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Well, the above picture, is as far as I can go! It was at the Wright Brothers Memorial. The trip was good, maybe just because, I got to drive. After about an year. This hiatus began just after being on a high. June and July last year were spent driving between Hosur(it’s near Bangalore) and Madras. Sometimes twice a week. And then this huge unfortunate break. So, the excitement.

Did anyone check out the trailer of Rock On? It’s over here. The trailer is quite impressive but the music that starts at 1.30 is too familiar. Is it the background score of Lakshya? I am not sure.

And Sunday blues. Work again from tomorrow and also going back to total economy mode. Two months of uninhibited fun just got over. Or rather am ending it. Have to mellow down before school starts once again. All the other things should settle down by themselves once that happens. Aiyo!


14 thoughts on “Some Pictures

  1. Is that VA beach in pic 3? I think I recognize the cheapo Patel-run motel skyline. Those are some of the shadiest establishments in existence! A couple of friends of mine worked at the Ramada there and used to charge arbitrary amounts to different customers as the night progressed, and used to get a cut of the money above a certain $ value. It was not uncommon for them to charge $300+/night to dudes with drunk girls around their arms at club-closing time!

    Adi: Yes, VA beach it is. Lol, brilliant friends!


  2. I’ve heard of Monday Blues…Unaku ena Sunday blues??? :D

    Glad someone had a fun getaway ;) Major pose in the picture and all…Portfolio ku snaps huh? ;)

    Adi: Portfolio ah? Cha Cha. *not worthy* :P


  3. aha, typical NRI mapila pic…the second one. :P
    took this summer starts late aug.

    Adi: School starts Aug 20 :( .Mapila already? Long way to go ;). And US maplais don’t take pic with rental car, do they?!


  4. hey nice pics da :) ( btw, i cant believe im being nice to u after ur “unintentional reply to all”. aaargh! *halo shining!*)

    @ ok: adi paadi chamatha ah? ayo! looks can be truly deceptive!!

    Adi: summa saying nice pics doesn’t mean you are being nice. :P


  5. Totally worthy…Nejamave nice pics..Btw, inda reply to comment lam epadi panardu? :-/

    Adi: Thank you! You can edit all the comments. Edit them and add your reply, italicize them, change color etc.


  6. Reminds me of my ocean city trip during my summer internship, the boardwalk was as crowded as a matunga market!

    Adi: Last year? Lol @ matunga market. You are another of those Matunga Tamil boys from Bombay ah?


  7. rental/own…same difference, the hertz o enterprise sticker appears only on the rear no? ;)

    ahaha@nallavan, chamath, unadulterated gold(courtesy:Preeti)

    Adi: Even that sticker wasn’t there in this car, you know? ;) Enna haha hehehe :|


  8. oy, you were in my ilaka eh? but then I wasn’t here. VA Beach is getting boring now, am tryin to head further south in August. Like OBX?

    second WT’s comment – super mappilai pic :P

    Adi: You were the only one remaining. Yes yes, aapka ilaaka only. OBX is good. To make it longer you can head further south to Myrtle Beach.


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