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I have nothing to write about. I have a lot to code but nothing to write. There is Preeti’s tag but that I’ll do  it sometime this weekend. I keep switching music genres and if it’s youtube, it is mostly carnatic. The thing about carnatic music, there are some songs that particular singers make their trademark. So I just picked up a two of the best I love currently. Yes, am in a super good(read chamathu) mood right now, so the carnatic. The coursework is already killing and the long weekend is ruined. Except for a lunch out and one evening out I guess. Let it first happen. Yes, I just love these.

The piece by Rangini Gayatri just melts. They go to an unreachable level in this one. The original concert video cannot be embedded, but check that out too.

So, that’s there. I am also listening to Rock On. It’s pretty extraoridinary. I don’t think any Hindi album has stuck to a genre as completely as this one. Also, I figured I just enjoy indie rock the most. Currently, Death Cab for Cutie make a fantastic band. Get your hands on their new concept album called Narrow Stairs. Quite brilliant, I must say.


38 thoughts on “Are you Listening?

  1. First time listening to Rangini gayathri… She is brilliant :) After living in Srirangam for 2 yrs ,all those pics made me more nostalgic…

    Adi: Welcome! They are two people-sisters :) .


  2. People say that MSS sings the best RangapuravihAra. Aaana, enamo therila….. RG take you to a completely different level.

    Especially that rAmAvatAra part…aiyoyoyoyo! Chance ila!

    Adi: Chancey, no la? This is definitely the best one there is. I love the bRndAvana sAraHNgEndra varada ramAntaraHNga part.


  3. Too much man. Multi-talented and all, you are. I know nil about Carnatic. Learned to appreciate it now after marriage. I learned it when I was young ( which tb does not?) and my teacher got disgusted with me coz I did not show interest ;) and asked me to leave!

    (my mom’d kill me for putting this story on the big, bad Internet. But I think its okay now since I’m married ;))

    Adi: Multi talented, me ah? As if I sang those songs!!


  4. appa! where do u find the time for all this! truly multi talented:) listening is also a talent sir…

    @nandini…lol… i too went for Carnatic classes but I really enjoyed it…wanted to continue but its too expensive to learn in the US i realised…

    so u learnt to appreciate it after marriage? as in ajit likes it? or somethng else?

    Adi: Lol, I waste time a lot :P


  5. Ranjani-Gayatri’s ‘Sri Rangapura Vihara’ is a masterpiece indeed. Have you heard their rendition of Tukaram Abhang ‘Pandhari cha bhoota mothe’ – Ragam Chandrakauns? They left me gaping in awe! I was so consumed! It’s amazing, listen to it.
    I have almost all of Priya Sisters’ recordings. Big fan! Looking for MS Amma’s rendition of ‘Kanjadalayatakshi – Ragam Kamala Manohari – Adi Talam’. Just let me know if you find it somewhere. Please!

    Adi: I have to find these and listen to them!


  6. You and I, mister, should get together and talk Carnatic :D

    Adi: You and I? You’ll go on talking and I’ll look like someone who just walked into some rocket science class by mistake. Sthit seems to be better cut out for that.:P


  7. In MSS’s ‘Sri Rangapura vihara’, the best part is when she scales the higher notes – pa Sa ni Sa ni da pa Sa Ma Sa ni – in a fit of musical ecstasy during ‘pada paMkaja mukha kAmA raghurAmA’ in the second sangati. She does it with such devotion, she probably had a vision of Lord Ranganatha himself when she sang it! It was only after listening to her version of the kriti, that I became a bhakta of Lord Ranganatha! I decided I had to visit Sri Rangam and I did, finally, before flying to the US. I’d been listening to this song all my life but only started paying attention to it when I started learning music.

    Adi: Waah waah! What knowledge ba!


  8. I’ve never listened to too much carnatic, save for M.S, but this is really nice..

    P.S: Also, I agree with Lavania..:P

    P.P.S: cha..cha..true ‘foreign’ mapilai material I say!haha.. ;)

    Adi: Hmmm, someone who asked me to get out is blog hopping on sunday afternoons too! :P
    Sigh, I don’t know why that is such a recurring comment in this blog.


