This is a Story of a Girl

Remember Aditi?

Aditi was not the hottest looking girl. She wasn’t exactly hot. She was what defined that thin line between being sexy and being beautiful. She was beautiful. Not very fair. Not the wheatish of matrimonial fame. The green eyes, the done eyebrows and colored hair to go with a face that was so perfectly and generously carved. That rare healthy female whose metabolism was so perfect that her friends were jealous of her liberty to hog food when they all looked anorexic.

She was a rebel, wasn’t she? I don’t think I’ve ever known a girl like her. When was the last time you saw her?

Aditi had an open mind. She was a student of all forms of art. A huge fan of J.K. Rowling and George Lucas, her heroes, however, were Indiana Jones, Anil Kumble and Sirius Black. Aditi played tennis till the age of 14 and wanted to become a pro. She had a recurrent injury that forced her to quit, a regret she held forever. She was musically challenged but a better listener than her peers. Aditi was into rock while her friends drooled over Backstreet Boys. The only genre of music she loathed was heavy metal. She worshiped John Lennon and AR Rahman. This was her favorite Rahman number.

Did you listen to Kryptonite by Three Doors Down? Oh my God, Adi, I am so addicted to it!

Aditi was fearlessly independent. When girls always took the rick, she preferred the buses. She was the first in her circle of friends to learn to drive. She was aggressive on the road and stumped some guys with her knowledge of directions. Aditi only offered lifts. She never took one herself. Aditi’s parents knew her and never bothered about her the way parents bothered about their daughters. She was free to come and go anytime. Aditi was a bold girl afraid of insects, fire crackers and huge men. Nothing else gave her the creeps.

Mind blowing yaar! But why does it even matter to me? It’s like my parents gave me some vaccination when I was young, and how much ever I have, I don’t get high but end up playing a caretaker to these passed out girls.

Aditi was not known for her diplomacy. She was rude and spoke her mind no matter who she was talking to. She had no respect for elders who disregarded her opinions. She loved herself more than anyone else in the world and challenged people to hurt her ego. And if anybody tried doing that, she hurt their ego back. You could never take Aditi for granted. Those wounds never healed. She guaranteed that. She could be disarmingly sweet and cunningly intimidating at the same time.

She is such a pushover man. He mouthed some profanities and she comes crying to me. How naive can one get? I don’t even understand why I am helping her out. I considered giving that guy a high-five.

A certain Leonard Shelby, flawed but sensible, said – “Memory can change the shape of a room, it can change the color of a car. Memories can be distorted. They are irrelevant.” Aditi may not be irrelevant. She can be changed and played around with, in your mind. If you close your eyes, she’d still be there. Aditi remains such a memory. Of past, present and future. Yes, it is a distorted memory. And that will change only when the “it” becomes “her”. Remember Aditi?

Hey, this is Aditi. You’re a volunteer on this floor, too?


56 thoughts on “This is a Story of a Girl

  1. Interesting. Not sure if this is fiction based on Aditi from Jaane Tu… or a post on someone you know.

    Adi: Neither, actually. Aditi is a figment of imagination. Yeah, I probably am jobless and have too much time to daydream. Unrelated question – Are you giving up on your anonymity?


  2. mmmm…..call me naive/obtuse…but I have to ask you – Are u trying to play Jai Rathore or is that your feminine side speaking (Aditya/Aditi) or do you know someone called Aditi who is a living version of the one from JTYJN or are we at liberty to make our own inferences on this?
    I’m really lost! Lead me to the light!(Tamasoma jyothirgamaya) :/

    In any case, well written! :)

    Adi: Thanks! Like I said, it’s a figment of imagination. Aditi is my idea of a perfect girl. Too much to ask? Probably. Why not? Of course, there should be more but right now, I am matured enough to only think on the terms I’ve written. But you are free to make your own inferences! And I did expect the female version of myself comment. I just chose Aditi because it seems to be the hottest name around, right now.


  3. Awesomeness…the reverse narration and part tale, part real story! :) a long lost sibling to the Nolan brothers eh ? :D

    Adi: Part real? Part tale, yes! Lol yeah, long lost sibling only. :P


  4. Dei no underwear da. Sorry!

    Edhavdu figure pudichiruka? Apdina seekrom poi sollidu. Illa vera evananu ushaar panida poren.

