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Oh, But We Don’t Know Football!

Aah, yes! You know, it is that cliched visit to the college football game that every desi grad student checks on his list. And one year late at that.

All the tickets reserved, claimed and printed out, then making sure we own a red T shirt (NCSU Wolfpack is red), there was just one thing left to do. Read the wiki and get to know how the game is played.

So we may not be one of the teams at the top but surely, that leaves no reason to inflate the ego and support our team to the fullest. I cannot help but wonder, how, if India loses four matches in a row, what would the audience reaction be during the fifth game. But here, you have the team getting a grand opening, a huge band, full house stadiums, lot of gimmicks and celebrations. For the home games, of course.

East Carolina is around Top 15 in the rankings and NCSU is not even in the top 25. But we beat them in overtime! See how the Wolfpack pride has been passed on to me despite watching only one game till date, and completely understanding it, only at the end. So much so that, I am going for the next game with South Florida too, with the busy schedule of this semester. That it’s a night game, is a different thing.

It was a noon kickoff and we were famished by the end. Drove to a desi restaurant after the game and we were all dressed in NC State red uniform. Same red T-shirt. I don’t know how many of those desi bloggers saw us, and through clenched teeth, said to themselves, how we were those ignorant FOBs not knowing anything about the game but still going in all splendor just to “put scene”. And went home and blogged about it. Fair enough, gentlemen, we are not complaining. But, please do let us know, if you were born with a green card embedded on your hip a la Jason Bourne?! (Sorry, just been reading such stuff. None of them in my blogroll!) :P

So what does it give? Well, it makes sure next time there is NFL or something on TV, I won’t be changing channels. I still feel soccer has more of that grace though. No, really. But yeah, it was a good game. Not just because it went to overtime. I’ve understood the game well enough for that!


26 thoughts on “Oh, But We Don’t Know Football!

  1. Its really hard to follow sports like NFL, baseball right here in India where all non cricket supporter are considered sacrilegious.

    Moreover the act of putting scene aint restricted to desi students .. ;)

    Adi: Hehe, totally agree!


  2. do let us know, if you were born with a green card embedded on your hip

    I think I know who you are targeting! I think I shud write a post bout these guys soon.

    I’ve watched a redskins game while interning in DC. Obvious reasons though!

    After watchin movies like longest yard, replacements and remember the titans I ventured out to watch a game.

    mazze toh liye, lekin kisi aur ka!

    Adi: Kisi aur kisam ka, you mean? Yes, I understand! And am waiting for that post!


  3. Adi,
    i thought u were in TAMU!! realised u are in NCSU!!
    Kool man! stud univ for networking ? (me told )

    Yeah,two of my friends when they came here in winter break were playing this in their xbox! i watched it only thing i remember is TOUCHDOWN :)

    Can u play this game? are u part of ur college team?
    Avanga dress pannardheku roumba nal agum pola !!!

    i hvnt seen any game live but i follow soccer i mean football and not american football

    Adi: TAMU ah? Because of Bg ah? Lol, no. Dei, nakkala? I can’t even be part of SVCE cricket team. NCSU football team ah?


  4. Took me a looong time to understand this game mainly cuz the only time they show it here is durin the super-bowl . Now i do .. I still cant stand em calling it football tho when foot has so little to do in comparison to “soccer” .. .Btw , Were the cheerleaders as good as the USC song girls ? (From the descriptions and pics Bala has showed me ) :-P

    Adi: Dude, USC beats everyone hands down. It’s LA!


  5. I think football rules must be included in the “Guide to Survival in the US of A”. If you get hooked onto it you will never get bored as there is something going everyday.

    Adi: You not hooked?


  6. It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about the game – all you need to do is ask the right questions ;)

    Adi: Here, I save you some embarrassment! And yeah, I’ve read that before. There was another one about the drafts that I remember. But then, I didn’t have any interest in following NFL.


  7. Would I be spit on if I admitted that it’s been 2 yrs and I haven’t been to ‘one’ game? Not one! I know, it’s pathetic, but something or the other came up every time I made plans to go to the game! But yea, I did attend all the cheer-leader practice sessions on the intramural grounds on campus! A hot-lot, they are!
    PS: Yesterday’s game, I hear, our FSU Seminoles suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of ‘Wake Forest’ (I don’t even know where the hell that is!! :-/ )

    Adi: Lol, Wake Forest is here in NC. Raleigh is part of Wake County :)


  8. Neeyum aaramichutiya? Sigh.

    @ Sthithapragnya: :D My husband hates the Seminoles. We went to Gainesville for a weekend (can you guess he did his Masters there?) and we saw a car with the Seminole flag. After that, my husband raced him until ATL :( I mean used all kinds of Madras Tam curse words and gave him the so-called ‘ Bolt’ treatment.

