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All the Walks of Life

The first one I remember is the long, winding walk from the PSBB kindergarten buildings.

The one past the slides and swings and to the gate outside. I wasn’t as bad as my brother when it came to crying for going to school. A lot of time was spent on the slides, and not on the swings but climbing the bars supporting them. And again the long walk till the gate to go home.

It was the same school a few years later but it was the other gate, getting down two floors, past the silver jubilee hall, that shed like thingy and past the headmistress office. And those days of signing the gate pass to leave school half day or after an exam. Those were the days but not quite as what was about to follow.

Cut to Bombay, it was the one of the biggest campuses I’ve studied in, second only to where I am now. It was huge, famous and beautiful in more ways than one. The Bhavans campus. My school was in the interiors of the campus and we had to walk probably a little less than a mile from the BEST bus stop outside. One of the largest and the most entertaining campuses.

The campus houses schools, junior colleges and engineering and management colleges. Among the schools, there were mine, HansRaj and Bhavans AH Wadia. The colleges were Bhavans junior college, the Bhavans science and commerce colleges, Sardar Patel College of Engineering and S.P Jain Institute of Management. So you can imagine the density of college students, the variety, the works. It was heaven to walk out that one mile while going back home to look at all the beautiful people wasting away outside. The vada pav at Guptajis and the frankies, but then I digress.

The atmosphere was as depressing as it was motivational. The problem was inferiority complex. The majority of the crowd belonged to the junior colleges doing what is equivalent to 11th and 12th in school. I went to the CBSE school and we were considered to be still in “school” and wore uniforms, did not bunk specific “lectures” etc. To put it plainly, we were uncool. It was a nagging feeling that whenever we walk out, we used to think, those girls are probably saying to themselves, “Oh, them school kids”, when it was highly probably that we were elder to them. It was a topic K and I used to talk and laugh about. The popular names I remember from the campus are Shivani and Priyanka. And that Kaata Laga remix video girl whose name I am not able to recollect. Then K breaking the ice with A by offering a seat in the bus. It sounded quite funny back then. Do you read this space, Miss Aesa? The walks ended on either side of the road depending on whether I was going home or going to Powai for IIT classes.

Over to Sripedumbudur. This was no fun. The fun part ended with the negotiations with the security at the main gate and the side gate to let us go. Then it was a journey in 76B or 76C. If we catch the former, it was a different bus from Poonamalee. If we were lucky to get a 76C, then you can have a good nap all the way till Ashok Pillar. The walks had nothing interesting. BR and I love to walk. We decided one day we’d walk all the way home from college. We were just waiting for the perfect weather to do that but it never happened. The walks were deserted, the whole route was uninteresting with only SIPCOT and engineering colleges on either side.

Present tense. And here in Uncle Sam’s land, it’s no different from my college. Except for the distance. The boulevard is not that bad. During fall it looks really beautiful but otherwise it teems with all the geekiness. The Wildlife Resources, the Venture offices, Red Hat building and then ending with the Engineering Buildings. There is no place where you could stop by for a vada pav. Duh. At least SVCE had a Nair Kadai!

A few months from now, there won’t be any such walk. Or maybe they’ll continue. It would be a different place and a different route. Or, on a positive note, a ride in a car? Whatever it is, it is going to make a world of a difference to the days of our lives. Only one thing is certain. As we set out to explore the different walks of life, one of them is going to be sorely missed – the one that characterizes a large part of our experience in an educational institution.


30 thoughts on “All the Walks of Life

  1. Wow! Impressive. That was really something!

    This is the second really nice post you have written. I remember an earlier one, similar type, where you were superb. Maybe this is your genre.

    Adi: Haha, thankoo!


  2. yeah. agree with you on this one. i too am nearing the end of my educational life and going to be out of university. gonna miss these years.

    hehe.. funny, you bringing up kindergarten life here.. those were absolute glory years and the best time to have been a chennaite. i too was in psbb (tp road not kkn). and i can still remember the sandy play area with a small structure in the end (was it the toilet now?) in the end and the times in the play pen.. and the world around you was so overwhelming with adults and large sized senior school children.

    best part was anniversary. to us in those days, it had such an amazing aura to it. especially when it was conducted in a structure like kamaraj hall. and then we grew up and realized by 8th std what a big sham it all was. ignorance can be bliss.

    Adi: I wasn’t there long to realize all that. So, ignorance is still bliss!


