Boredom and all his Friends

You sit on the carpet. The laptop where it should be. Refreshing inboxes and refreshing your blog feeds. Listening to the same songs again and again. It’s raining outside and you would like to go for a drive. Like you would have done a few years ago. In a different place, at a different time and age. You can call a friend and speak. Then you realize he pinged you only yesterday. He said exactly three words. Hey, nothing, what else. Make that four. You could call her. But her phone has been ringing for the past one month. You wonder if she is alive. The rain slaps against your window, asking you to get out and get wet. It asks you to jump on the puddle and try your best tackling moves. You change the song.

All winter we got carried away, Over on the rooftops, let’s get married

All summer we just hurried, So come over, just be patient and don’t worry

This tailored life is here to stay, you say to yourself. The ready willingness with which you want to belong to the bourgeoisie is spirit crushing. It’s like that song by Malvina Reynolds. The one that talks about how we all are put in boxes. We are all package deals. We go to university, shitty or ivy league. We go on to become doctors, lawyers and business executives. I wonder why she doesn’t mention engineers. She doesn’t forget to mention dry Martini, children, summer camps, families and family businesses.

You would think what’s wrong, isn’t it perfect? It probably is, but we want more. We always like more. Let there be some excitement and something more intense. Life is interesting only when you have something worthwhile to look forward to. Like the Joker says in The Dark Knight – introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order. Let there be chaos because chaos is only fair.

People moving all the time, inside a perfectly straight line

Don’t you wanna curve away? It’s such a perfect day

So what can be done? A jar full of options open up in front of you. You don’t have to be as sinister as the Joker. Some harmless fun. You think of starting a revolution. But you don’t even have a purpose. You do have that chance to become a man of substance but there is a long way to go. Your ideals are misplaced. You think about all those people who wrote about Abhinav Bindra and the Independence Day but you only wrote about Stephanie Rice. Hell, it’s your blog, jo chahe karo, you write whatever you want. That’s why you did. Now that’s more like it.

And you want to leave spiteful comments in the blogs that think too highly of themselves. You don’t understand those pretentious NRI bloggers. They may be well read, more matured than you are, but why do they have that cynical point of view? Why does every mundane occurence of events make them frown? Why the hell did they grow up so fast, anyway? Or did they? You feel like strangling those guys clamoring for GPAs and concealing facts like kids. You meet and greet geeks everyday, reminding you of those years wasted. You look at that annoying guy and you know those exact words that would shut his mouth. You don’t say them as often as you should. You remain the nice guy most of the time. You don’t make a five year plan for a Harvard MBA like him. But you do build your Nissan Altima Coupe in the website to check the final amount. They both aren’t the same, are they?

So you say to yourself, let’s do something radical from now. Let’s move out of the straight line and go for the curve. The rain is still slapping against your window. You know what to do. You change the song.

No, I don’t want to battle from beginning to end, I don’t want to cycle, recycle revenge

I don’t want to follow death and all his friends

And in the end, We lie awake, and we dream of making our escape

(All lyrics by Coldplay)


36 thoughts on “Boredom and all his Friends

  1. You’re not doing as bad as you think you are. You enjoy writing this blog right? So, there. You have at least one means to kill the seemingly endless ennui. Leave the rest to your ‘magnificent mind’, it’ll find you a way!

    Adi: I know. This was just too random.


  2. I loved the last line, lol, thats exactly what I do. Apdiye kovam pongiddu varum, but in the end….pussss.

    “pretentious NRI bloggers”
    hoot hoot!!
    But you do realize you’re one of them. :P
    Except you’re not pretentious.
    (I am meaning it ya!) :)

    Adi: Lol@puss! I know am one of them. And I am not pretentious :P


  3. You sound like a budding poet!!!
    Very nice:)

    Adi: Poet? I hope you didn’t get carried away by the lyrics. They are Coldplay. But if you still think so, thank you :D


  4. yes, really… but you have to return the favor by buying me a jaiger.

    Adi: Dude, you have to come here or I need to get to Pittsburgh. I lack some serious company in my room man


  5. Lol was reading this and this song came on .. Couldnt resist :-P

    Did we lose ourselves again?
    Do we take in what’s been said?
    Do we take the time to be
    All the things we said we’d be
    And we bury heads in sand
    But my future’s in my hands

    It means nothing
    It means nothing ……

    Adi: Lol, romba over da


  6. Random, may be. Sensible, yes! So chill! I’m in the same boat as you. Killing boredom is certainly a task! You couldn’t be more right about the friends pinging, the ruckus about GPA, the ‘future’ and of course, the rain, esp. with Florida being issued a Hurricane warning. Damn! It’s been pissing out there for the past 3 days! I’m sick of it!

