Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

I think the movie works. It’s full of cliches, but that’s the best part. It makes a mockery of itself and everything around it. With some awesome actors, awesome music and the most often beaten yet awesomely executed climax!

Someone tell me how come Genelia is suddenly so beautiful? I just found out she is two years younger to me. Brilliant! Hmmmm!

I can definitely take more Jaane Tus and Jab We Mets than Kabhi Alvida Na Kehnas, Dhooms and Jhoom Barabar Jhooms.


10 thoughts on “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

  1. See Santosh subramanian. She is retarded in that. The music is amazing in Jaane tu…

    What are you doing on the long weekend?

    Adi: Going to NC Outerbanks, Wright Brothers Memorial. And Chesepeake, Virginia Beach. Leaving in 15 min. You?


  2. she looks cute ; but i cudn’t stand her acting in SS & Bommarillu. she was trying to be over bubbly and annoying. but looks wise – very cute.
    whats the verdict on Love story 2050?


  3. aha, tis that half-loosu thingy Genelia does in tel/tam movies which overpowers her cute looks, moi thinks! VA beach is awesome.hope you tried jet-skiing there.

    Adi: VA beach was awesome! And I like Genelia :|


  4. Genelia…hmm…shade bettr than ur Trisha…but yet not bad, though im gonna havta agree with Wt too…Hmm…

    I’m DYIN to watch jaane tu…chennai n movie tkts..Cha! :(

    Also, Jhoom Barabar la padam e illa..thu thu!

    Adi: Hmmm, Genelia is now >> Trisha!


  5. Okay, I have to say this. I will not beat you up coz as I was commenting I was chatting with some friend and he who hardly watches movies, and most of all, Hindi movies, said ” Watched Jaane Tu…” Cute is th word.

    Hmm…I think this is a sign I should watch that movie no?

    Adi: Lol! Watch it asap! It is worth it.


  6. Me too dying to watch it. Agree with Wt and bg. I stayed away from JTYJN coz I expected Genelia to repeat more of that annoying bubblyness. What is bubblyness anyway?

    Oh and her name with a T sounds real gross to me!


  7. I thought Jhoom Barabar Jhoom was a top notch movie which had the same irreverence — in fact more of it than Jaane tu… I thoroughly enjoyed both movies thought, I’d disagree when you put the likes of KANK with JBJ. They are entirely different in execution and mood.


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