The Dark Knight

Ladies and Gentleman. Sit back. Sit tight. This is strictly for the fanboys.

The Dark Knight is the best superhero movie ever. It makes Spiderman stand on his knees and weep. Definitely, one of the most stylish, rivetting and brilliantly directed action movies. If Christian Bale went a notch above Daniel Craig for all that debonair, Heath Ledger went a notch above Jack Nicholson. Both of them are that good. It won’t even be blasphemous to say Christopher Nolan went a notch above Tarantino. Probably he always did.

The film started at #4 on the IMDB Top 250. And unlike other hyped movies, I am guessing it is going to stay there for a long time.

Cult stuff.


23 thoughts on “The Dark Knight

  1. i dint quite get why u are comparing Daniel Craig and Christian Bale ??

    Adi: Well, coz no other superhero’s alter ego is as suave as James Bond, I guess.


  2. been on a movie rampage! day before hancock (AYO!), ysrtday 10avataram (for dad n mum. I’m lucky they dint disown me), today jaane tu (im still in MushVille) and tomorrow kismat konection (uhm, no sis booked it)
    BUT not dark knight yet :( no tkts :(

    Adi: Kismat konnection ah? Aiyo, why!


  3. Batman was ridiculously amazing! It’s a shame we don’t have Heath for a part 3 :( In fact- I don’t even know who could be an enemy in the next sequel, and live up to the Joker.

    Adi: Hehe, I wonder how part 3 would be! Even more so if Nolan makes it.


  4. I had chills when I came out of the theater. Never ever felt like that after a movie.

    Adi: Totally! This and Begins are the only movies that depicted Batman correctly!


  5. I’m so in a Superhero movie kind of mood right now. I’ve watched Superman five times this month already and I’m dying to watch The Dark Knight. I just hope it’s released in India already. I haven’t seen its reviews or discussions in the newspapers. You never know… Goodbye Bafana released her just last Friday. So, I’m not too hopeful about The Dark Knight either. Most annoying! Pfffffft.
    Ok, just a random query – is it better than even Superman?

    Adi: It is!! It is much much better! And idiot, where are you locked in? It had a worldwide release! It is running packed in Madras, Bombay et al or so I hear! What’s wrong with you? And I hope you are not talking about Superman Returns.


  6. It’s released worldwide? Goddammit! I’m going to send a stinker to the HT and Asian Age people. They’d a full page on new releases in their supplements and no mention of this movie anywhere! Bleddy naansense.
    And nooooooooooo, Super Returns sucked like anything! I was talking about the real thing – the original Superman with Chris Reeves, the stuff heroes are made of.

    Adi: It’s you and not WT who’s been living under a rock. I thought you took these breaks only from blogging!


  7. Ada en kekara…kismat konnection was…*gasp* was…*sputter* was…*more gasps* puke-worthy! only good thing was the caramel popcorn at inox – baaki sab bakwaas :(

    Adi: Hmm, Max cunningly recommended the movie but yet to see it. Oh, caramel popcorn lam kadakudha Inox la? Nice!


  8. I think Jhony Depp should be the next joker. If you see Sweeny Todd, you can see there are some shades of that character in the joker.

    But, that shouldn’t reduce the brilliance of that performance.

    Adi: Johnny Depp, yeah! Would have been quite perfect but Heath blew them all!


  9. Jaanae tu’ed today with my cousin…and I dont care what ppl say, I love it. There.

    2. Caramel poppy’s in INOX rock…they’re just delicious.

    3. Have been receiving rave reviews on The Dark Night and this Walle movie or some such. When will they hit the theatres in Madras..sigh.

    Adi: Dark Knight released in Chennai no? Chutney booking tickets right now. She wanted company. Go go!


  10. first time I am gonna watch a eng padam twice in IMAX. If you saw it on a small screen then life waste!

    I donno any other superhero movie other than batman begins. well if you wanna count the melodramatic GF-friendly sony pictures movies of the campy joel schumaker movies then ‘you are unselected’

    ps: you havent seen KK? I sent you veoh links da.. hez a poor mans SRK!

    Adi: Yeah da got it. Have to see. Lol, I was not talking about Joel Schumacher’s disgusting Cloo(w)ney of a Batman!


  11. 3 movies i need to watch- dark knight, kungfu panda and wall-e…!either tkts r not there or the movie itself isnt there! And yea, the caramel popcorn here is awesome…it was a nice surprise when i knew they had it here :)

    Adi: Hmmm, I’ve had caramel in Bangalore only!


  12. Wall-e…we have to watch wall-e…..and..oh please, pretty please…let me to reviewify it this time :D

    Me wanna to professional moovie review :D

    Adi: Err, don’t pretty please me! Wall-E dhane? Do one super professional review. Btw, when is the D-day? Where is the invi? :P


  13. dude, yepdi irruke? i caught The Dark Knight the day it came out… it was fucking awesome, for the lack of a better word… i never knew heath ledger was such a good actor… actually, they say he did a good role in brokeback… i can’t be caught dead watching that movie…

    his lines in this movie were mindblowing… “you’ll know how loyal a hungry dog really is”… i’ve been meaning to quote that line but haven’t come across any similar situation yet.. lol


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