Vaarnam Aayiram

I like this trailer. Don’t know exactly why. The girls are not that exciting. But it’s a Gautham Menon movie. And the music sure is catchy. Any idea when the music is releasing?


34 thoughts on “Vaarnam Aayiram

  1. The trailer looks good. BTW, Tamil actors with 6 packs? What has the world come down to?

    @sthitapragnya: The title is from a Vaishnavite Tamil sloka – Naachiyar Tirumozhi by Aandal. It means thousands of animals (elephants.)

    Adi: Yes yes, tamil actors with 6 packs en al!


  2. Looks neat, must watch it when it releases.

    What knowledge! =O Periyaalvar would have been proud.

    Adi: Yes. Yeah, me too :O @ Idling’s knowledge. Brilliance!


  3. It looks very Bollywood esque!!
    Do you think the movie will have sub titles? As geeky as it sounds, I find it hard to follow Tamil slang, and inside jokes and people speaking Tamil very fast…I wish they’d slow down and enunciate, I’d totally watch in that case!

    Adi: Lol! The tamil movies that release here usually have subtitles, no? But the movie, from what I hear, has parallel story lines and one of them is set in the US. You should get that part. :P


  4. I watched a tamil movie in the theatre (sivaji) last yr….and there were no subtitles:(
    I couldn’t even ask the ABCD hubby…..I wanted my money back!
    Bilkul paisa vasool nahin hua

    Adi: Lol, Sivaji really required subtitles? Heh, I’ll tell you when am in Atlanta, you tell me if you are in Raleigh, sometime. I have quite the experience being the translator during movies. Mostly hindi, but I can try Tamil :P


  5. I see that a lot of comments have been passed before mine! :D How come I missed out commenting first?

    And what movie, music? Blah. Tell me more after ‘watching’ the movie ok?

    Adi: Nee waste! It’s music. M-U-S-I-C. :P


  6. You’re in Raleigh? I go to Raleigh ALL the time to check on the in laws yaar…we’ll plan on it pakke se!!
    Are you in NC State?

    Adi: Haha, next time, make sure you have my name in the “check” list! Yes, am at NC State!


  7. @Idling
    Oh brilliance dude, especially considering Nachiaar Thirumozhi and all is clearly Iyengar territory. Looks like you have been spending a lot of quality time in the koils. :) And this is coming from someone who’s family’s idea of a Short break is temple hopping. Sigh.
    Come to think of it, I’ve even been to that Nachiaar temple somewhere near…er..someplace. Not my fault, i’ve been dragged around to a lot of temples so I really can’t keep track. :P But sooper knowledge, once again. :)


  8. can’t watch videos at work, but since you said the girls ain’t worth a look, i’ll take your word for it and give it a definite pass..

    Adi: Lol, yes, you won’t like…


  9. For some reason I’m curious about Dhaam Dhoom, this looks like its konjam experimental, new faces n all. And what’s with Surya and that body.. aiyooo he’s becoming those types. He was fine only.. pah..


  10. Also,in one more week, I shall be home sweet home.. so shall see this movie and tell you how it is.. hehe. I’m waiting to whistle and do some drama in Sathyam..

    Adi: Adi pavi! Home it seems. X-(. Be good.


  11. you need to twitter your updates, else they’re gonna get lost in my long queue of unread items!

    After that sarathkumar debacle, GVM has worked terribly hard on this one and this movie i think spans 15 yrs.

    The production values look promising, but I guess after spending so much on the foren location shoot he had to hire 100rs/day artists like Sameera Always Ready!

    Adi: Lol. Yes, the picturization is awesome.


  12. Ohoo.. I don’t know why it didn’t work. It looks as if a lot of the links on Sam anderson have disappeared from youtube though. Here you go again:

    Adi: Aiyo, maami joke panrela?! Ivolo bad ah epdi irukkum? It’s Gautham Menon movie, after all!


  13. Ya ya.. no way it can be this bad.. plus Surya is in it.. who cares about Gautham Menon. It’s called Vaanaram Aayiram (which would mean thousand monkeys). I saw this video way before I knew about this Surya movie.

    Adi: Thousand elephants I think maami. Not monkeys!


  14. naah, i dont fancy the guy. he looks pretty ordinary. but you always go–this vellakari looks lakshnam, that desi babe’s hot’nnu…this was just a welcome change on the blog. :P


  15. Wow you too another gautam menon fan!
    i got one song from unknow site
    its adeedhya kolludha…song is with lots of guitaring!
    i realise nowadays lots of music directors come up with songs based on guitar be it Elay,New yok nagaram etc etc


  16. Hey Adithya, the songs are out now, did you get a chance to listen to them ? I hope you did cos they are fantastic, love every one of them!

    Adi: I did get to listen and am loving it!


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