Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

Please welcome, possibly, the best movie of the year. After Aamir and  Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na, here is another movie worthy of that nomination. Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye, simply put, kicks ass.

As the title credits roll with the Chahiye Thoda Pyaar number, after a slick introduction to Lucky Singh, you reailize that this movie is special.

I loved Khosla Ka Ghosla. It was a movie very effortlessly made, begging you to love the movie from the first scene. Coming from the same team, Oye Lucky is as engaging and even more. No gimmicks or pop culture references here. A movie that is so simplistic and honest, that it grabs your attention the whole of 130 minutes.

If Abhishek Bachchan played the part of perfect conman in Bluffmaster, Abhay Deol goes even further and plays the perfect thief with a lot of style and attitude. Possibly his best performance after Manorama Six Feet Under, the actor has an awesome screen presence and plays the character of Lucky Singh as if it was written just for him. I cannot think of any other actor who could have pulled this role off, without making it seem bigger than the movie itself. Paresh Rawal, the only other famous actor in the movie, aces two out of his three roles. The role of Lucky’s father was just so-so. And every other actor part of the supporting cast is impressive.

I believe UTV and Ronnie Screwala are the most sensible folks around in the Hindi film industry. Their choice of subjects, directors and movies is impressive and anything that comes from their stable, is a quality product.

There are no great stars or directors involved. There isn’t even a single famous technician who has worked in this movie. But the end product is unbelievably impressive, and except for a brief part in the second half where I thought the movie was slacking, it is spotless. Go watch!


Neetu Chandra is beautiful. Damn cute!


Yes, I was on a movie watching spree in the past 24 hrs. Vaaranam Aayiram, Saroja and Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. Liked, enjoyed and loved. Back to work from tomorrow.


22 thoughts on “Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

  1. hope this wont be another disappointing movie like the others that promised …

    i hate the overhype that goes to movies these days .. but aren’t the critics meant to identify the good ones ??

    hope good movies are noticed and appreciated like the aamir, a wednesday et all.

    Adi: Yep, Aamir was really good. Yet to catch A Wednesday.


  2. wo gaad, firstt ime ever u beat me!

    yup me also saw, albeit 12 hrs late…

    the poonjabi was nice and not overdone like other balle balle movies.

    loved the way he goes abt things so slick! and yea the chaiye thoda pyaar has been ringing in my head all day!

    Adi: I beat you during Dasa too. Yeah the title track fit in so well


  3. how was saroja??

    btw GM has mentioned why he choose Sameera for VA in Sify interview.. Catch up adi!!! reason he gave was funny :)

    Adi: I loved Saroja! Ya I read his interview. Lol.


  4. I think I will stay away from this one. You like Jaane Tu and Varanam Aiyuram.

    I din’t like either. So clearly different tastes.

    Adi: Sensible.


  5. Hey!! Glad to read a review…I have been looking forward to watching this movie, and have good expectations from it.
    Loved every other movie you mentioned in this post.
    And three movies in a day? I’d like to repeat what maami said, “keep watching and keep posting reviews :)”

    Adi: Yes yes, it was thanksgiving weekend, so three movies in a day!


  6. You guys never told me that you are going for this.. else I would have joined!!! My gf watches movies without me so I have to stick with you guys only :P … But wen i asked bharath wat was the movie he didnt actually remember the name… send me the online links if possible


  7. Saw it two or three weeks back .. Maybe it was because i went with too high expectations or maybe because i saw in Ega as opposed the good ol satyam i thought it was just ok .. They dint seem to show any particular trait or reason he was so succesfull other than plain brazen wit . My poor hindi might also have contriubuted to that though

    Btw , u write way too frequently for ppl to come and leave comments on posts they read three weeks back and have it noticed :P

    Adi: Lol am totally vetti now. So writing frequently!


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