  9. @wolfie: You and I talk. Avlodaan. Pic your favourite rAgam. Sthith is right, the Boot mote song is a killer. It slowly kills you till you have nothing in your head but Chandrakauns for the next 5 days. ‘ve been there, done that.
    And while your Ranjani-Gayathri’ing, check this out as well
    Very beautiful Nata Kurinji.

    God, you ve got me all excited. :D :D I should blog Carnatic :D

    @sthith: Dikshitar’s RangapuravihAra, that too the madhyama kAlam in the Anupallavi….such beauty can be experienced only in Dikshitar’s krithis. God.

    By the way, where do I mail it to?

    Adi: Yes, we’ll have an extended session once you are here :D The Nata Kurinji was brilliant. RG is becoming my favorite. It’s amazing how I had never heard them back in India. Probably because they never came to Ayodhya Mandapam(West Mambalam). Or they did and I was not in Madras, during that Ram Navami. Send the file to me, I’ll forward it to him!


  10. one mini kutcheri happening out here,besh besh! :)

    @Wolfie: ‘ve been to one of their concerts a while ago, the sistas were just brillant! but still only dearie MSS can get me to goosiebumpie. :) and speaking of narrow stairs…me like the tabla at the earlier part of that pity and fear number.

    @Maythu: me yet to get your video (temple one)gal!

    Adi: Yes yes, mini kutchery only. What video? I want!


  11. I am carnatically challenged, if you talk about appetite for destruction then I can give a discourse.

    all the sangeet vidwans are having mega conversations here!

    Adi: Not me pa


  12. @confounded lady: or you can email me directly @ Yea, the Nata Kuranji was beautiful. It is such a relaxing ragam. Every time I practice the padavarnam in Nata Kuranji I tend to fall asleep. All this is inspiring me to start a new blog just to discuss Carnatic & Hindustani music.

    Adi: Oh, aap gaate bhi ho? Kya baat hai!


  13. Yeah the varnam rocks! The thing with NK is that its fabulous to listen to when renditioned slow OR fast. This is one of the slowest renditions I;ve heard ever. But I prefer singing it fast. Period.

    @Wolfie: Good then :D

    @WT: I’ll send you a humble audio file of mine, will it do? :D

    @Sthith: Sent :D

    Adi: Singing it fast, hmmm. Neengalam yaaru!


  14. yenna da, yepdi irruke? labor day wonu pannliya? adika daan carnatic music yella kekren..

    Adi: Labor day nothing pa. Get me a job in Pitt, no? Then it’ll be fun…


  15. @confounded-lady – He came home for dinner on Saturday night :) and played box cricket with my husband on Sunday. They were room mates at Ann Arbor.

    Do you know Shreekrishna as well?


  16. @ Nandini: That blog is indeed a priceless resource. Meanings of so many Deekshitar kritis. Thank you! I think I should start a blog explaining the meanings of rare Annamacharya, Tyagaraja kritis. I have a collection of them and I’ve heard a few artists ruin the meanings with their morphed pronunciations. It breaks my heart to listen to flawless raga renditions without weaving the meaning of the song into it.


  17. @Nandini: And so I exclaim, “What a small world it is” :)
    Yep I know SK too….I’ve very very fond of them all, we’ve spent hours over the internet sessioning ‘n all. A very beautiful musical (and otherwise) fraternity :)


  18. @confounded-lady: Aaaaaaaah :) You are part of that internet Kacheri aah? Interesting. SK sang for us at home.

    Too small a world, I say! SK is my sis’s senior or something. Abbah, too much.


  19. I just em at work, and I have to say that the sisters are brilliant! What synchronization, what harmony?! Bhesh bhesh…!
    I have to agree….the Rock on Songs struck a chord with me too:)

    Adi: Yes, they are very nice!


  20. The whole is labout Ranjani Gayatri’s Rangapuravihara, and the photograph is that of Priya Sisters!! Is that a slip?

    Adi: The first video is Rangapuravihara by Ranjani Gayathri. The second one is Priya Sisters.


  21. Hey, from Toronto, Canada

    Just a quick hello from as I’m new to the board. I’ve seen some interesting comments so far.

    To be honest I’m new to forums and computers in general :)



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