  3. Man..i really miss college. Only when you leave do you realize all the things you took for granted.

    Adi: Exactly. Happens with me all the time.


  4. Aditya,
    It reminds me of the talks students make with security gate near nair kadai.
    It was a really painful process to get out of college with Out pass,signature from HODs , class councilor etc etc…I still remember some fella used to jump the barbed wire fences to get out!

    instead of going thru such pains to get 76C,i prefer to bunk and go to library or other side of our dept. none would disturb!

    but in my case its been bus travel always be it school was MTC, college was route4 and now to work also employer bus except the fact its shorter distance!

    :) bus travel has taken a toll :)

    Adi: That is too many bus travels! You must do a post on this.


  5. As much as I feel SVCE is a complete waste of time, yeah, i guess I’ll miss it when I leave…thats the weirdest thing about memories; they’re almost always cherished, however bad they may be…

    Adi: Yep, it happens all the time. You don’t realize it until you leave it.


  6. wo gaad ganesha! this is the 5th brilliant post i’ve read this morning. I’m pretty sure u’ve read the remm 4 as well. We have the same reading list na..
    very rarely all yor frnds make superb post at the same time!

    @nice girl: I shall take the this oppotunity to endorse apna yaar. smart, single and chamathu iyer boy here up for grabs!

    Adi: Romba mukyon! Thank you. Yes, I know which four you are talking about.


  7. nice post! and i can’t believe that ive forgotten how the kkn and tp road campuses look like. so did you go to kkn (the better one) or tp road?

    @nice girl: he also has super white teeth!

    Adi: Dei pazhani! I went to the kkn. Yes, I went to the better one.


  8. I love walkin too…it reminds me of the days when i was alone in chennai n was too broke most of the time to travel by auto and too scared to travel by bus and so ended up walkin wherevr i went…i used to love it…ppl wud always tell me – “hey i saw u the other day, walkin realy fast near …..” Gettin paid and the fact tat my parents r back changed it all now…all my walkin is only on the treadmill now… ;-/

    Really nice post…orey memories :)

    Adi: Yes yes. Nee enna total busy ah? Aalaye kanum. Appo appo post mattum varum.


  9. @Nice Girl: Adi is Single. ready to mingle and jingle. :D

    @Adi: ahem ahem. :P oh, nice post. btw.

    Adi: Kiddo! Enough already. Go check mail.


  10. Ah..this the typical Adi post! Very nice post :) Missed that style of writing among all those tags and reviews you were in the middle of. Yeah I’d have somethings on similar lines to say…all alluding to the fact that we are one of a kind, hopped to different places to study in, moved with different all surprises you where you end up every 5/10 years. The best part is, life still keeps surprising you. I used to consider myself lucky for moving schools are meeting different people (even though starting all over was a pain in the wrongest place..serisouly!)..

    But its certainly better than spending all your life in one place, in one school, with just the same set of friends or..enimies :P

    Lovely read once again.

    @Nice girl: I’m a girl, here’s my endorsement.

    Adi: Thanks akka. And NOT for the endorsement! Yes, I am totally against growing up at one place thing. Works for very few gifted people.


  11. Busy nu lam illa…just office n gym nu edho…iv been postponin my vow to get back to bloggin full swing…soon, soon…

    And the only thing missin now is a full-fledged ‘Adi’ commercial…considerin all the endorsin that’s goin on ;)

    Adi: Enough enough!


  12. I love your nostalgia posts. :) You should write more of them.
    When I stayed in Shimla, I would sometimes deliberately miss the bus and walk to school. This post reminds me of those walks… and a little bit of others… in like half a dozen schools that I’ve changed. I always pity kids who’ve never moved cities… it takes the fun out of life.
    *Sigh* And I need to do my Masters from some uni where there’s a loooooong walk from gate to classrooms. College sucks.

    @Nice Girl: Here’s my endorsment too. (He’s somewhat stupid… but I think that’s not catching… yet. :P)

    Adi: Lol. Masters? Nut case, first grow up. :P


  13. Ayyo.. full senti post man! You reminded me of college. It’ s been more than 7 years since I left college, but I remember how all the girls said and did a group crying on the last day. I moved from a high-fundu school in Hyd to a god-forsaken college in a god-forsaken place. My mom rightly said “College serarchae azhudhundae sendhae.. ippo vidarchae azhudhundae vidarae”! Hm.. those days.. :(

    Adi: Lol. This group crying ellam too much. :P


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