    Chittu ku vera evananu pudichiruku? Oon sollu saman eduthindu auto la kalambidalam. Ni vex ahathada, mapu.

    Adi: Edhavdhu sollanume nu solla kudadhu :P


  5. Whoooo is it??? Define the thin line between being beautiful and sexy :)

    Adi: That is kind of tricky. Can we have this offline? (Yes, am the corporate n00b speaking) :P


  6. I was goin with the girl-in-you/female-side type comment but looks like I’ve been beaten to it. Cud have agreed more on the first para

    It’s more like the ideal girl we all seek. But I’ve realized that the girl I want should be on a totally different vertical. If its bond,matrix, lucas, speilberg, mani sir and rgv for me it ought to be yashraj, karan johar, john woo etc for her. Floyd, beatles, aerosmith for me then BSB, boyzone, MJ, alanis for her.

    I hope you get the drift. This way its the best of both worlds!

    Adi: Dei, that’s not best of both worlds. That’s war of the worlds!


  7. One of my sister’s college mates is very similar to the Aditi you describe…unfortunately she’s taken. But still good to know that there are girls like that out there, right? (personally an ARR and mani fan would be good enough for me)

    Adi: Exactly. They are such a rare breed. Lol@Unfortunately, she’s taken.


  8. Apparently, the wordpress automatically generated related post would be “Gardisal vaccination program raises parents concerns.”

    I’m just incredibly amused. Thought I should spread the joy. Lol.

    Adi: Idiot! I saw it as soon as it turned up. And I was praying no one will notice. Loosu penne!


  9. Imagination running wild eh? mmmm……

    “Too much to ask” – Certainly not!! Your idea of a perfect girl seems as down to earth as it is imaginative and dreamy.
    So, Jai (:P) ! Try singing that song ‘JTYJN’, she’ll probably come running to you!!

    ROFL @ chutney’s observation!! I thought I’d point that out in my previous comment but figured it’d be inappropriate. But what the hell!! Go chutney!! She noticed what no one else did. (still laughing) :D

    Adi: Yeah :( I was hoping no one will notice! Lol, sing song ah? Gaana toh aata nahin magar phir bhi hum gaate hain and all not possible :P


  10. hehe. i fantasize similarly only i would like the name to sound something like yuki nakamura.. currently having affliction for jap girls.

    and if u r looking for such girls in chennai, u prolly have one long search ahead of you.


    Adi: affliction for Jap girls after a certain one spoke Tamil in Dasa? Her name was yuki nakamura va? Lol, Chennai ah? I won’t rule out but then I don’t know when I’ll be long enough in Chennai for that!


  11. ADi > This blog has helped me prove a point to my British friends that we Indians certainly do speak and write english better than they do.

    Very well written – I guess all your posts are :-p

    Now coming to the most common question > What were you thinking brother ? This whole description of a so called “imaginative” girl has narrowed down your options of finding a decent partner.

    and you have made my job of searching one for you even tougher > looks like i will have to try very hard – any compromises anywhere ? ;-)

    Adi: No compromises. Try as much as you can :P


  12. i am also nri mate. you please look up my post on dasa to find my views on that jap girl there. it basically shook my faith in jap girls. however, i managed to forget about it until u reminded me :(

    and about not being in chennai. you could outsource the work to your parents or relatives. if they are even mildly typical, they should consider it their life ambition. in fact, the above comment looks promising :)


    Adi: Lol, looks promising? If something remotely positive actually comes up, then we can talk about outsourcing.


  13. dei adi payya, you got me confused now. those in italics, aint those actual comments or some such which runs parallel to your ideal girl bit? a sense of dejavu…of having read those somewhere. aiyo, this is spooky!

    Adi: Those are my replies. Adhula enna onnaku deja vu?


