Uncertainty Principle

Shall I just leave?

Or, in Marvin’s words, should I stand in a corner and rust, or just fall apart where I am standing?

I just want a full tank and you can leave me alone. With my iPod, I’ll just keep on driving as far as I-40 can take me. I believe that is California. I’ll switch directions after that.

With all the recession talks, economy slump, Lehman Brothers, things simply go out of hand. Why don’t people just shut up? It’s always job applications, internship converts and pay packages. Poi saavu da. I am still blogging – reading and writing. This semester already looks like a killer with some overloaded courses that I have taken. Talk about timing. Probably she could help!

Harvey Dent better be right. The night is darkest just before the dawn. Right.


23 thoughts on “Uncertainty Principle

  1. Adi,
    Yeah i have been hearing abt subprime crisis in USA. Every other day , you hear company X has offered 3K pinks slips,company Y has offered 5K pinks slips etc etc..but fact of matter is they say its non performance! but then instead of worrying abt fears around us, best thingy would be
    “kadamai sei,palannai edhirpakadhey”

    Adi: Yes yes, I love the Gita!


  2. “Poi saavu da” – Waah! I’ll teach you a better way to curse in Telugu. Try these for instance – “Dooki saavu ra munda!” or “Thoo nee batuku!”. You want a crash course in Telugu curses and swear words (nasty ones at that!) you know who to come to!
    Now, coming to the paayint – Yea dude! the recession is a lurking monster which is now beginning to show its ugly face. For all you know, it might jump out of the closet the moment we graduate! I’m biting my nails in fear and blogging/watching movies to keep my mind occupied, or this whole thing is one day going to drive me insane! Baaah! Uncle Sam, apparently, has no remedies for us unfortunate foreign nephews/nieces! Chaa…so much for the opportunities he promises! Damn him! :D :P

    Adi: Lol, finally someone who looks at it in a totally different and humorous point of view! Thanks for the company.


  3. Uncertainty makes life exciting:) You’re the one who told me… we are investing so much money…we better be on our toes and better be worried:)

    Well dont be shocked to suddenly see us dipping into depression, the Fed is all quiet :) not to worry the markets, since the minute bernanke talks there will be more volatility in an already super vulnerable economy. The situation is gettg worse. Be positive, its america. You know u work hard, this country never disowns you:)

    Atleast I believe so. It gave a future to many hard working people. A russian refugee like Ayn Rand who came here as an 18yr old with the dream of becoming a screen play writer did what she wanted cos she worked for it and america GIVES u what u want:) So be positive. Not to worry. If things get bad:) There is always a second choice we all have:) India:)

    Like u RIGHTLY said now… :) why is everyone so tensed:) I feel we might just forget to live if we keep worryg… its funny! i wanted to tell u and u blogged about it. why dont u follow what u preach and give more time to friends like me!!!!

    but we need to be worried about Lehman and ML… to me.. this is a big blow. NOT bcoz my career here is at stake. Not bcoz being an econ grad, my options are lessening day by day, that my dream wall street job is becoming more and more distant. BUT

    That it happened. I am amazed and I dont want to see this again. I am glad i missed 1929. I was not alive to see it. I dont want to see another 1929. I am being too negative now to think of this as 1929 but we dont know. Seeing an 1862 Lehman drown is heart breaking and seeing the fact that de-regulation failed, that MAYBE Capitalism what i strongly believed in is failing somewhere… and that what makes it worse… its happening in America. That America was so vulnerable even in the 21st century.

    god its another blog post!!! i should just copy paste this in mine!!!! sorry dude!!!

    Adi: Aiyo Lakshmi! You totally missed the point. These people who talk about recession, and how it is going to affect us is who this post is againt. And you do exactly that! I believe that we don’t need to worry about things that are not in our hands. So I am not worrying about the American economy. I am worried about my semester!


  4. Unum puriyala…Anyway, guess what, i strted drivin! Dont ask me why im tellin u…im juz excited! im plannin to publish it in the papers tom ;)

    Adi: Wonder how I missed this!


  5. LOL well:) oops :)

    But my point is- stop worrying so much about the semester. Just do what you can. Why u need to feel bad about the economy is… HOW MUCH ever hard u try in ur sem, as long as the economy is not gonna accept u, u re losing out!! So, as much as u worry about ur sem like u are right now!!! take an active interest in whats happening with the system. Its not directly in our hands… yet ur concern is good enough. Its not a Bernanke or Henry Jr. running the economy. Its a capitalistic economy, individuals run it. U better be worried about the state of matters.

    Adi: Yawn! :P


  6. Free da! PPO, vellai ellam nambla thedi varum. Namba ada thedi po vendam;).

    PPO => Pre placement offer

    And i belive there is a single road that takes you from California to NY. You should take that one;)

    Adi: Keka nanadhan irukku!


  7. BTW, can you pick me up from FL on the way, it’s only a slight detour from I-40 onto I-75 S and I-10 W :P . I need to get my ass out of this bloody town for a while or I’ll seriously go mad one day!! This whole recession thing is taking its toll on me! I could use a cross-country road trip at this time! If you want, I’ll drive the entire stretch of the journey to CA and keep you company! But I need change (not chillar, change as in change of atmosphere! :P :D!

    Adi: If you are ready to pay for gas!


  8. maams y all this crap? Don’t watch the news at all. Here its all about recession and the hurricane, back home they talk of POTA and vaigyanik daanav.

    talking of gas, kar tells me that FL is dry, its $4.5 here. tumhare yahan kaise? sprouting wings and flying above I-40 would be the best bet!

    Adi: It was $5 here last weekend. LOL @ vaigyanik daanav!


  9. For some reason, I don’t think things are going to be that bad.

    Not many have gone in to hiring freezes. Well i am not saying all is bright and sunny but its certainly not a hurricane as yet


  10. Agree with you totally. There’s no point worrying abt things that you cant control. But sumhow most ppl think worrying abt sem wen the economy’s crashing is being too selfish. God, I hate it wen ppl tell me that!! Wat’s happening in MY life takes priority over everything else… I AM NOT here to save the world… I am here to LIVE… duh! Chuck the worry-ers out da… :P

    Adi: Nee sonna seri dhan!


  11. I totally agree with OK’s comment!..hehe..vellai namma thaedi varum.. that too you are in Yoosa (read USAAAA) hehe.. Naanga than.. poor developing country people eating dosas and worrying..;P

    P.S: If anyone talks about jobs and drives you mad, tell me. I will send Aruval from here. Finish off everyone Saamy style. ;)

    Adi: That too you are in Yoosa lam romba over! Eating dosas and I’ll smile! I don’t get that also :P Lol, please to send aruval and soda bottle supplies!


  12. I have to agree with max, with gas prices going so high, my poor 32mpg car still makes me whine. just you bike it, might even help with the stress relieving :-) And yes, don’t read the news – it’s quite inconsequential.


  13. Adi – It’s all about connecting the DOTS ;-)

    Now it would all seem to go nowhere – but don’t fret –

    Come back soon – We are missing you here – this country ROCKS !! You gotta get here

    Plus I am here – N I need company :-P

    Adi: All in good time!


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