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Sakarakatti: Rahman in Top Form

So, I’ve been listening to the music of Sakarakatti- the new Tamil album from AR Rahman with all new faces. I don’t know much about the movie but the music sure is Rahmanesque!

There are 4 new songs and 2 old ones by Rahman rehashed. Taxi Taxi that is a fun number relating friends to Taxis offering a free ride or something like that(huh moment!). Nothing new there but quite catchy. Then there is Marudhani which has a very Sandakozhi(Azhutha Ezhuthu) feel to it. A very similar arrangement with the same singer, Madhushree with her sometimes squeaky but likable voice with Rahman chipping in with an alaap here too. This one is very nice.

Elay is a number that is probably the pick of the album. The song starts off with a Roobaroo feel to it and maintains the same till the end. It swings between amateurish to imaginative lyrics but the vast arrangement and Naresh Iyer, Krish vocals lift the song to a new level. Note the harmonica and violin in the background. Quite brilliant.

I Miss you da is probably the lowpoint of the album but Chinmayee makes sure it deserves a listen. There is nothing much to write about this song though. Some may really love it, some may hate it ourtright.

The other 2 songs are Chinnama and Naan Eppodhu. Chinnama is a rehash of Meenaxi’s Chinnama Chilakka, which surprisingly, has come out very well. The Hindi original is a brilliant song and though the same cannot be said of the Tamil version, it is not bad. With a female voice replacing the chorus in Hindi, it sounds authentic in Tamil too. Unlike other such songs, here it is possible that you’ll like both the versions. The other rehash is again from Meenaxi. Naan Eppodhu is a Tamil version of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata and has the same singer, Reena Bharadwaj. The song is as lovable in Tamil too!

With Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Ada and now Sakarakatti, Rahman is in top form! And three amazing albums in a span of 2 months is quite a treat!

As I was listening to Meenaxi after a long time, I just fell in love once again with this lesser known Rahman number. Listen to it here if you haven’t. It is definitely one of his best creations but very few are even aware of it: Do Kadam

Completely unrelated, I came across this super galeej song! I don’t know how I missed it. I heard it only weeks back. It came earlier this year I believe. It is from some movie named Kadhalil Vizhundhen, apparently! Max, how did you miss reviewing this flop movie?!


30 thoughts on “Sakarakatti: Rahman in Top Form

  1. i like maruthaniye the best followed by taxi taxi. the krish song needs further hearing like most of the other ARR tracks.

    Adi: Taxi, I didn’t like much. Marudhaniye is very good!


  2. What does “galeej” mean in Tamil? I keep coming across that word in a lot of posts. BTW, nice review. You really do know your arts, don’t you?

    Adi: Well, galeej refers to something outright dirty/local/low class, rowdyism and such in Madras Tamil. But it’s an often beaten area in Tamil movies and pleases the “masses” as they say. And thanks! Know my arts? Heh!


  3. I don’t watch movies by unknown ppl and outright newcomers. I’ve got class and a reputation to save.

    Also there is no dearth for horrible cinema with all our mainstream ators condescending. Just saw ‘love story 2050’, I adore Hrithik Roshan after that!

    Adi: Dei, you reviewed that Mimoh’s what’s-the-name movie! Reputation to save it seems.


  4. Oh…ok. I do not listen to much music, and not to Tamil music. No, am not a pseudo or something. Just never happened. So!

    Adi: Po Po! Half of your life gone waste. Do something useful with the other half. :P


  5. new album of Rahman? looks like i’ve been living under a rock. :|

    pot hole’il vizhunden would been an approp title. :P the lyrics had me in splits though.

    Adi: Apparently the pot hole’il vizhundhen hasn’t released. My friend told me and Pettai Maami also clarifies!


  6. Rahman’s a genius. He proves time and time again that can make any kind of music – though I don’t really appreciate his (or any) dappanguthu much. I think Jaane Tu has the best soundtrack of the year so far. It’s not as technically excellent as some of his other work -like Narumugaiye, for example- but damn, is it addictive! I’ve been listening to Nazarein Milana for the last half hour on loop!

    Adi: Jaane Tu is brilliant isn’t it? Did you listen to Ada?


  7. I left a comment here but it’s missin :( anyway, lemme type it ALL out again *sigh*

    My interest in Sakarakatti was fuelled ONLY n only by the fact tat it has Rahman’s music cuz otherwise the name of the movie, uh, isn’t really very…enticin (to me atleast) and ur rite…the tamil version of ‘yeh rishta’ has really come out well…i LOVE that song…total feel-good-spring-upto-heaven music…*sigh*

    Jaane tu…iv been listenin to the title track over n over n over n over n over n…u get it rite? And kabhi kabhi happens to be sis’s hello tune, so i get to listen to that again n again n again n..ok, stop! ;)

    Now the galeej is THE most happenin song in chennai…22×6 on all the FMs….im still confused whether i like it or not…2 of my fav koothu’s are 1. Naatu saraku (WOWWWW!!!) and 2. Saroja saaman nikalo…chance e illa beat! :D

    Adi: Lol, apdiya? What about variya?


  8. Oh I love ALL Meenaxi songs…actually did a post long back on Chinnamma and Noor-un-Ala. It is undoubtedly one of his greatest albums. And yeah, Do Kadam is wonderful, the lyrics too ..and Sonu Nigam’s voice ..!!

