Break Free

The mood is to just give it all up and break free. The problem is that it is short lived. Let me define “break free”.

I have to read these books:


Midnight’s Children

Unaccustomed Earth


..and many more.

I have to watch these movies:


Burn After Reading

Max Payne

Into the Wild

Vaaranam Aayiram

Quantum of Solace

Slumdog Millionaire

..and many more.

While am it it, I would also like to indulge myself in a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse All Star. I hope I don’t sound like butterfly.

The problem with all of the above is, I don’t have the time and I don’t have the moolah. In less than a month’s time, it’s “Into the Wild” anyway!

Never mind. I’ll leave you with two of the greatest scenes by Mani sir. Among hundreds. One a lesson on How To Woo a Girl and another on How To Shoot a Realistic Brawl. Taking nothing away from Maniratnam, the scenes wouldn’t have been half as good without that background score. Uber brilliance.


19 thoughts on “Break Free

  1. Ok I get that you really really want to see Vaaranam Aayiram, rendu vaati you have specified :–D

    I want to see that movie as well, but too bored to drive all the way to Bay Area.

    Btw, you know schools come with library right?

    Adi: Haha, yeah, just now noticed! Nakkala!Library lam irukku. No time for books :(


  2. Watch it, you’ll drool over Surya like I did. But note, I drooled over the older version. :)

    Why dont read PGW? I;ve started..will more of, resumed actually. And music…am into Sufi these days courtest my husband.
    (more like a post than a comment..yeneways…aint I cool? :D )

    Adi: PGW I’ve read loads. Sufi? Wow, kalakara!


  3. “The problem with all of the above is, I don’t have the time and I don’t have the moolah. In less than a month’s time, it’s “Into the Wild” anyway!”

    You got to be kidding me? Moolah is just a ask away. Call up any friend, except me, and ask for some cash. They will loan it.

    Adi: I’ll come to you. You are the super rich brilliant researcher.


  4. Just read Blink.. its fascinating !!
    A lot of the others are in my To-Dos as well…
    Lets c wen i get the time…

    Adi: Yeah, hopefully soon.


  5. Adi,
    Yeah BLINK is a really awesome book,probably of the few i have read !! it talks a lot about psychology.I hv soft copy if u want let me know i can pass it on! Another book i would suggest out of self interest, is One Minute Manager ,it a small book written by Spencer Johnson (who moved my cheese fame). It gives a great insight on work ethics, managing self and managing others at work and gives the basic things to be a great likeable manager at work!!

    regarding movies i know you are GM fan but still dont miss Saroja also :)

    Last two scenes are just awesome as you mentioned these two scenes would lose its charm if not for the background score esp Mouna Ragam!!

    I hope you get time !! Now i realise why they say
    “Grad life is very demanding”

    Adi: Hahaha, I am not yet that into self help, management books. But this sounded interesting. Have to see Saroja, yeah!


  6. actually this doesn’t qualify as a real post! it’s more like an orkut wishlist!
    comin tothe vids, I don’t see any other mainstream matinee idol play a negative role like maddy in this one. He did it again with Thambi, but then it’s better not to speak abt it!

    Adi: I know. Nobody would have even accepted that role.


  7. Twilight, Blink – I don’t know
    Midnight’s Children – Good!
    Unaccustomed Earth – oook, read-worthy, but don’t buy. Remember beg-borrow-steal?

    Saroja – bebbebbebee, don’t know pa!
    Burn After Reading – Good, watchable once. At least for Brad Pitt’s histrionics.
    Max Payne – Not so great.
    Into The Wild – don’t even bother! No point wasting your time or money on it.
    Vaaranam Aayiram, Quantum of Solace and Slumdog Millionaire – yet to watch.

    The two scenes are brilliant and who one can do them better but Mani Ratnam! (Yes, both movies came out in Telugu too!)

    Adi: Waah, machan, super da. One full review you’ve done!


  8. Ok, first things first, go watch saroja…i mean like NOW…make time…go do it…its just NOT a movie to be missed…especially when ur hard pressed for time…cuz wat if u watch soemthin else and then realise “cha, iduku dan inda time waste paninenaaa??”

    saroja is likeable…no loveable in all ways…so watch then…then varanam aayiram…then go to the rest :P

    Adi: Aiyo, surely am watching this weekend!


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