Super mom, super blogger, super woman aka Rads tagged me to write 6 quirky things about myself.

I am, usually, quite a normal person. Not sure how much justice I can do to this tag.

Like V once mentioned in his blog, while walking on sidewalks, I never step on the line bordering the cement blocks. I always make sure I step on the block and not on the lines. This does not mean I walk with my head held down, but often I do realize, that I just took an extra long step. Why? Because I didn’t want to land on that line!

My memory surprises everyone. Even me. I remember the most trivial details that people would normally miss. I am not sure when I actually got my senses but I do remember stuff back from when I was 4 or 5. Like a few days, few incidents, few words I told people. It continuous to this day. The best example would be friends who were not close in school but are close right now. I would tell them what happened that day, what I told them exactly, what they replied. Often they’d be stunned.

I drive with my subconscious mind. Ok, probably everyone does, but I drive so much with the subconscious mind that it doesn’t surprise me, but scares me. Often, I would be driving along the Doraiwamy subway. The next instant I open my eyes(the conscious mind I mean, like, look around), I’d be at the G.N Chetty road-Residency signal. I would have no idea of what transpired in between, which vehicles I passed, did I stop at any of the signals etc. Yes, it’s quite scary but it happens all the time.

Like Vivek(incidentally, this scene was shot on G.N. Chetty Road) , I have this “I know the IG(Inspector General), but the IG doesn’t know me” syndrome. If you can call it that. I like to go out a lot, participate in different events(quizzes etc.), meet new people and such. This way I get to meet a lot of people. Thanks to that infamous memory, I remember each one I meet, I know what’s the degree of separation between that person and me. So at random events like Saarang etc, there’ll be a sea of people and I would recognize many of them. Many more than a normal person would. And when I actually meet and interact with them, I am always tempted to tell them what all I know about them(I’ve succumbed to this quite a few times).

All my posts were written in around under an hour straight. It’s kind of weird that if I start writing, I finish it, publish it and then get to whatever work I have. So that means? Yeah, my drafts always show zero. I have never started a post and decided against publishing it. Never saved drafts to go back to them. Ever.

I am quite the megalomaniac, which can also be substituted with “day dreamer”. I have a lot of self-directed music videos in my mind. Yes. You may now laugh.

Quirky enough? I hope so.


26 thoughts on “‘Q’

  1. Q ? Kyon ? . Lol .

    ““I know the IG(Inspector General), but the IG doesn’t know me”

    I’ve been saying u know way too many people for ages now :-P .. its quite amazing how u do it

    “I have a lot of self-directed music videos in my mind. ”

    Not laughing but may I know what songs these are ? Duets running around trees in Switzerland ? :-P

    Adi: Switzerland duets ah? Not gone that far yet!


  2. lol@I am a normal person. Sure, we all are aliens no? :p

    Doraiswamy bridge brought back memories. From the late 80’s. That place was much emptier than now of course.

    ..and btw, I also do a 1 hour a post on blogs, but if you’re referring to max or stitha, I agree :D
    Thanks for the “super” prefix. I am really just ‘normal’ you know :p

    Adi: Yay for the 1 hr post! Aliens lam illa, just a little, quirky!


  3. Haha, same pinch on the memory, sub-conscious driving and self directed music videos.

    You know what they say, weirdos of a feather, flock together :D

    Adi: Haha, weirdos of a feather eh? I believe we’ll be crowded for space if we flock together.


  4. Lol! I do the ‘don’t step on the cement lines’ myself :D would hopping to not stomp on leaves be considered quirky enough? :P

    Adi: Yes, if you manage to! I don’t see any space here after fall, the sidewalk is full of leaves and they are sometimes slippery!


  5. Even i don’t step on Cement lines :):) hehe. anyway u havent tagged anyone.am going to steal this tag

    Adi: You are guilty of stealing too many tags!


  6. one hour posts! full damage…

    well i start a post and a movie simultaneously and soon the movie gets more interesting. SO i then save it, finish the movie by then its time to sleep! Hence they are spread over a couple of days!

    I direct movies in my mind, frame by frame, scene by scene. I have bad memory but awesome trivia knowledge. Its a direct contradiction but then I’m quirky as well….

    Adi: Lol, no damage en al. Direct movies? I’ve not become that mad yet!


  7. hahaha can relate to many of the quirks. ;–)
    The subconscious driving, not stepping on lines ( I can’t believe it!),the memory.