    Adi: Yes, Sonu Nigam is in total control in that song. It’s one of my all time favorites.


  9. that kadalil vizhunden movie hasnt released yet boss… though the songs have been goin around for quite sum time..

    first time here..nice blog thr…


    Adi: Welcome here! Yes, my friend told me too, much later. I never knew. And Thanks.


  10. Aiyooo You know who that nakka mukka guy is a? He is Deivyanis brother. The guy with the spiked hair in Boys. See how he has changed.

    Adi: That juju boy no? I heard.


  11. Yea, variya is AWESOME….i just love dancin to these koothus…like when we go to like some disc or somethin, enadan hip-haap idu adu nu aadinaalum, namba local paatla vara jaali e vera pa! :D

    And that juju is now like one pettai rowdy only…but sad part, he’s still got that baby look…so it’s like one mismatch…like one 9 or something!


  12. oh my god! I just used one million ‘like’ s up there

    *hides beet-red embarassed face*

    I should stop talking to my teenage cousin! :-/

    Adi: You just added one more peculiarity to your comments :P


  13. @Preeti & wolfie:

    i don’t recall any of these porki/kuthu songs. a post on it, pweaaaase! :)

    off to watch the midnight screening of the batman movie.”the dark knight” on a sultry dark night..can’t get any better!;)

    Adi: About kuthu songs, Ok or Preeti or both can do a better job than me! And grr_max WT, grr_max!!! At you and maxu. Both of you trotting off for midnight show! Me the Fri night only :(.


  14. uh godha…first of all its sakkaraKatti not sakkaratti…solarda urupadiya solanum…typo or no typo…Next, im very much Tamilian and i dont have to prove my Tamil-patriotism to u and all :P The word didnt appeal to me na it didnt – that is my view…if u r sooo insistent, y dont u type everythin u write in tamil rather than in English!Nee yaaru ya mayiru idu adu nu enna thitta?


  15. Kodana Kodi – oru lovely kuthu song with a middle east prelude and interlude. wondering who that female singer is …Makes my subwoofers go crazy.


  16. Hey man first time here, nice blog in here. Yeh, I liked Sakkarakatti music, guess Chinnama and Marudhani oru roundu varum.

    Thanks for the Do kadam link, had been hunting for a while.


  17. I guess I’m the first non-Tamilian here to comment on these songs. I must say they are really nice revamps of the Meenaxi tracks and are very catchy. Although I didn’t get a word of what they sang but ‘Chinnamma Chilakamma ‘, ‘Elay Nehram’ wud be my picks. In Meenaxi the ‘Chinnamma’ song starts with a Telugu intro.
    Btw cud anyone tell me what ‘Sakkarakatti’ means. Does it have to do anything with sugar? Coz, in Telugu ‘chakkera’ means sugar.
    ‘Jaane Tu’ and ‘Ada’ are, needles to say, amazing too! I love the song ‘Gulfisha’ from ‘Ada’ the most.


    Adi: Thanks for dropping by! Yes, sakarakatti means sugar cubes!


  18. Thanx for the clarification!!

    Sorry, but I must be the last person to notice that the guy is from ‘Boys’. Isn’t he? Ayya baboyi!! He’s changed quite a bit. I didn’t recognize him and also didn’t understand y everyone one talking about ‘Boys’! Now I see…

    ‘Boys’ was one disaster when it comes lyrics in Telugu. None of them made any sense whatsoever. Wo Gaaaad!! It was a punishment of the worst kind to listen to ‘Boys’! It was a senseless murder of the language. If only I could get my hands on that bleddy raaskull lyricist!! (I hear it’s AM Ratnam, but I’m sure it’s not him. He barely speaks Telugu!)
    @ the lyricist: Sarva naasanam ayipotavu ra reyi!! Nee paade katta! (U will be destroyed! Let me not translate the other phrase!)


  19. Dude,
    i liked the album as well.
    I wished Madhushree’s voice could have been replaced by Shreya Goshal. Shreya has excellent tamil dicition..

    Madhushree murders tamil at times..
    if u listen Ayudha ezhuthu… sando kozhi song..
    konjam neram enna kollaya..

    Konjam nram enna Kollai ya

    SPB mentioned this in his ennodu pathu padhungal show in JAYA TV :)

    Dhaam Dhoom, Subramaniyapuram also make it to some good albums oflate!


  20. what?? ur the first young person i have known to express a negative opinion on naka muka.. speaks a lot about the company i keep i suppose. this song is a rage in tn and malaysia. i personally think it is far more entertaining than any of the recent melody songs. such quality kuthu is rare

    Adi: I thought I said “Completely unrelated, I came across this super galeej song!”. I loved it man!


  21. ok ok.. misunderstandings brither.. i read it as super galeej, as in, really galeej.. leave that.. just in case someone hasn’t told you yet, the movie, “kathalil vizhunthen” has not yet released. really, i think ur friend max should have known with a blog title like dappan koothu.. he is misleading his readers having a title like that and reviewing all indhi pilims..

    i jus spoke to some of my “galeej” friends (truly galeej royapuram boys) in a reunion at an ongoing sports festival. they are saying kathalil vizhunthen is one of the most anticipated films of the year. almost confirm hit if the film manages to make any sense at all. all just because of this song.


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