Dasavatharam- A Review

*No spoilers ahead* :)

Imagine. Imagine Kamal Haasan making a movie that has all the commercial elements, a little bit of new found heroism thrown in, but, at the same time, not a single sign of smudge in that Kamal Haasan stamp. Dasavatharam is all this and much more.

I am not giving away any story, plot details as such. This will just stick to the merits and demerits. The movie begins magnanimously and ends as magnanimously. The story and screenplay by Kamal is top notch and the whole movie is a true roller coaster ride. There is a chase throughout and the intensity doesn’t drop even a little bit at any moment. If this does not keep you glued, at least spotting Kamal Haasan in each frame will.

Kamal Haasan as an actor and filmmaker is breathtaking to say the least. It will take you years to name another artist who gives so much attention to detail. Every frame, every scene, every reasoning has so much detail to it that it turns out to be both the positive and the negative of the movie. Positive because, that’s what makes the movie worthwhile and negative because not many people would get it/endorse it.

The only drawbacks I could point out are the plot build up initially. There is little bit of mokkai and very silly scenes/dialog in the first half that kind of makes you frown. But the interval sets up nicely and the second half quite makes up for it. The other drawback is probably what is touted as the USP- Kamal playing 10 roles. Yes, he can do it. He has done it. He has done them amazingly well. Bearing four or five roles that he has played, I don’t see the necessity in playing all the 10 roles himself. Some of the roles fall flat. But let’s give it to him once shall we. Here is an artist, who takes a leaf out of those mass hero image chasers, carves it all by himself in his own style, visibly enjoying it and delivers a remarkable performance. Kamal deserves an applause and his time in the limelight. Such a hero worshiping limelight, for a change.

The music is just average. Some of the songs, like maxu believed, become likable after the situation, picturization. But it is very very clear that music has not been given any priority whatsoever. There is no song that plays separately. All of them are situational and do not break the flow of the movie.

Let’s face it. Kamal Haasan sets a benchmark for himself before he makes any movie. The media and the audience hypes it up. But in every movie, he reaches that benchmark and comes out as the performer we’ve always known him to be. Unfortunately, some people set the benchmark too high just because it’s Kamal and are disappointed when they see the movie. Have an open mind. Be very very broad minded. Look at every frame carefully. Look at the marvelous attention to detail. You’ll love this movie!

He has taken an array of subjects. Weapons of mass destruction, atheism, religion, chaos theory, butterfly effect, caste system to name a few. To combine all this with some great performances, set pieces, story and a message, with a commercial flavor, is an effort doable only by Kamal Haasan. People praise and shower accolades on far less worthy movies in this country. Kamal deserves much more. Applaud this effort, will you? If you tell me, “Dei, mokkai da, confuse pannitan”, I can’t help but say, “Dei votha, over ah pesadhinga da”! (Sorry, no translation)


38 thoughts on “Dasavatharam- A Review

  1. luckkky bum!!
    I dont think I’ll get to see it anytime soon :(
    Frkknin house full till Wednesday. And this is with 87 shows!
    Cha !

    loved the end! Kamal is THE thala no? :D


  2. Machan…Oru advantage america la irunda – padam ticket easyah kadaikkum and nee udane review eludidalam.. :) ..Dying to watch the movie as i havent read a bad review as yet…
    “Bearing four or five roles that he has played, I don’t see the necessity in playing all the 10 roles himself” – Kamal has to prove he is who he is and there is ntn wrong in it..Me thinks eccentricities of genius are permitted…:)


  3. You are either a huge fan or love your blog too much, could be both as well.
    For I don’t see myself coming back late after watching a premier show and making a post out of it and then being able to work the next day!

    Like I said before it will be watchable just for the determination and hardwork of one man even if everything around it sucks. From what you say I believe that there is more to it than the 10-role-hype and thats a good thing.

    will post my views after watching it, that is if the maamis of gangsta town help me with some tickets!


  4. You liked the second half? You serious?? I just puked midway after interval. That kali fullah khan was irritating. Did you understand evry word uttered by that character or the boovaragan character? I’m saying about the tamil dialects, it’s just that the words were not pronounced properly. If not for first half or rather for Balram naidu, this would’ve been a bummer. Kamal fell for his own hype. Not that I’m a fan of Rajini, but this movie just sucked! Was highly disappointed after seeing this. Wasted 15 bucks.


  5. sunil: enjoy!

    bg: hehehe, thanks!

    chutney: he is thala only!

    arun sundar: when watching pa?

    anand: watch it asap!

    maxu: I just love movies too much! I came back at 12:30 and sleeping at 12:30 or 1:00 didn’t make any difference! I was going to sleep at work anyway!

    butterfly: enjoy! @ maxu: this is one of the maamis you mentioned going for the show today in detroit! :P

    Anon: Lol, who’s this clever enough to use anonymouse for my blog!

    ok: seringa officer!


  6. dei dogu adhukulla pathutiya, its house full for the first week here :( . but then i saw a TOI review to which i replied ur last line i would have probable added a bit more. just waitin to see the movie.


  7. i thought the plot was overly ambitious… i lost interest in the movie after the first half hour and from there on out, i just sat through it because we drove 2 hours to catch this movie! :P


  8. Okay, I believe I should ignore this post because I’m not watching this movie anyway considering I won’t get it.
    So, I should move on to your hazaar new posts that you seem to have published.


  9. Nice review..saw movie yesterdayI loved the concept of the movie so much. Though as u have pointed out some of the kamal characters were unnecessary one can overlook this given the strong concept of faith in God the movie looks at.


  10. Kamal has made wonderful efforts; At one point of time, I thought it was Science meets Religion, if not Science verses Religion. I think, had Sujatha been alive, the dialogues would have been more effective at places where science clashes with religion. And also, Kamal should have handed over the dialogue department to Crazy Mohan completely – that ‘Rao Oda Rao-va’ is typical Crazy joke :)


  11. super movie excellent act by kamal no one can act like him superb………………..dont miss dasavatharam movie for the year………….super


  12. I liked the film mate :)
    And it has much more to it than 10 roles and makeups; not talking about the chaos theory and butterfly effect. Its the finer things that make the movie.
    Someone mentioned the Pathan. I liked the role since it added richness to it the film. Perhaps I will do a write up on my site.



  13. Just bringing a reply to your comment on some other blog to your notice.
    “Machi, i bumped into your blog just today and found yet another review of dasavatharam. I have read some 25 reviews of the movie so far and i guess this movie does not deserve extreme criticisms. It was neither a classic nor a disaster.
    Dei “gradwolf” – I guess you are suffering from one problem that every Kamal fan invariably does. “Unnecessarily Meticulous”. Agreed that this was a genuine wonderful effort from Kamal and he came close to demonstrating the butterfly effect after probably “Back to the Future”. I too am a great fan of his abilities. But this movie was not a good watch da. It had too much of details and it took me 16 dollars, going through 25 reviews and some 20 wiki pages to get a hold of the movie. And this is not what you(atleast i) want out of a movie. Kamal always fails to show the big picture in his movies and this is yet another manifestation to that fact.
    And another thing that did not sink in, in this movie is Kamal trying to be a little too heroic. It does not suit Kamal and no one can come close to Rajni in this :) Finally, the movie did not suck and it is not worth another watch too. “Anbe Shivam” is still by a large distance, the best Kamal movie.


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