    Adi: Aaramikalam illa. Edho summa. This team is not that great to develop enthu like your husband!


  9. I’m guilty of attending a part of one such game in Sophomore year. It was an hour or so of sitting around watching dudes collide, which the official game clock told me was only about 15 mins or so of “time.” Since then the only football games I’ve been to are intramural powderpuff games (sororities anyone ;) ) However, I have watched several superbowls by accident while watching the annual 3 1/2 hour of ad show.

    Adi: Lol @ 3.5 hr ad show. There is a sororities one? :O


  10. @ Nandini: Ok! Your husband and I shall be arch-enemies hence forth, in spite of my not knowing him at all. I mean, I’m not a die-hard Seminole patriot, but what he did was mean! :( But what the hell, I guess the feeling’s mutual. We Noles hate the Gators as much as Hitler hated the Jews! We are ‘Hitler’, in case you failed to comprehend! :P So, if we saw a Gator infested anything we would mete out the same treatment to them too! :D So, we’re even!


  11. Dude, I’m glad you found a liking for the game. It’s an awesome sport, I know it’s a misnomer to call it Football but who the hell cares, as long as you enjoy a sport. I love the game.

    Back in school, I used to watch college football but I switched to NFL three years ago. I’ve never seen a game in the arena though, I had a chance to go see Trojans play Notradame, I even got two discount tickets because I was a student, I was walking toward the arena when I saw a kallu buying tickets, I sold the tickets for a markup of 80 bucks on each ticket, went to a bar, got hammered, watched the game and went home with 100 bucks still to spare. Those were the days.

    Adi: Looks like Trojans are a team that is eternally on top!


  12. Heheh, reminds me of the time I went to school game, and me and DH looked like idiots not knowing when to cheer.

    Adi: Hehe, we had the same fear and that’s why we read the wiki before going.


  13. Yeah, they always are, undeservedly. Did wiki really help you out with the rules? I can never read up rules, I pick ’em up only after watching and listening.

    @Narendra Shenoy,

    Technically, it’s just ONE odd shaped ball. Atleast, these men do not have to worry about replacing their balls after 40 overs.

    Adi: Oh! I thought you would be a Trojans fan or something!


  14. You should watch baseball game once. And then decide how cricket is better. Just like soccer is to Football. More than the game, I think the electric atmosphere in the stadium makes it ‘a jolly good’ experience. Atleast for me.

    Adi: Baseball is better ah?


  15. I can talk about Beijing Politics longer than I can Football. Unfortunately, people look you up and down if you cant participate in Football discussion.

    Adi: Are you talking about soccer? If so mayth, then manasa thethiko! That at least you can understand the game. But American football! Once you are here, even the green card gumbal will be so mad about it that when they talk, orru mannum puriyadhu!


  16. Baseball is the worst sport ever invented. I was invited by my Prof back in school to see a game with him. He was boring and so was the game, there are 9 innings and trust me, I’d rather take a cricket test match than a baseball game. You don’t even know what’s going on half the time, you just see people running around aimlessly, the umpire looks like he’s going to fight a war, after a while, I told my Prof I can’t take this torture anymore without beer. After I’ve had a buzz, I can even find Kabbadi interesting.

    Adi: Total damage to baseball!


  17. How did I miss this post? I must admit, my initial interest in football was fueled by my brother(seven years older) who was one of those desi grad students that made a foray into the Buckeye stadium, and got hooked on. We’re arch rivals, (the Wolverines and the Buckeyes I mean), and there’s something completely addictive and charming in the game. Although, soccer holds its own charm wrt staring at cute boys :D

    Adi: Not yet caught on with that much madness!


  18. But then, NCSU lost to USF…. Way to go Bulls! :P

    Adi: Lol, is that a surprise? USF is so bad? I really don’t know about the leagues but NCSU is not doing so well. Not yet passionate enough to follow who is losing to whom etc.


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