B-E-A-utiful – 2

Stephanie Rice won her third Gold at Beijing. And she is total lakshanam only! The 20 year old looks stunningly divine.

I wonder what new readers will think seeing two consecutive posts under the Women category. :|


19 thoughts on “B-E-A-utiful – 2

  1. she’s good. but my favorite is ana ivanovic among sport personalities.

    what’s wrong with two posts under the category of women? i’d love a million posts on women. even then, no one can figure them out.

    *walks out after ending his comment on a philosophical note*

    Adi: B-e-a-utiful-1 actually had Ana Ivanovic :D


  2. no comments :–D
    its amazing how u can find lakshanam in non indian women :–)

    Adi: Hehe, I know! If I mention Indian women, there would be reactions like, “Thoo, how do you like her, she is…, she is….”. Lol. :P


  3. Babuuu…..Beauty ammaaa!! The rosy cheeks and the dimples…..WOW!! Looking forward to your posts ‘only’ in the ‘women’ category! :P

    Damn!! I have got to stop myself! God, give me the strength!

    Adi: Lol, stop yourself from what?


  4. I’m laughing at the reply to SK’s comment..haha.. That’s quite true..but that’s applicable to other nationalities too, we can also say..thooooooo avala?! about a firang. Hahaha….:P The bottomline: Women are confusing as hell. Even to themselves. ;)

    Adi: Hmmm, someone has at least understood :p


  5. Jim carry style’a? B-E-A-utiful wonly.

    Paesi mudichudalaama stephanie chellatha?

    Adi: Jim Carrey style dhan! Pesi ah? Engulku munadi periyavanga neengalam irukengale. We can wait :P


  6. Anybody making digs at long, huge noses will immediately be served pazhaiya tayir saadam from my kitchen!

    Adi: hahaha, Keep giving hints like these. I’ll look out with my eyes wide open next time am in India. I am planning to visit your city :P


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