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I like People Watching…

Yeah, I really do.

Why is it that when you spot desi log in a huge gathering in this country, with most dressed traditionally(especially, the women!), they look all the more beautiful? Is it because it is your first such event in almost a year? Is it because the event was high profile? Is it because they are, well, desi? Or is it simply because, they are all affluent?

I remember writing this post.

P.S: Isn’t it quite apparent that I haven’t been to the bay area? Yet.


23 thoughts on “I like People Watching…

  1. networking.networking.networking. :P
    velaya paaru da..;-)

    Adi: Hehe, I know. Me and my roomie keep jotting down places worthy of taking resumes too :P


  2. @ Max: LOL

    @ Gradwolf : Now that sets me thinking. Mebbe I should try to relearn the sari so I can wear it outside no?

    And ya I LOVE people watching too. I constantly comment on them which irritates my husband. But yay! for people watching and bitching and everything else that comes along with it (for me!)

    Adi: Relearn the sari? Lol!


  3. Oh! I got a bummer at Arora. Not even a single good looking girl at all! All ‘utterly atturly’ (copyrighted to Ok).

    I had dressed up all smart. Got my short white shirt, my jeans, my woodland shoes, my coolers and my chain at 7 AM. All waste!

    Adi: Cha! This sort of bulb happens when you go all dressed up. If you go casually, or dressed badly, then all the babes turn up!


  4. Are you sure you were watching and not ogling? :D

    Also, and more importantly, did you manage to make any new fraanships? :P

    Adi: Trust me, I’ve got that doubt. And I think I am not ogling! No new fraanships :(


  5. hahahaha…well dressed babes turn out when badly / casually dressed huh.

    Adi: Oh yes they do! It’s an unwritten law.


  6. Good! You know my mail id now. You know max-u’s mail id. So what you do is create a league for Eng vs SA and send invites to the two of us.

    And get your udavakara friends also if possible. The more the merrier.


  7. What are you talking about? I have rarely seen a young desi female in salwars/saree in any gathering or even otherwise , since I left india!!!

    (Not considering the abcds that is).

    ketta freedom/rights/comfort bla bla bla…lecture!

    Adi: Lol, Mountain View la like this ah? Enna da solra.


  8. “i like babe watching” sounds like a better title? :P

    how about international banquets , desi /diwali nights in school? that’s the only time i wear one.

    Adi: Hmmm, which school is this? :P


  9. next time around, i’ll invite you with ring seats to the ramp show! :D

    Adi: Yes, please do! The UG ISA here doesn’t even acknowledge the presence of a graduate school. And vice versa, of course. So I don’t get the invites. I don’t even know what they do. I stumbled upon their website and facebook group page only recently and was pleasantly surprised when I saw so many Indians compared to two or three(girls, only) I spot in the engineering school.


  10. Dude, there are a couple of places in the Bay area where you won’t find people in anything but salwars! Initially, I was all enthusiastic about meeting other Indians, having moved here from the Mid-Atlantic, but soon it just became routine, like meeting Indians in India. In fact, there are so many desis here that there is no desi camaraderie, unlike everywhere else in America.

    Also, let me make it known that outside of the college scene, the desi single male/single female ratio is like 5:1 in the Bay area, which means that even so-so girls have Ms. World attitudes, thanks to the laws of supply-demand! Stick to vellaikari’s, I say :)

    Adi: Such sad state of affairs eh? But in the college scene, the good/attu figure ratio is 1:10. Either way, it is worst! And that “good figure” would be taken.


  11. @WT

    Can I also get some seats. Need not be ringside. But next to a ‘rapchandus maal’ would do.

    And I have been meaning to tell you that I think you are such a sweet little kid. You are so funny and witty.



  12. Errr that flattery was insincere.

    Adi: What are you trying?! :P I think you should seriously get back to “Mood Swings” as your blog title. Or rather for you.


  13. The UG ISA here doesn’t even acknowledge the presence of a graduate school.

    die die die, you have 0% charm! Ugs were all over us for assignment help where my roomies were TAs and buttering when I was TA. Also i have a knack!

    moral: you either gotta have the knack/charm or be a TA/frnd of TA…

    how can u grad in dec without knowing these things?

    Adi: Podaa dog! Here there are about 300 Indians in graduate school. The moral here is either you are part of UG or you must be PhD to be TA. Unless you are super gethu, no way a UG student is going to get in touch with a guy in graduate school.


  14. sure thing, prolly early november. UG camp is not that bad here, we do send invites to ’em grads. :D

    @OK: no worries…you got me flattered on using my first name(nick). :P


  15. Dei! Illa da I wrote it as a wisecrack. When I read it late it seemed like I was hitting on WT. So I clarified. Approm anda ponnu edavadu thappa nenachu enna asinga asinga ma thitidithu na?


  16. @OK: I doubt it sounded like u wr hittin on her cuz i think u did mention the word ‘kid’ there…Unless unake un mela doubts irunda…….

    @WT: Ahem!

    @Gradie: This post is very Amreeka centric…So, ena solardine terila..


  17. @adi:

    dear brother u made the mistake of going to the US.. whilst UK wud have made ur life better and given u eye candies from BBCD… they make quite a stir here with our traditional clothes.. so any ideas of dropping by ??


  18. “Adi: Hehe, I know. Me and my roomie keep jotting down places worthy of taking resumes too :P”

    and who is this roomie?? :P

    really nice to read the comments!!


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