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I just saw Rock On. I have to say the movie was technically brilliant with an awesome story and direction. If not for some unnecessary subplots and a few cinematic liberties, the movie well could have been another Dil Chahta Hai. The music was top notch and the characterizations, pretty good.

I loved Farhan Akhtar’s character. The perfect rock star, anyone? A passionate guy with abundant talent but with his own shortcomings. It reminded me of Russel Hammond from Almost Famous. And I was silently hoping for a character like Elaine Miller to give him some valuable lessons in life.

pichhle saat dinon mein maine khoya
kabhi khud pe hansa main,
kabhi khud pe roya

So I just feel good about myself. I’ve always felt characters named Aditya have been pretty cool and liked by all. They are all very nice guys, different from the rest with a charm of their own. Not like the dreamy Rajs and Rahuls. But definitely not flawless. For example:

  1. Aditya of Rock On
  2. Aditya of Dum Dum Dum
  3. Aditya of Jab We Met
  4. Aditya of Saathiya (if you could forget Vivek Oberoi and put in Madhavan :p)

So, you get the drift?


28 thoughts on “Narcissism

  1. although the movie was good .. especially considering the fact that the bollywood is always reluctant on making movies other than the masala movies , i feel that your opinion about the adithya is flawed :P

    Adi: Well, I know it’s flawed :)


  2. Me and bow were contemplating whether to watch this or Wall E. Finally we went to the latter. got to watch ROck on soon, too many good reviews for this(not because of Aditya:P).

    Adi: Lol, yeah it’s not great but watch it


  3. Typed out long comment. My browser lost it.

    Cant seem to gather strength to type it again…woke up romba early this morning, and am going to crash now.
    I do have a few points to say.
    I will be back…*disappears into thin air*

    Adi: Hmmmm!


  4. u are comparing this to almost famous aah? u’ve upped my curiosity (mixed with realism, pessimism and disbelief).

    and enga school le one drug and thanni man was also called adithya. so can this be bollywood’s attempt to break stereotypes in indian society?

    Adi: Not the movie. Only the character. Almost Famous is a masterpiece.


  5. technically brilliant yes, top nothch moosik yes.

    but so very predictable! bleddy trailer tell s everything and I cud have slept thru 20 mins n not missed anything! Farhan’s character was the only well etched one, the others were sore losers.

    Super debut by farhan, and the narcissism is konjam over! I sent u links like a week ago and you watch it now?

    Adi: I agree it’s not a great movie and definitely not cult stuff like DCH which some people like to believe but I thought you were being too critical.


  6. This is too much! Someone somewhere names their charceters Aditya and here you go happily linking away. :P

    @naren’s comment: Adithya, but of course. Wives have to drag husbands, or the physics laws apply! :P

    Adi: Lol, yes yes. Not any character. Really lovable ones!


  7. Haiyooo, idhelaam over! It also means that your name is konjam too common. :P

    And if i’m not wrong, Suman’s character in Sivaji was also an “Adi”.
    Kaasimedu Adi to be precise :P

    Adi: Name not that common in the reel world. Adhu Adi. Adiseshan?Adinarayan? Not Aditya! But in that case Adinarayanan, asst. commissioner in Kuruthi Punal was an ultra cool character! :P


  8. Innikku dhaan songs’ey kaettein. Theatre material is it? I”ll go and watch sometime. And have you seen tamil movie ‘majaa’. Pasupathi’s name in that movie is ‘Adi’. He sings something like – “Machaan paeru aadi, puliya paatha _____”.

    Adi: I’ve seen. Why this damage?!


  9. I’ve heard a lot of reviews too. But I’ll watch it and then decide whether is actually rocks on or sucks off of my time! I’ve been misled a few times.
    Wonder why the filmy people don’t name their characters ‘Karthik’. It’s such a rare gem of a name. :P The last time I heard it on screen, I was so excited. Only to be disappointed to find that some toddler was called ‘Karthik’, in a Junior Horlicks ad! His mom goes ‘Kaaartheeeeeeek’ like an HMT siren. To which the kid replies ‘Nenu chaala bisi’ (I’m very busy!).
    Cha….So much for my excitement!

    Adi: I remember that ad. You know who played mom? Trisha Krishnan. Yeah! And Madhavan’s name in Alai Payuthey was Karthik.


  10. dude, you okay? no mention of PrachiD in the movie got me all wondering! :P me likey…Farhan’s acting and the art direction.

    and Aditya of dum dum dum is missing his “hech” . :D

    gotta agree with Rads…linking names laam konjam over dhan.

    Adi: Idhula enna over? Yes, I have the “hech” too!


  11. Here is an interesting observation. All the movies (except, Rock On) are “cho chweet” romantic chick-flicks. Says something about your name.

    My assessment of you is also not very different. Chamathu payan. Sappeshwara.

    Chutney will second me on this.

    Adi: Chutney enna chutney. I second you on this. I am all that and proud to be so. Definitely not a fake wannabe porikki :P


  12. Yes, almost every old Hindi movie has a guy sharing my name playing the bad guy.

    OK is right. We need people like you to balance out the evil I radiate. What does Sappeshawara mean? Love the word.

    Adi: Lol, so even in the movies V is not a good guy?


  13. Etymology of Sappeshwara.

    Sappa: Literal meaning is flat. Cheri meaning is waste.

    Sappeshwaran: Person who is sappa.

    Adi: Yaaru yaaru enna sollardhu nu vyavasthaye illama pochu :P


  14. I was thinking abt how many tamil movies have aditya has hero’s name

    yeah yeah
    how is divya? ;)
    i know your best friend is vinod!

    i know by now u must have found the movie!

    Adi: Hahahah! Good one!


  15. so self obsessed!!! :P :P

    haven’t seen the movie yet.

    Did not like Aditya of Dum dum dum.
    Did not like Aditya of Saathiya
    Did not like Aditya of _____ (not you adi..ure frikkin namesake)

    all in all i hate that name, altho there’s this droolable aditya also from ure coll who the head of some leadership org. Came to our coll for some func *drools*


    never will make friends with ANYONE called aditya ever again.

    still. you last adi, you last…cause you are adisriki. and thats one word. trust me. it is. i want it to be.

    oh and if anyone hasnt noticed, im back to blogging!

    I keel you.

    Adi: Lol, you still remember that namesake? And thankoo :P


  16. which adithya do u feel most closest to????? i am reallly confused… :)

    well i ve no right to say this… Lakshmi has always been the name of my friends maid servant(to the extent of my ex bf’s maid sharing the same name!!!!) or some aayya in some movie:)


  17. Hmmm…i guess i would have to too agree! I’ve known quite a few realllllllllllllllllllllllllly nice adithyas…and one cute gundu baby also….hehe…

    Fine, i’l include u in the list too :)

    Lol@ Sappeshwaran…is it an original by OK?

    Adi: Thankoo thankoo! It’s hard to resist, I know!


  18. This is difficult for me.
    I am sitting cross- legged, my eyes closed, meditating on Farhan Akthar. After a long time we have a Hindi hero- all real, confused, bumbling, rebellious, aloof, with a soft core.
    I want to have him for dinner!
    P.S: I love Adityas too! But you know that already don’t you?

    Adi: Oh yes, I know that already, It is quite natural! :)


  19. And I’m back!Cha.. I still have to watch Rock On.. I shall go book nice seats in Sathyam right away.. Finalllyyyy!!:P

    Also, Aditya of Alaipayuthey is definitely wayyy better than the Saathiya one..


  20. Aditya has to be the coolest name ever. I have always told myself, that if I dont meet anyone named Aditya (which I havent!), I would give that name to my kid.


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