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What About Everything?

Nothing to write now. I fiddled with few of the themes and settled for this one. But I guess I’ll change it to a better one after some time. There were many issues concering readability in the old theme. This serves the purpose for now. Hope it makes Maami and others happy!

And I just heard one uber cool song. It is nothing new, in fact, quite an old one. I don’t know how I  missed it all these years but now thanks to Chandra, I have a new song for my megalomaniac self. And as usual with the songs I like, it has brilliant lyrics. Sample this:

Holiday quiet on these streets, except for some stubborn leaves
That didn’t fall with the fall, and now they clatter in vain
Holiday sky, midnight clear
Wind is high, hard to steer
Old muffler rumbles like an old fighter plane
In search of some rest, in search of a break
From a life of tests where something’s always at stake
Where something’s always so far
What about my broken car?
What about my life so far?
What about my dream?
What about…..

Get away and come with me
Come away with me and we’ll see
If I was right on that night, that a future was made
Before time takes each year, like a knife cuts it clear
It’s school, then work and then life that just sharpens the blade
I think about time for fun
I think about time for play
Then I think about being done, with no resume
With no one left to blame
What about fortune and fame?
What about your love to obtain?
What about the ring?
What about….

— What about everything by Carbon Leaf

Wonder how it’ll be if everyone is able to sing “I am not in need”. I don’t think this is the original video. In other news, I got my driver license. Finally. Hopefully I’ll get back to one of my passions that was missing since last July. Driving. And we’ll  most probably be hitting the beach this long weekend. A friend is coming down from Buffalo. Tell me what you think of the song.


16 thoughts on “What About Everything?

  1. but but… i lurve black bg! lyrics : one word …”Poignant”. Yay, me senior on the DL front and yeah congrats! party? :D

    Adi: Even I love black! Wait till I find a proper black theme that is also good for the eye. Oye, we all poor Indian graduate students. Takes some time to graduate from showing passport->learners permit->permanent license at the pubs! And about being senior, let’s take my Indian driving license into account :P


  2. Krish Ashok theme! :P

    I actually liked the black :/

    License! Special feeling no? Although I look like a corpse in my photo, i think its one of my most prized possessions. :D

    Super song btw! enga pudicha?

    Adi: Lol @ Krishashok theme! Special feeling, yes, here! Anga, I don’t think! Matter e illa! Song, my friend gave.


  3. Congrats on getting a DL. Those DMV field testers can be pretty pedantic. I failed on my first attempt several years ago because I did not come to complete stop at a stop sign (rolled through it at like 2 mph), and didn’t turn my turn-signal off! It was the most embarrassing thing ever for a guy with friends that were into drag racing.

    Adi: I can understand how embarrassing it would have been for someone who has a blog titled “Idling in Top Gear”! But I’ve heard people say it is relatively difficult to get in California. But yeah, I saw so many around me fail once, twice, thrice which made me think am I being overconfident. Fortunately, got it in the first attempt. It would have been equally embarrassing for me


  4. yo, one requires no actual IDs at clubs! :P got my road test done with a sardar. a super chweet guy! :D

    Adi: Lol, maybe not, for frequent visitors. :P But yeah, mostly at the ABC stores while buying alcohol. You can imagine those sneering looks when a 22 yr old flashes a learners permit. Even worse, a passport. For that alone, am happy.


  5. I liked the black one better. Pffft!
    And what awesome lyrics! I’ll check this song out in a couple of minutes. I hope the melody’s good too. It’s so heartbreaking otherwise if the lyrics are lovely and the music totally crap.
    And you got a license NOW? At like… how old are you? 23, right? Hahahaha! And I thought I should be ashamed of not having got my license yet! Turns out there are people who are worse. Ok, even if it’s the US/International license you’re talking about, still! Mwahahaha. I’m so happy about this. *gives a smug grin and trots off*

    Adi: Aye thooooooo! Shoo Shoo. I got my Indian long back. You don’t even have one yet. I have valid Indian, International and US. It’s 3-0. Shoo Shoo!


  6. ahaha, man shall not club by orginal ids alone! :P oh yes, i get those disapproving looks from patel uncles when seen with ’em white kids at the stores but i try my kemcho’s , it works…like mostly! ;)

    Adi: Oh, like, Here’s Mclovin, a 25 yr old Hawaiian organ donor, eh? :P Lol @ Kemchos!


  7. Hmmm…i have a license here and dont drive…so except for being address-identity proof, tat thing has no use…Sadly, in the photo on it i just look like a Cancer patient or something…Vazhkaila ellame tholanja oru looku…Kwack thu!

    And i like black! White is….not black! But, well, u gotta do what u gotta do…*sigh*

    Pardon…im low im not able to blog from work…the Blues havent left me yet :-/ WordPress beckons but blogspot is haunting me :(

    Adi: Aiyo, that Indian license photo always turns out to be one oily, ayudhu vidunchundu photo.


  8. I will get mine soon! No need to gloat, you until-recently-“licenceless”-guy! I hope there’s something like passing your license test with honours. I’m gonna do that to make up for the delay in getting it. Hmph.
    *Drenched walks away nose high in air, still smirking at Adi Padi and his late license*

    Adi: Devil’s “Drenched” Advocate. *leaves with head held high thinking it’s useless to reason with this one*


  9. ahaha…What? One name…Who are you..Seal? na those guys secure the soofer good ones from 43rd st,NYC.:D

    oh, Happy 4th of July!

    Adi: Errr, yeah, happy 4th of july :P , for the fun part. This is my first, btw!


  10. Ayyayo, I’m being lazy about my license man! I hate this test stuff and all you know? Sigh, I think I will go out and get it.

    Nee ivalo chinna payyana?

    Adi: Evalo chinna payyan? I am not a 18 yr old kid, but a 22 yr old kid. Ok va? US license I got 11 months after landing here. Idhu thappa!


  11. Too many parallel thoughts to comment here (Just what a post called What about everything deserves ??? ) ,so im listing them .

    1) New Theme Sux.

    2) Congrats on getting ur DL . I got mine too for 2-wheelers recently !! After about 7 years of illegal driving :-) … And i really think mine is more of an accomplishment than urs cuz .. Well this is india and i dint use an agent :-P .. Still contemplating whether this deserves a blog post of its own .

    3) Already Have this song . Love it .

    4) Love the way u keep putting good song lyrics in ur posts

    5) Wondering if this comment im leaving here is longer than 50 % of my blog posts :-?

    PS : Theme sux .


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