Finally, Vaaranam Aayiram

Vaaranam Aayiram is not a great movie. It’s a good movie. The movie has its own flaws but surely REC 99% and visa interview scene are not part of them. The main flaw in the storyline is probably Surya’s professional life and the small part after he completes college. Otherwise, I thought this was quite a touching movie.

The popular theory that this was never meant to be a father son story, is quite apparent. It was the story of Surya(the son). And his alone. His dad just had a huge influence on him. And so did his first love. His second. And so on.

I loved the beginning title credits. With the Apna Dil Awara song. Can someone tell me which Tamil songs feature during those title credits?

The picturization of the songs were really good. I don’t know what people are complaining about. The only one glaring mismatch is the Mundhinam song. The picturization, when viewed separately, is quite brilliant. But the problem is, the song is too ultramodern to be picturized with such a backdrop. Probably Harris  Jeyraj didn’t exactly compose what Gautham wanted for that sequence.

The best and most breezy part of the movie is the sequence between Surya and Sameera. The train scenes and the dialogs therein touched a chord. It was total gethu!

Lets close the argument. It’s not a Khaaka Khaaka from Gautham Menon. But it’s quite a good movie.


I did not like Sameera. She does NOT look good. She is convincing because for the first time in her career, she’s got a good designer for herself.


21 thoughts on “Finally, Vaaranam Aayiram

  1. The 2nd half cud have been trimmed.. and tat kidnap sequences looked like thrusted into the script.. It does hinder the flow.. I cudn’t help me sleeping @ 2nd half.. Good review.. Short and swwt!!

    Adi: Yeah, the kidnap scene didn’t fit well at all.


  2. I was not a fan of the song picturizations for the most part. Especially Nenjukkul Peydidhum and Adiye Kolluthe (cmon, dancing with extras in a library?).

    But I liked the movie.

    Adi: I liked it too! Lol, dancing in library ok but nenjukkul was good.


  3. mmm…A different review after reading tons of ‘Awesome’, ‘Lovely’, ‘Beautiful’, ‘touching’ and the like! I agree with you on almost everything you’ve mentioned. In fact, I didn’t notice that the song ‘Mundinam’ sounded more modern than retro 60s style until you mentioned. Only disagreement would be over Sameera Reddy. She is HOT. Period.

    PS: Tamil isn’t that hard a language after all!! At least not as much as I had imagined it to be.

    Adi: See chutney’s comment. It was almost an English movie. :P


  4. I agree with your PS part fully.
    Even i dint find her that attractive!!
    but then she looked or fitted well in that MS girl role well.

    Edhavidhu Tamil Ponna potirkalam.. GM….

    Adi: Hehe, he hasn’t cast a “Tamil” ponnu in any of his movies, has he?


  5. we arent used to seeing sameera with so many clothes on..thats y
    and the train dialogues were corny man! u liked?
    -suddenly many things are clear

    Adi: Not corny! But then you are “orru madri”, do don’t know :p. What things are clear? :)


  6. Totally agree. Sameer was not good looking :):)..hehe..
    and yeah the words ‘kiddo’ and ‘darling’ was used way too often ..definitely not a movie tht appeals to B and C theatre nenaikren..

    Adi: That is true. But the english didn’t bother that much except for ‘kiddo’.


  7. 1.uravugaL thodarkathai- AvaL appadiththAn – covered by Gowtham-original Jesudas for who else but Raaja.
    2.kOdai kAla kAtrE – Panneer PushpangaL – Covered by Gowtham and unknown female voice – original by Malaysia Vasudevan for again who else but Raaja.
    There is my good deed for the day.

    Adi: I guessed it must be Gautham. Thanks for the good deed, and welcome!


  8. My mom told me that guy gets into UCB. I got bumped by UCB! All I could tell her was you dint let me chase Reddy girls.

    I (very big I) got bumped by Berk. And this guy gets in?


  9. Yet to watch it still…people seem to keep away from the roads durin rains but somehow the theatres (and restaurants) r always full!!!!

    N i totally agree with the PS…her clothes were just simple, casual stuff…tatz what worked – apart from her usual hideous (supposedly sensual) clothes…


  10. This is a SMS i got

    ” Moral of VA : Evola nalla padichi , REC Trichy la topper a irundhalum , Berkley la padichalum .. Arrear Student Thaan avola pick up pannan ”

    And Yea Sameera looks like she cud neither be in REC nor in Trichy :P


  11. This movie isn’t worth watching. semma mokka. surya flashback nu oru commentary e padam fulla oduthu. enna koduma idhu. you ll feel relieved while coming out of theater. such a worst movie it is.


  12. I loved it. Period. And I thought Sameera looked quite good with the preppy clothes on. Visa interview? If they gave it to me, I guess Surya wasn’t bad.

    And Mundhinam is my fave song. Especially when someone dear to me plays it on the harmonica :D ( NOT in the early morning)

    So there. Read my review on Max’s blog ok? Bore adichudthu idhe pathi ezhidi, padichi :P


  13. dont watch this movie. indha padatha ‘good superb’ nu sonna nee ‘real’a kanna thirandhu ‘mind’ a use panni than pathiya, illa baa nu ukkandhu thoonginiya…
    a total shit.oru thrill, twist edhuvum illadha indha padam verum sappa… father son relation ellam TV serial oda niruthikanum padam edukka koodathu. over english torture vera. thu. daddy I love you… you will be alright ennanga da idhu..semma mokka


  14. You appreciate the film even after knowing it does not have any plot, any twists and turns, any villans, any double meaning dialogues, any masala in it. Tamil Audience welcome all kind of GOOD films even if it is PLAIN VANILLA


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