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Two things.

Read this.

Oh my God, what are we doing to ourselves? This is not what we splash across every hoarding, every public service announcement, every movie and what not. We are supposed to be this “people of different cultures and languages living together”. Remember? It’s amazing how one man’s silence had given us freedom and one man’s pointless words can cause destruction within.

And now, what crap is this woman talking? Is she sure of anything at all? I don’t even know why she is being asked these questions, anyway!

I never saw this day coming. I am actually ashamed of Bombay. There you have it.

I hope these wounds are not permanent.

(Those Bombay bashing people need not jump at this opportunity to leave spiteful comments. It will only make yourself feel stupid later)


23 thoughts on “Appalling..

  1. Adi,

    i think some ppl are so narrow minded…they run parties based on certain weird policies…inciting hatred among others..

    i am happy i am living in a far and better place where they dont discriminate other state ppl atleast to taht level.

    only thing i hope is these guys must get enlightened by someone to understand India is for everyone ….and not to place themselves , their language their land and themselves higher than country!

    remember sometime back Assamese were targeted in bihar…even in the Cauvery issue ..tamils were targetted in Karnataka and vice versa..

    i like many other humans do feel ashamed about this incident. this is like a negative spark i hope it doesnt spread to other states…it has to be cut at grass root level or else …

    Adi: I sometimes wonder if India should have been 25 different countries!


  2. hey. just wanted to ask you. i am not talking about my stand here. only wanting to know yours. i am not justifying the above mentioned incident here. but don’t you think shoba de is talking about a real issue here? (even if she was a bit hesitant to voice out the full extent of her thoughts lest she is branded a cultural extremist)

    i agree, mumbai was from a very early age multicultural and all wrt upper class and middle class ppl. but if large scale influx of cultural aliens is changing the demographic and cultural profile of a place so that your own culture starts getting step motherly treatment, won’t it be natural for you or anyone else to feel guarded?

    Adi: Well, feel guarded from what? Your own people? I don’t understand the logic. If the local people are capable, they are gonna get the job.


  3. @chokkathangam: But the whole country is like that. We are a country with all kinds of people everywhere. A simple example is Central Govt. officers. People from the so called remote areas stay in popular areas. There’s no reason to beat up anyone who one person doesn’t think belongs!

    Adi, I totally agree. Its a pathetic situation. About Shoba De being interviewed, I think its just a cosmopolitan Mumbaikar being interviewed. Someone who probably doesn’t care for ‘their culture’ as much as regular Maharashtrians do. But then, is an average Maharashtrians worried about this so much that he/she will beat up someone? I think no. Its just politics, and its disgusting, that we’re not able to do much even after such repeated attacks.

    Adi: The average Maharashtrian may not. But the regular office goer belonging to UP, TN etc definitely has this worry in the back of his mind.


  4. well i ve never heard any sensible thing out of her mouth till date…so much that i gave her a last opportunity two years back to attend a book launch… it was a disappointment.

    whatever be her stand on the issue… being a public figure she should be soo expressive… if everyone takes to Raj thackeray’s ideas…we wont get anywhere and its appalling that we still have this divide in our country…after seeing the hindu/muslim riots for so many decades… anti sikh riots of the 80s which must be the most gruesome i ve read about…

    we really need to go a long way…

    Adi: It’s amazing as individuals we talk about this but collectively we are lagging far behind


  5. Don’t get why You should feel ashamed of Bombay dude. Agreed, all this tripe doesn’t make one proud of the city, but still man.
    We can’t do anything about it till we get back to the city I guess, and god help us all then. As for Madam De, the less said about her lot, the better.

    Adi: Reminds me of the dialog from Taxi Driver. Some day I wish a real rain pours down and washes the scum off the streets. And we shall all meet then one last time!


  6. Shoba De was hot in her days! Ok fine now that I’ve got that off my chest…

    See the problem is inferiority complex.

    if these ppl come for railway exams, I don’t see a prob. They are not getting in via bhaiyyaji reservation. Its on merit(assume!) and implies that they are smarter than the avg marathi manoos.

    take the case of these daily laborers etc. Why are they getting jobs and displacing the loclas? Could it be thier efficiency, honesty, dedication or watever. Clearly there has to be a reason for factory owner hiring more Bhaiyyas.

    I had started a draft they day the bus shooting happ, but I don’t think I’ll fin it now.

    This is defn food for thought. My dad tells me that in his days there was a lot of anti-tamil protests, and ths how shiv sena came to existence.

    Adi: Exactly my points. I’ve heard of anti Tamil protests too.


  7. The only motive behind this would be the elections and instilling faith among the public that one particular party is worried about their employement and pride et all.

    This dirty act can be also be to make sure that “He” becomes a figure like shiv sena leader like they did during the period of riots.

    I dont know why these peepz use the innocent youth into this. This politics isn’t confined to maharastra, its a widespread issue but they make it a big issue only in maharastra i think settling in any place is actually a fundamental right of a citizen of India :P

    For god sake dont ever be ashamed of mumbai, its just that few mean people have used the city to gain political strength ..

    Every city has its own charm and mumbai does have its own niche.. These guys can’t do anything to it.. :)

    Adi: Looking at Raj, I don’t think this is just another election issue.