    Adi: Hehe, I know, not many people admit these things but do have such quirks.


  8. Adi,
    “I drive with my subconscious mind. Ok, probably everyone does, but I drive so much with the subconscious mind”

    very interesting and very true!!
    futurela parthu ottitu po…

    best thing would be to talk to someone (if someone is present)while driving!

    i guess our mind is more like multiprogrammed os. we chat, we listen to music some even talk all in the same time :)

    Adi: Aiyo, semma geek, Nirmal. Ingyum programming only.


  9. Oh nice quirkiness dude! I used to walk by stepping exactly on the lines of the sidewalk, opposite to what you do. I have been to Saarang too. I used to love it, western music competition usually rocks. As for drafts, I have plenty. I think of a post and I just open a draft with the title. I have so many title only drafts like that ! I usually don’t get more than 15 minutes to write something, so I write it in sessions.

    Adi: I know many people who do that. Yes, when you are really busy, you cannot help it.


  10. Damn it! You beat me to it!! :-/
    And subconscious driving aa? Anna, if we ever meet, then I have one request. Please, don’t come to pick me up at the airport! I don’t want to fly into death’s arms so young. I’ll take a cab, thank you very much! If you insist on picking me up then let’s meet when I am around 70! Ok? Ok. (No, I don’t expect to live a 100!)
    My quirks, coming soon!

    Adi: Lol, am a good driver. I love driving, you know? Waiting for your quirks!


  11. Ayyo so much same same we are :P Knowing people and those degrees of separation, 1 hour posts, walk on steps (I have a fetish for even/round figures/numbers. I roll out even no. of chapatis. I’d probably not sleep at all if I make odd no. of chapatis)

    Not bad Adi, you are quite normal. I thought otherwise after meeting you ;)

    Adi: Adi pavi. Sollave illa ipdi laam!


  12. hehe.. i too live my life on hibernate mode.. half the times i am completely oblivious to surroundings.. some ppl are wired like that i guess.. (for further inquiries, you are directed to mr. vilayanur s ramachandran)

    and the last point, while interesting, is not quirky really.. lot of people are like that. (btw, even the mere reference to andha vivek comedy made me go lol)

    @J: if by kyon you mean why (hindi not good), i imagine its q for quirky.

    Adi: I know, that’s an evergreen Vivek comedy.


  13. Dudeeee I remember a movie in which Jack Nicholsan plays a peach of a wierdo. He does not step on the cement lines.

    And I can so totally relate to your blog posts. I sit down to write. Write. Publish it. Less than 10 mins.
    And, then later realize it was stupid and delete it;).

    Adi: Onna pathi theriyadha! Podaang.


  14. @ Sangu .. Yea Lol .. And that was quite intended… I actually put way too many “mokkai’s” (Adi shud know ) . Thats my Quirk :-P

    Adi: Ingyuma!? :P


  15. Ditto@ memory.I recall fragments of incidents dating back to my preschool days..like this one time..I flung myself on the floor and threw a fit for a can of pepsit…posing profound questions like who pumped water into the coconut (at the chidambaram temple).:D

    Oh Happy Deepavali!

    Adi: Hey! WT? Engyoo paatha mari irukku? :p Happy Deepavali!


  16. “I have this “I know the IG(Inspector General), but the IG doesn’t know me” syndrome.”

    Haha, if I see someone’s name (like on Facebook) I can never forget it. Kinda weird when I meet the people whose names I know but who don’t know me. And no, I am NOT a facebook stalker.


  17. Dude, I’m amazed at your memory retention. I guess you don’t drink as much as I do. I don’t remember what I wore yesterday. But I do remember what I drank yesterday.


  18. “I am, usually, quite a normal person.”

    Well you are! :P And I shud mention tht never EVER being too busy to respond on gtalk comes under being quirky!! I still wonder HOW u manage tht?? :)


  19. i do the not-walkin-on-lines thing too…! :)

    my memory…ahem…sucks…i think most of what i remember from my childhood is based on what my sis or parents tell me ;) and then i go around sayin “u know i rem tis time when…”

    blog posts…i used to publish asap…but nowadays i dont…write, edit and then make someone else publish….and then read it again and edit if required :)

    Happy belated diwali! ena pane?


  20. Not “quirky” but definitely insightful.
    I just started reading your blog and it’s great! Could you do a US vs Madras post? I’ve never lived in Madras, but I’ve visited a couple of times. I’ve been brought up in Canada. It will be nice to see the difference from a madras view point.


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