Apni Ada Hai Yaaron Se Judaa…

That’s basically what Aditya Chopra is trying to say. And in doing that, he also proves what an intelligent silent killer he really is.

Bachna Ae Haseeno is not a great movie but it definitely is one of the better movies to come out this year. The folks at Yashraj finally realized the best way to succeed right now is by laughing at themselves and that’s exactly what they have done. Ranbir is definitely good. This could have been an excellent launch movie for him only if that blue movie had never happened. Minissha looks beautiful and plays the ideal smitten cutie pie. The only problem is that she is probably younger to me but still looks like someone in early 30s. That’s the problem if you are too fair/pinkish. Deepika is totally drool worthy and looks much better than she did in Om Shanti Om. I thought Bipasha looked the best. Seriously. She could so easily give some serious competition to the other two newbie girls.

And like Maxu says, it does bring back some memories. Oh, and I love these lines from the original song:

Jaam milte hain aadab se, shaam deti hai salaami
Geet jhukte hai labon pe, saaz karte hain ghulaami
Ho koi, pardaa ya baadshaah, aaj to sab hain mujhpe fidaa,
Hai ho!
Hai, bachnaa..

A decent effort from Yashraj after a long time. Watch it.


12 thoughts on “Apni Ada Hai Yaaron Se Judaa…

  1. Another post *mostly* talking about women. Since all your blog posts do this, why were you worried that one time if your readers’d notice that 2 consecutive posts were about women? :D

    Adi: Lol, summa jolly ah! Only *you* can think of all this!


  2. Movie nice? yet to go…gonna go watch phoonk tom…chumma oru thrill ku…unfortunately the thrill is for the others’ watching me freak out…

    u think dad’ll lemme sleep with the lights on for the next week?

    Adi: Lol, forget him, will you? Hey, your pic is back!


  3. ab aap boloji, wat memories? Rajhans ke kudiyan?

    or SVCE ke phuljhadiyan?

    Not a great movie, but defn has that feel good factor..

    Adi: You left the NCSU ki mahilayein? Well, nothing to write about them, anyway!


  4. Deepika was perfect in this movie. I didn’t think she was all that in OSO either.

    As for the movie, a definite thumbs up. The stars did ok, and I could relate almost all characters to people I know, except for the Deepika character. My personal fave was the friend character in it. He reminds me of about 60% of my friends!

    Adi: Hahaha, the friend was quite true to life, yeah!


  5. Yeah, I guess it was quite a masterpiece after that sorry excuse for a movie that they churned out earlier this year, Tashan. I loved the DDLJ references!
    And Ranbir Kapoor, am I the only one who wants to grab him and forcibly get him a cosmetic surgery done so as to lessen his resemblance to a lizard which has been using Fair and Lovely for a long time? There’s something horribly repulsive about his face. And yeah, Minnisha Lamba looks so old and not at all 17 as she’s supposed to be in the movie. Guess you should popularise your “too pink/fair = old-ish appearance” theory. That’ll lead to the tanking of all companies churning out that “fairness enhancing” crap.

    Adi: ROFL@the lizard description. He reminds me of Saif Ali Khan during his debut days. Very girlish looks.


  6. Heard Bipasha’s acting is the best and Deepika gives a happy ending to the movie. As you said, Minisha looks very old :D Though, I haven’t seen it, yet.

    Adi: Welcome! Bipasha was surely good. You should see it.


  7. ok, just saw the movie and i dint like it too much. Maybe it had something to do with me seeing it on a $5.99 dvd, but i thought it was nothing special

    Adi: It was nothing great. Just better than the usual crap we are subjected to.


  8. Ok I watched it yesterday…and it wasn’t bad for a buck! Ranbir kapoor looks nice in some angles and completely gay in others….BB is one hot tamale- good time paas phillum:)


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