some cool stuff, ok?”, agrees Sid. Smug.

“Weightu katrangala pasanga?”

Cut to inside car, middle of the traffic. “Machi, What the hell do you want da?” “Dei, just follow the car da, please! I need to find her.”

“Apdi sollu da. Ennaku theriyadha ponna? Enna peru?” Sanjana Patel. “Ennadhu?” Points across the road.

Flurry of images. Show all characters. Some weird ass inspiring music and quotes like “A journey of a lifetime…” or “The longest night…” in the background. As cliched as possible.

Black Out. Titles.

Focus on Sid. “This is completely pointless. Yes it is.”


31 thoughts on “The Trailer

  1. Priya? Same blaad? :)
    Also I’d like to be script adviser for the character discusing Raaja, even though there may be people eminently more qualified. And look on coolgoose for those and other Raaja songs.

    Adi: Same blaad :) . Yes, please, who better than you to talk about Raja songs!


  2. Hey,
    I didnt understant anything :–(
    Fast-a padichadhunalaya? Why making poor soul think so much?

    Adi: Hey you are not supposed to. I penned something random, scenes that usually flash/flashed before me. In real life, maybe. Total pointless post, so don’t worry!


  3. :|
    onnum purilai!
    brilliant actually
    like some mani ratnam esque abstract movie!

    Adi: Isn’t this a bit too much? Mani Ratnam? I’ve tagged it bad script, trailer. Cha cha, ppl appreciate mediocrity too much these days :P


  4. Bootyfull! Trailer seri, story enna? By any chance is this the story of your life? And hhaawwwwwwww @ bad words. Adi, I will tell to yuvar mummy. *wags finger.

    Adi: Aiyo, beautiful ah? Lol, not my story pa. Mine should be more interesting.


  5. Great! I keep getting flashes of cinematic inspiration all the time, too, though nothing in this league. My fave is the hero, troubled with life, is taken to wise swami where devotee says “Swamiji knows all! Ask anything, and thou shall be answered” and he asks him what the cube root of 70957994 is.

    Adi: Hehehehe, brilliant one!


  6. Shit! Really, i have these random images too! But i’ve tried givin them a second thought enough to write it down… :)

    super…magnificent mind e dAN ;) i was actually imaginin this in movie trailer ishtyle ;)

    Adi: Hehe, that was the point. Nee great pa!


  7. Blackout.
    Adi, looking sober. Machan, padam edaporen da.

    Blackout, All Adi wanted to do, was take a movie. .

    Cut. Your parents, looking frazzled. “PADAM A?”

    Cut. Your friends, sitting on the compound wall. They look at each other. And fall about laughing.

    Cut. Maami buying vegetables. “Ennada aadi, padam a? Appove ungamma appa kitta sonnaen, US-laam anupadha-nnu.”

    Cut. Your teachers. “Padam laam eppovena edukalaam. Modhalla unoda Physics arrear-a clearn pannu”

    Cut. Your friends, still laughing, except now they’re rolling about.

    Cut. Blackout. THIS SUMMER

    Cut. Old man. “padam laam romba kashtam. Evlo influence venu theriyuma? Po Pa”

    Cut. Uncle type rich guy on the phone. “What nonsense is this? Mariyaadhaiya vandhu kadana adaikardhukku vazhiya paaru”

    Cut. Blackout. Adi will follow his dream.

    Cut. You, storming outside on to the road from an apartment complex”Votha edakaren da! Paathinde iru!”

    Cut. Your friend (some girl) . “Dei paavum da avan. He’s actually good.”

    Cut. You. “priya…help pannuviya?” Priya smiles.

    Cut. Priya’s boyfriend, in the bar, drunk. “Votha avan multiplex padam edukaraano matter padam edukaraano. Enoda priya mela kaiyya vechan, vettiduven!”

    Cut. You in the car with priyas boyfriend. Bright lights. “Dei vandiya niruthu da!” Screeching tyres.

    Cut. Blackout. And everything will change.

    Cut. Blackout. Titles.

    Cut. Rowdy type dude (with cigarette). “Dhoda, vantaaru. Manasla periya Steepen Seelburgnnu nenappo?”

    This flashed after I read the post. Thought I should share it. :)

    Adi: ROFL. LMAO! Too good, chutney! Lol, you are worse than me. :P


  8. I have see such a storyline, or absence of one, in only two kinds of movies.

    A. Art films

    B. Porn

    Which one are you planning to do? And if it is B and Chutney is starring I am not sure you are going to get your investment back.

    Adi: Such things need investment?


  9. I liked this ““You can actually create data input to cause a buffer overrun and even crash the system at the other end”” geeky adi :)

    Nice one!! Generally ppl would talk abt flows in short stories this one is really good different totally!

    Enjoyed !! (ur blog is blocked at my work place)

    Expecting a GM kinda first narration story from you! I guess you could give it a try

    Adi: Haha, this was total gas da! GM would throw it away!


  10. @Ram
    Nee nadichurndha na evlo kevalama irundhirkum theriyuma?
    “Ei, thooniya edudi. Illa vendam. Thuniya edukamaatiya? ungitaa sonnaen paaru….votha thuniya edukamaatiya nee? ei ei…sorry di. Final. Thuniya edu, namma matter panlaam”

    The Society Of Palana Padams India (SOPPI) would put a ban on adi. Avanoda future enna aardhu?


    Adi: SOPPI? Really! Lol!


  11. @chutney: You have presented some very interesting, and convincing, arguments. I have changed my stand to

    “Chutney will make a great porn actress. Ram will be really bad at it!”

    P.S. This is called Give and Take Policy. I knew how you would react! Lol!

    Adi: Dood, this trick is stale.


  12. @V: I think adi-padi feel panna poran for trashing is blog:)

    But I like her. So if she is throwing her bra => She does not have one => (Million thoughts in my head)

    Adi: Not at all. Enjoy pannu. Still remember the fun V and WT had.


  13. Sorry, Adi. Naa konja yemotional aayite. Atleast we all are making sense in our comments unlike Chutney.


    Exactly my thoughts.

    Adi: Emotional aagi full jolla?


  14. @Chutney,

    Yo, no biggie. I’m glad you understand you’re such a fool.

    I don’t know you too well so let me add that I’m just razzing you.


    WT won’t make fun of me anymore. I’m too good for her.


  15. Adi, just see the number of comments on this post. I’m telling you..filmmaking calling..hehehe..lol@Ram’ comment:D

    Adi: Yeah yeah, looks like that’s where I need to go, like it or not :P!


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