    Adi: FL at least you’ll witness something. They talk about T-storms in NC but the sun would beat down upon you.


  7. Yes there are people who really think highly of themselves.. not only in blogworld, but in real world also. And sometimes when you see them, you feel that you are probably not doing anything for your future.. but you know what I realized – Those of us who go without a plan, and enjoy our life like it is, are the ones who breath and live every moment. They all just live! :)

    Adi: Well said. Joker to the rescue again – People plan. I don’t plan. I am not a schemer. :P


  8. Ayyo.. why the outpour against us poor NRI folks? Looks to me like you need a trip to India and you’ll be all busy once u’re back.

    Adi: Aiyo, ongla lam solluvena? Apdi paatha am also NRI only. Hehe, what would the India trip do?


  9. May be on a sunny day you might have the great fortune of getting to see bikini-clad girls basking on campus. Of course, for which you have to scour the entire campus, but it’s the effort. But what do you get on a rainy day? Nothing!
    ‘Witness’ it seems! What ‘witness’? Naansense!

    Adi: Lol…


  10. Yeah, you change the song, thinking that life will change too. And sometimes, even when the order is changed, when the life is changed, all you can do is brood about how it’s still not as good as you wanted it to be. Chaos is always fair but a lot of times, it establishes another order. And the rain, the rain… it’s depressing. It’s becoming monotonous.
    Oh, and regarding joining the bourgeoisie – aren’t we born into the Indian one already?

    Adi: Yes we are. You just try making it better. Rain is depressing? Really?


  11. “You think of starting a revolution. But you don’t even have a purpose”-Sooper

    and hey..4yrs of BE and two years of MS (or worse add another 3 yrs of Ph.d),you are allowed to be a lil philosophical :) (I am just guessing abt ur education,because of the line abt engineers in this post)

    Have to agree u did the most sensible thing at the end,changing the song,sometimes it is all that one can do :)

    Adi: You are right!


  12. i think u r in the perfect frame of mind to watch “into the wild” if you havent already done so. (i myself didn’t exactly like the movie though.)

    Adi: OMG, it’s Top 250 movie. I’ll watch…


  13. With every post that rolls along, I feel like I can relate to you even more! 5 year mba plans are definitely not the same as the nissan altima coupe – one’s the beaten path (no matter how grandiose it may be), and the other one’s driven by passion – it’s your life, and you live it just about once. I asked the boy a few weeks back, if it matters that I don’t make as much money as everyone else that got a similar degree as me does, and he asked me : “Do you like what you do?”, and I said “I love it”, to which he said “All that matters is that you *love* it, it’s not drudgery, you *love* it. Do you recognize how difficult that is to come by?” – and no I realize that I’ve made choices that aren’t exactly leading up to a harvard mba, but they’re my own nissan altima coupe – a lab room with lots of mice, and lots of cells :-)

    Adi: Makes sense. And we spoke about this :)


  14. Sorry pa, orrey meetings anol… too many unread items, hence the late reply!

    its been a month since she arrived and isnt pickin up yor call? damn! Just to make things spicy, you shud name pretentious bloggers! We can do a scarredletters version of hyped NRI blogs….

    Adi: Chalo, someone is at least busy. Dei month “since she arrived” yaaru sonna? lol@ scarredletters version. That has become such a notorious blog.


  15. It’s sad that it takes a position in the top 250 that makes you want to watch ‘into the wild’.

    Adi: Well, before this I had not even heard about the movie. And then when I discover it is Top 250, it is quite surprising and makes me want to watch it all the more. That’s not the only reason.


  16. My favourite post..!very beautifully written..:) makes me miss namma ooru more.. haha.. happy-sad feeling I’m going back!

    Adi: Heh, thanks! Miss namma ooru? You are going back, right? What miss namma ooru! Grr!


  17. haha.. You always seem to be online same time.Cha.. what telepathy I say.. It’s 3 a.m in England and I’m still not blogged out..!haha…

    Adi: Ha! I knew you’d be here immediately. Lol..


  18. Hi ,

    I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be very good.. u write well.. Why don’t you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog ‘Confessions of a Magnificent Mind’ took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

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    This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)

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  19. I actually, actually, seriouslyyyyyy thought u were maybe somewhere slightly talkin about me when u said the ‘mundane things bringing a frown’ thing…i even included a line in my new post…then i just read ur reply tat u dint mean anyone in ur blogroll..

    phew! :-/


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