  14. haha..telepathy! just when I’m doing the usual – reading blogs at 2:30 and drinking coffee. lol. And I was typing a comment just now.. so much for this habit. Really, its killing me. But I must say you’ve gotten me curious about this Aditi girl. :P

    Adi: Lol, scary, this telepathy. I refreshed and my comment was approved. Next instant, there is one here. Lol, am curious about Aditi too. Where is she? :P


  15. No. Still anonymous (for now, may reconsider once I am back home), though I did make a never-to-be repeated exception last week. I was told that I would be bribed with intros to hot Tambram girls , so couldn’t resist ;)

    Adi: Did it happen? If it did, then I’ll also consider but I don’t have any anonymity to give up!


  16. ok..I meant that in the non-gay-ic sense :|

    Adi: Lol, seri seri. One month only remaining, no? Ippo vandhu ipdi lam sonna :P You’ll be the first to get intro. I’ll come to the City and give!


  17. hi!!!!

    Very well written !!! infact u made it seem as if u were describing sumone whom u knew…

    its only later i knew that it was all fiction….

    Adi: Thanks! I hope it doesn’t remain fiction ;)


  18. How can anyone not like the backstreet boys?

    “get down, get down
    and move it all around”

    But seriously creepy post.

    Adi: I have danced to that song in front of an audience. Yeah, really. And what scared you?


  19. Ok, fine, im not the only one who was slightly confused…read it anike and i was like -huh?puriyila, nijama/poi aa? But now i know…

    Adi is a romantic at heart…Awwwww ;)

    Adi: Ewwwwwwwwww!! :P


  20. Dei Adi, nee nallavan da :D

    There’s antoher Preeti here! Ada pathu confuse aayiten…i was wonderin how there ws a comment when i never commented! :D

    Adi: What’s there to be nallavan in this? Hmmm yeah, that is Dr. Preeti Sharma. You are just “long comment” preeti :p


  21. This is why I chose to read this blog first before hopping off to some other one. I loved this post! :-) Is it fiction? Or is it one of those part-reality, part-fiction writings?
    Memories are not irrelevant. They can be distorted, yes, but that’s the pretty thing about them, right? You get to choose what to remember and cherish and that’s the best part about it.

    PS: Who the hell drools over Backstreet Boys now? No, really, WHO?

    Adi: Hello, you choose this blog all the time? How nice! But then I gave you a shout out, nut case!! :P
    It won’t remain fiction. About who drools over BSB, I don’t know. You?


  22. @WT: Hahaha, oh yeah, definitely! We’re the only ones with super smart brains in Blogistan. The rest are just nincompoops.

    @Adi Padi, the nincompoop: Yes, yes, you have a shoutout but I could’ve chosen to go somewhere else first, right? HMPH.
    And I don’t drool over BSB, alright? I don’t! Pffft!
    *strolls off whistling “Don’t break my heaaaaaaart”*

    Adi: Here comes the nut case to start off the flame wars!


  23. hehehe…

    well written … i know someone back in India…. she is single but george lucas and j.k rowling and john lennon wud be alien to her….but u can always enlighten her:) one does nt get everythng:)


  24. Well… a good post!
    This combined with the one on Rice do mean that you are ready for a girlfriend, if you dont have already! :)
    The character is explained in great detail, and shows the author’s eye for detail in girls… :)

    Adi: Lol, one fultoo professional review you’ve done!


  25. Really is it so hard to find a girl who likes ARR and Mani Ratnam? I thought we all did! Btw.. I know quite a few Aditya-Aditi siblings, you should consider changing the name.

    Adi: Probably. Aditi summa, it’s the hot name around, so. ARR-Mani is not the only thing to find, no?


  26. Good luck on the green eyes :P Oh and the Aditi Aditya thing. Wouldn’t that be cute.

    And thank you for finally being one of those guys who can appreciate a slightly ‘outspoken’ ‘opinionated’ girl, vs the ‘chammathu carnatic-singing type’.

    This was a great post.

    Adi: Ah thanks! Glad that such girls do feel good about it :p


  27. Hi Aditya, your blog was extremely thoughtful & insightful. I will look forward to reading your next addition & discussing sometime in the not so distant future. Indeed, paragraph 4 reminds me of a very close friend of mine – who happens to be someone you know – the puzzle is here to be solved – show us how clever you really are.

    Adi: Thanks for the comments, Mike! And about discussing it, well, why not! I am looking forward to it :D


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