Best Duets

BG tagged me to list my top 10 tamil film duets. Dandilsa started this nice tag.

Azhagana Rakshasiye

Harini is simply brilliant. Pity she is not as successful as she deserves to be but she is simply brilliant in this song. And it’s Reethigowla!

Kanmaniye Kadhal Enbadhu

The video, too cheesy, but definitely one of Rajini’s best songs.


An all time favorite, just for the sax.


SPB creates magic. The tempo never wavering, this is one of Ilairaja’s finest.

Needhan En Desiya Geetham

My favorite song from Paarthale Paravasam and I guess this was linked from a different post of mine. ;)

Mazhai Varudhu

I love this movie and watch it whenever it plays on TV. And this song has a great feel to it.

Pudhu Velai Mazhai

Rahman at his best. Say no more.

Thoongadha Vizhugal

This seems to have made it to everyone’s list. So no explanations required.

Sangeetha Swarangal

I like the other song more from this movie but since am forced to pick duets, I pick this one.


The best of them all. Yeah, Unni Krishnan and Bombay Jayashree simply ooze life in this one. Jayashree’s first film song and what a fine one to make your film debut!

(Oh! Dandilsa tells me this was not her debut song. Some song in Thambathigal apparently by MSV way back in 1983. Idiotic Radio Mirchi once upon a time gave me this wrong info :-\)

Anyone interested?


22 thoughts on “Best Duets

  1. Nice list..I love Balram’s voice in Nee thaan..Lovely song..BTW Jayashri’s first film song was in 1983 for MSV in the movie Thambathigal..she even sang a song for Silk Smitha in that one :)

    Adi: Oh! I didn’t know this. Radio Mirchi once gave me that info.


  2. Most of these songs have come out in Telugu too and they’re beautiful. I love the ‘Dalapathi’, ‘Anjali Anjali’, ‘Thoongatha vizhigal’. The ‘Roja’ and ‘Iruvar’ songs are just out of the world!! No more words. I’m not very fond of the ‘Azhagane rakshasiye’ though. I haven’t heard the other songs in Telugu before.
    PS: Madhubala is sooooo beautiful!! Haaaaa! :) Wonder where she is now. :-/

    Adi: Dude, Madhubala is yuck. Aiyooooooooooooo


  3. Super list really! Sundari is one beautifullllllllll number…

    Narumugaye was my hello tune last week :) rite now it is ninnukori… :)

    Im tempted to take up the tag – but im afraid a lot of it would repeat from urs…anyway lemme see :)

    Adi: Take take. Narumagaye is totally evergreen.


  4. actually, i too like most of these songs. but the problem is i am not able to appreciate the duet aspect of these songs. its always like some random dance sequence that is totally unappealing.

    one classic that comes to my mind (although in english):-

    too good. funny thing is the protagonists are not actually lovers. and also to be taken into context is the fact that bicycles were invented around this period.

    Adi: Haha, I’ve seen this before. I forgot Guna!


  5. Nice list of songs.. Have to go home and hear them all out. I would have added Vaseegara from Minnale – always like that song.

    Adi: That’s awesome, yeah but we are talking duets, no? :)


  6. I have an doubt.

    If I use carnatic music jargon randomly like madhyamavathi and karahari priya, do my chances of nailing homely tam brahm figures increase?

    Thank you for clearing doubt in advance. God speed.

    Adi: I don’t think so. Confirm with a homely tam brahm figure
    But surely your English is not helping.


  7. That was a really good list.

    Need to make a playlist out of that one. But 10 is just too small a number aint it??

    The only i would not have picked is the nee dhan en desiya geetam. I would have picked Anbe sugama from that movie!

    Adi: Hehe I know. But I like Needhan en desiya geetham better. 10 IS a small number, I mentioned in BG’s blog.


  8. The best song from parthale paravasam is Azhage Sugama, for its melancholic strain and wonderful bgm and not to forget the chosen words for the song.


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