I am getting mixed response for Dasavatharam. And one of my friends told me my review was the only positive review she read. And this is what butterfly thinks. She is confused. Lol! Where is wickedtaurus? She is one person in the US who has seen the movie and the one I haven’t heard from. The movie does confuse you. It takes a while to sink in. You have to think for two minutes to decide whether you liked the movie or not. Another friend couldn’t decide and this is what I replied- “It’s kinda confusing. The movie, story, concept, idea is good. And because they also wanted it to reach the masses like a Rajini movie, they’ve done a lot of things(including mallika, himesh, the hype etc). Kamal confessed this on ndtv. So i am guessing it didn’t turn out how he wanted it to be but he doesn’t mind. This is how kamal would make a super hero mass movie, in my opinion. With everything thrown in for good measure.” But I do think it’s a good movie. Kamal also said he wrote all the 10 roles with him in mind. I don’t think it’s wrong if he wanted to make a movie that is so full of himself. I like that in fact. I think Sudhish puts it very nicely!

And I saw Aamir. It is probably not entirely original but the movie rocked. It would probably turn out as the Johnny Gaddar of 2008. It has an equally good soundtrack. And the movie is definitely way better than the ok-ish Sarkar Raj, which I thought was good, only in parts.

Update: I just heard the complete soundtrack of Aamir and it is chingmingphingzing awesome!! (celebrating someone’s return :p) Do get your hands (or ears if you will) on it soon!


19 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. love, love, love it! story could be a tad bit confusing for some of the junta but hey my whole 3 hrs was spent on awe-ing Kamal’s dedication and attention to detail. tis evident in most frames and people ought to be blind or a complete ass to miss it. remember he even got Bush’s “nuclear” right? :) And, that scene between paati & puvaragan…is an example of his classic method acting! For all those who chose to be ignorant, borrowing
    wolfie’s line…just STFU! :D


  2. Wow, I am reading soooooooo many reviews about the movie. And all mixed. :–) Some say good, some say bad. I have to wait to see what I feel.

    And.. is Aamir a new movie? Man! I am sooo lost.


  3. Heard that there is some Adiyaen Ramanujam line in the movie…my thatha n all wanted to watch the movie :P

    Have to watch b4 I leave Bahrain. Madras la laam chancae ila :|


  4. The start was amazing. I loved the sets, the tamil and everything. But it was all downhill. Of the 10 Kamals only three were actually required
    1. Hero
    2. Villain
    3. RAW

    The others were unnecessary to the plot. And shot removing cancerous cells was captainesque. Please spare me. It was a waste of $15!


  5. I heard Mallika Sherawat plays a CIA agent. Now, I gotta check out this movie, dubbed or with subtitles. Mallika as a CIA agent is something VERY original and I wanna see how she was like in the role. :D
    Aamir’s soundtrack is indeed chingmingphingzing awesome!! (I’ve forgiven you for nicking my word because it was to celebrate my return but if it happens again, I shall sue you. Hmph.) I got the CD yesterday and it’s been on loop. It has a kinda Sufi feel to it… which is a relief to listen to after all that Dil Dance Maare and Zara Zara Touch Me stuff that Bollywood has been churning out. I want to watch the movie too but I think I’ll check out Khuda Kay Liye before that. I’ve read too many good reviews of it to ignore it now.


  6. SK: Watch it, yeah. Aamir is new and wasn’t much publicized I guess.

    Mayth: Lol @ Adiye Ramanujam. It’s Adiye Ramanuja Dasan I believe.

    Ok: Lol yeah, cancer part was konjam too much!

    Drenched: This is the second time I have nicked it. First time was when you went missing. You lost that post. Since both were in reference to you, I am good. :P


  7. guess our ppl dont like movies giving some work to their head. they dont accpet anbe sivam nor do they support dasavatharam (so called commercialized kamal movie-which i dont agree either). what kind of junta are we?? heard a typical ABCD female walking outa the hall saying “cant beleive i wasted 15 bucks on this movie”. wtf man? even if the characters were unnecessary where is the praise for villain character? heard some one saying kuruvi is better than dasavatharam. guess these ppl are bent upon rejecting kamal`s movies or they go with a mindset that they are not gonna understand anything and movie is gonna suck.


  8. I really think the movie had a decent plot, but the execution was very poor – screenplay, make-up & direction, primarily. I was let down by Kamal’s otherwise excellent attention to detail – like in Kuruthipunal and Vettaiyadu Vilayadu. I think the movie deserves a “Director’s cut” edition. Still, it is a huge leap for Indian cinema, as it shows that not our directors think we are villagers incapable of understanding plots other than Romeo-Juliet or rich baddie vs poor good guy. IMO, the first 10 mins was the best in any movie I’ve seem from the subcontinent, and is comparable to the best of LOTR or Saving Private Ryan.


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