  8. i agree with wat u have written abt HER. she is a mad f’male. i read a fiction she wrote and oh my god IT SUCKED big dad actually advised me not to read her books thinking i might get influenced.

    Adi: Lol, why read HER books!!


  9. History repeats itself. As Nirmal rightly pointed out, the Biharis attacking Assamese, Kannadigas attacking Tamils in the recent past, this is just another episode of retribution fuelled by a deep sense of insecurity. Raj Thackeray and his cabal are reacting to what they perceive as a grave threat to the ‘Marathi Manoos’ and in effect the entire Marathi culture, which is, needless to say, preposterous. They need a mahout who can goad them into sanity or a day will come when Mumbai is squeezed dry of all non-Marathis.

    And WTF is Shobha De doing talking about Maharashtrian pride? She would do better by sticking to her celebrity gossip and ‘Stardust’ sprinkling. What does she even know about the whole situation except that Raj Thackeray’s is insane? What’s that about people in Bangalore speaking ‘Kannadiga’? Does she even know what languages they speak outside of Maharashtra? I’d like to listen to her name all the states in India. The whole talk about Maharashtrians being irked by the perpetual presence of ‘outsiders’ just goes to show how intolerant she herself is. And what was that about ‘only farmers in Maharashtra are suffering and not the rest of the counrty’? She better get her facts right first. More farmers have committed suicide in Andhra Pradesh than Maharashtra (Vidarbha) and Orissa put together. The whole phenomenon of ‘farmer suicides’ began in AP, not that it’s something to be proud of, but the remark that only Marathi farmers are suffering only shows how ignorant she is. It’s not because of their ‘laidback attitude’ that they’re suffering, it’s because of various other reasons, like the geography of the region, the land possession, the climate change etc. One tweak in the monsoon and there is a spate of farmer suicides. She can’t be talking about stuff she doesn’t know squat about. It’s like a third grader talking about three dimensional partial differential equations.
    And finally, what irked me the most was her closing statement about who she considers herself to be. ‘I’m indian’? She deserves one tight slap on her freaking face! All the while she gently pats Raj Thackeray on all his madness in tacit appreciation and in the end she claims to be an ‘Indian’? How convenient! Bloody &*^%%!! I hate Shobha De, although she’s hot! :P

    There! My grievances! :P Turned out to be longer than ur post! :D I should learn to stop! :D

    Adi: Waah, well summed up sir


  10. @nandini: i repeat, i am not even talking about the killings here. but if there were a legislation by which the immigration of B/C class (or less) workers was controlled (say monitoring numbers and/or allowing temporary permits), would you then regard it as being in maharashtra’s interest?


  11. Maybe Shobha De cannot risk speaking what she REALLY thinks for fear of getting into ‘trouble’? (Not that I am taking her side, I despise her books and writing. Its depressing) I’m trying to look at this objectively.

    Adi: Hmm maybe but then it sounds too far fetched to me


  12. Shobha de is an ass.
    It is interesting to note that the size of the Maharashtrian diaspora is significantly smaller than other communities. An important fact often not taken into account.
    I agree I never thought I’d see the day when i’d be ashamed of Bombay

    Adi: Totally agree!


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  14. It’s true politicians say some hateful things. But why is there so much hatred bubbling in some people’s hearts, waiting to be tapped by politicians? :(

    Adi: Exactly. Is it so easy to do this “aag mein ghee dalne ka kaam”.


  15. Want to see something more disturbing? Go to, see their Mumbai supplement. See what people say about ‘bhaiyyas’ there. The sickening feeling arises when you realize that people who are educated enough to use the internet say such ridiculous things. Bombay degenerates even as I type here. Some poor immigrant must be at the receiving end of the wrath of a proud MM. In 1992, I thought I was too little to understand how any riots could even happen. I still do not understand.

    I am happier in my imaginary Fantasy Bombay. Nothing bad can happen there, angels watch over.

    Adi: I did. I also heard from my friend, a comment by a “bhaiyya” – aaj mumbai chodoon,kal delhi,ek din kahoge hindistaan chod do. This is not looking good at all.


  16. I don’t see why you should be ashamed of Bombay as such. It’s not the city at fault. Sure, it might not be seem like the old shining disco ball with ‘cosmopolitan’ glittering from it, but then, it’s not like it can’t bounce back. Raj Thackeray is just trying the old method that Shiv Sena used against South Indians. It’s not going to change the city’s character.
    And Shobhaaaaaaaaaa De (with an accented e), was born talking crap. We should ask her where Marathi pride was when she married a Bengali? Raj Thackeray should get his goons to shoot her first. At least ONE good thing would come out of this whole sad affair.


  17. PS: I’m sorely disappointed with Karan Thapar. SHOBHAAAAA DE for Devil’s Advocate? Obviously, he wasn’t thinking out of his brain.


  18. I guess the heart of the problem is that why was Bombay not made into a city state immediately after independence. What we are seeing are the fruits of that mistake.
    Shobhaji wanted it both ways in this interview. Statistics do not conform to her views, Maharastrians are arrogant and laid-back but still deserve preference, She is not a Mumbaikar but an Indian first and last. Now her closing statement doesn’t match a thing she said throughout the interview.


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